i SPI a fabulous dining room...

I have got a huge girl crush on a new design team,
SPI (Sarah Shetter + Alison Palevsky... a darling design duo)
I have fallen for this absolutely gorgeous dining room that they designed.
The green, the glossy black and fantastic light fixture.
Gorgeous, no?

SPI designed the black lacquer dining table, and the chairs were purchased from the Elizabeth Taylor estate in Palm Springs. Above the dining table hangs an oversized 5' x 5' 1960s Italian crystal mazzega chandelier.
for more of their amazing work visit them here.

secret of domestic bliss #25...a beautiful vanity is essential

Jackie Kennedy.
Oh how we all love and admire her.
Her sense of style has impacted us and to this day she is one of my favorite muses.
I just love her, don't you?
Here is her dressing room in the white house circa 1962.
So gorgeous + fabulous...I love the colors, the beautiful screen, her tufted chaise lounge with a leopard throw. Most of all I just can't get enough of the beautiful white vanity.

Sort of reminds me of my favorite room in the world...
and it seriously makes me want a vanity in my bedroom now. I don't officially have room, but that doesn't mean I can't dream of having one right?
and this one just pulls at my heart everytime. So gorgeous. love!

the zhush . lgn. apartmenttherapy.

Old Hollywood Glamour {ava gardner}

I love absolutely everything about Old Hollywood Glamour.

Something about the style just captures me, I live in the heart of Hollywood and I truly appreciate the lo
ok of Hollywood interiors back in the golden years.
Ava Garder is one of my most favorite Hollywood starlets...

How gorgeous does she look in these photos?
I love the blue walls and framed prints in the backdrop...

The headboard looks so lush and the white sheets with monogrammed throw come together perfectly.

I can hardly get enough of the gorgeous red velvet chair she is adorning.

Below is her apartment in Madrid (her favorite city in Spain). 
Red walls are the epitome of glamorous + luxurious Spanish living.
Notice the extravagant and ornate furniture...I love the look.

and to give a nod to Marilyn...I am absolutely loving the colors going on here.
Wood + White + Blue = gorgeousness
So fun to take it back to the old school for a min. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Blogger style {decorating with a Zebra rug}

We are just moments away from choosing the winner of my Zebra rug giveaway.
(there is still time to enter...so if you haven't yet go here now!)
I am more than thrilled.
So today I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite blogging decoristas, Louise +
 how she used the same zebra rug in her stylin' home.
It's neighbored by a gorgeous glossy black dresser and 2 hot pink moroccan poofs.
And to top it off, it's in a cute little girls room.

building your dream home...a Los Angeles design love story

Jamie Adler, daughter of Phyllis Morris (an LA design powerhouse) and now CEO of her mothers company, lives in this beautiful Los Angeles home nested in the beautiful hills of beverly. She and her husband and business partner, John, redesign the entire place...from what seems to have not been a dream home.
How fun does that sound? Renovating an ordinary home into your dream home with your husband?
And it happens to be on the same block as her parents home...i love idea keeping close to the family.
The 4,000 square foot home has hints of glamour, modern touches, quirky art and is full of love!
I am absolutely smitten with her style, she must get it from her mamma.
here is Jamie in her master bedroom, how adorable + stylish is she?
all images from Angeleno Interiors 

all white, modern + chic home by Carrie Livingston

For a while now I have been keeping my eye on interior and furniture designer...Carrie Livingston.
She is based in Beverly Hills and has been featured in publications all over LA and I just can't get enough of her work.
As you can expect, I was thrilled when I opened this springs Angeleno Interiors mag and
noticed a feature on Mrs. Livingston. Here, she has updated a 1908 Hollywood house and turned it into a 'bright white with pops of color chic' home.
Extremely cozy and charming with elements of fun and playful...it's the perfect nod to today's LA style.

The artwork in the room below is perfection.
This fantastic acrylic and white patent leather chair is one of Livingston's own furniture designs.
So cozy + glamorous.
I want one.
The white dining room is modern yet oh so romantic...perfect for sunday brunch.
I love how she adds funky, whimsical pieces to her spaces. Very chic.

Images courtesy of Angeleno Interiors  
Photography by Peden + Munk 

SIX TO BLISS: the alison + gail edition

Who: Gail + Alison
Where: Studio City, CA
What: the gorgeous mother/daughter duo of the incredibly gorgeous blog Frou Frou Fashionista and owners of the adorable + extremely well decorated lingere boutique Faire Frou Frou 

In honor of Mothers Day, today I wanted to showcase this amazing mother/daughter team who are as delightful as their blog and their endless lingerie inspiration just radiates all things femme. I am kind of obsessed!
And how could I not support my local LA ladies?

It is such an honor to be part of Ashlina's Six to Bliss series...we just love her blog and it's almost as though she is channeling our taste in every post she does. The following are 6 things that make my life filled with bliss (in no particular order):

1. A sunny, light-filled room is so important to me...I even make sure my boutique is cheerful and bright at all times. Perhaps I'm solar-powered, but I love natural light and light surfaces & mirrors to enhance the effect.

the white painted floors in my bedroom (& my feet!)

