secret of domestic bliss #5...bring back the black

image courtesy of odietamo
In Los Angeles, black is back and badder than ever.
I have recently fallen for the artwork of Ian Macdonald
and his fantastic black ceramic installation. 
I seriously want to create this look in my home, it's perfectly modern.
How on earth could I not want a collection like this?

images courtesy of IanMacdonald
His work is just a wee bit out of my price range so I might be able to recreate the look with these things that I am digging on.

art i heart: kathy womack

I got a few emails about one of the photos I posted earlier.
Artist Kathy Womack from Austin, Tx (my hometown) rocks the art world 
with her fantastic painting series called
'women and wine'.
My sister and I have a few pieces of her work and we absolutely adore her.
We used to go into her gallery in Austin, at least once a month to see what she was brewing up.
Her work is so fun and girlie and I hope that this finds girlfriends everywhere
and that they enjoy her art as much as my girlfriends and I do.

idol: Paul Costello

Photography is one of those professions that I wish I would have taken in college. 
I love the way photos capture the essence of the subject. 
This photographer is no exception to those that capture brilliance.
You have seen his work in the glossy magazines that we adore so much.
Paul Costello rocks my world with his photographs of interiors. 
He has plenty of work on his website for your viewing pleasure.
Here are a few of my favorites.
I just love the way he captures women in their domestic blissfulness.

(i love these blue china plates)
i soooo want to cook in this kitchen

loving the zebra
i am desperately wishing i was in a photography class right now. 
i just think i might need to enroll.

i heart art: Jason Rohlf

NY Art Beat is the place for art. While searching mindlessly for beautiful inspiration, I found Brooklyn artist, Jason Rohlf. His work is really contemporary and colorful.
My best friend loves birds, and she apparently has one of his paintings, 
and LOVES it. His work makes me hear chirpy indie music in my head.

I am now a huge fan of Jason, and now secretly wishing he would show in our gallery.

Check out his stuff on too.

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