fashion meets decor

I went to a fashion fabric store in downtown LA...just for giggles.
I came across the kimono section and gravitated towards it because it 
reminded me of my sweetheart, 
(who is currently in Vietnam traveling {sniff sniff}.)
Good times.

So...colorful kimono fashion fabric meet colorful asian style hotel.
You both make me swoon! 

pretty cool hotel, huh?
If I had a huge home, I would consider decorating  a room in asian theme...
the bold color just speaks to my heart.

image credit unknown (i found it searching randomly on google)

wanting to be 'guild-ed'

I am so digging on Tricia Guild's latest fabric collections.
If I could, I think I would cover an entire guest home in her wall coverings + fabrics.
I love love love anything make me happy.
These particular fabrics would complete me.
Check her stuff out.
p.s. she also have amazing inspirational books that I keep around the house for fun.

betsey burnham

Betsey Burnham is a brilliant interior designer. she has a talent for creating a traditional feeling space while keeping it funky and fresh. she designs wildly colorful rooms by incorporating pieces and moods from different cultures from all over the world. Though they feel ornate, her spaces are always extremely comforatble and have a very inviting feeling. Her rooms are indulgences for the 5 senses. This woman is supremely stylish...need I mention GLAMOROUS!?!?

*above is her home office