I painted the floors in my house white, and also recently had the floors in my store painted a high-gloss white just like this. The shine on the floor makes the room that much brighter!

2. A lovely fragrance goes a long way. I have a slight obsession with Diptyque products, especially the 'Roses' room spray. I use it almost daily in my home, and also have my Diptyque candles that are perfection.

3. Fresh-cut flowers elevate the mood of the room and make a space complete. I really make an effort to have fresh flowers in the house throughout the year, and of course peonies are my favorite. Here's a display I photographed in an antique urn that I absolutely love.

peonies & roses on my dining room table...

roses on my living room table...

white tea roses on my bedroom dresser...

Fresh-cut roses in my bathroom...yes, I need my flowers in most of the rooms!

4. Coming home to a pet that you love. Here is Chickie, my pomeranian. She's one of my 2 dogs and 4 cats...yes, I have a pet adoption addiction! Sometimes there's nothing better than seeing that sweet little face after a long day.

our Shiba Inu, Nicky (in bed with a fake yellow chick)

our cat Riley, on my sheepskin rug

5. Books. I treasure my books...I'm one of those people who doesn't even loan books to friends because I don't want to lose them! I'm so proud of the collection that I've read, and excited about the collection I will someday read. I love ending my day with a good book, so displaying something that I enjoy only makes sense. Even if you don't enjoy reading, they sure make wonderful home accents!

image above via Douglas Friedman

6. Sweets! Anyone who knows me knows about my sweet tooth, and the running joke in my family is that my house is like a bakery (basically it's a place to avoid if you're on a diet). I don't cook, but I certainly do bake! Pretty much not a week goes by when I'm not making cookies, brownies, a cake, etc. I'm all about comfort food!

images via Martha Stewart

 Thank you so much gorgeous ladies for your awesome support + lovely secrets of domestic bliss. XO

Hillary Thomas Interior Design...and the beautiful color sea foam green

Hillary Thomas
Designer. Wife. Mom.
and she is from Brentwood 
(my fave neighborhood in LA)
Does it get any better?
This woman is just so fantastic. I have totally fallen for her style.
This particular image has my heart because I spotted this adorable little elephant (my obsession).
Isn't he cute? He happens to be in this irresistible sea foam green color.
 It seems to be a particular favorite of miss Thomas and I must admit is starting to become a favorite of mine as well. It mixes with so well with other colors that I adore. 
Enjoy these photos...and if you feel the need for some more eye candy check out her site!

secret of domestic bliss #20...a well decorated coffee table

I am currently working on giving a revamp to an apartment here in my neighborhood.
First up, the living room has got to be given some life.
One surefire way to give a living room a little spice is by jazzing up the coffee table.
Most homes have a remote or two and maybe some coasters, if they are smart.
By all means dwellers, liven up your r + r area with some of your favorite accessories.
Books, cool looking objects, you might even throw a candle or two in the mix.
Whatever you love, display it right in front of you so that you may actually get some use out of it.
The books on my coffee table are the ones I flip through the most.
Displays your favorite things with pride and remember...don't forget to use trays!

images courtesy of...

SIX TO BLISS: the julie thigpen edition

Who: Julie Thigpen
Where: Orange County, CA
What: Uber talented Interior Designer and very creative blogger of the gorgeous Belle Maison

Hello everyone. My name is Julie and I’m thrilled that Ashlina asked me to participate in her Six to Bliss Series! There are so many things that contribute to my personal domestic bliss, it was hard to narrow down the list to just six. After some time thinking the list over, I settled on the  six little things that bring me the most joy in my home everyday (besides my husband and two kitties). I hope you enjoy learning a little about me and I thank Ashlina for allowing me to share!

1)      The freshly brewed coffee in the morning! One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a fresh pot of coffee – it smells wonderful and I actually prefer a homemade cup over Starbucks! My secret ingredient is Coffee Mate Creamer in Hazelnut (non fat) topped with a dollop of whipped cream. I seriously makes me happy!

2)      Vases of fresh cut flowers. Any chance I get, I place small arrangements of fresh blooms around my apartment. It’s a wonderful way to add color and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.   

3)      Clean, crisp bedding. I love clean sheets and wash ours every couple of days…I swear I sleep better in freshly laundered sheets.

4)      Stacks of chunky cocktail table books. Our living room is filled with stacks of design books and magazines. Books are a great way to accessorize as well as provide guests with something to do; they also keep me inspired on a daily basis.

5)      Pretty bath products. I love scented bath and body products, especially when they come in pretty packaging! Displaying a collection of lovely bottles and soaps neatly on tray is a stylish and practical way to accessorize your bathroom countertop.
6)      Lots of accent pillows. Our sofa is filled with accent pillows – all different colors, patterns and textures. Pillows add an element of comfort and are the easiest thing to change when you decide it’s time to update your look.

Julie...thank you so much for sharing with us your SIX TO BLISS. You are a complete inspiration to me, i absolutely just love what you do!