secret of domestic bliss #30...decorating with birds

Sometimes, decorating can be daunting when you are trying to create a welcoming + cozy home but you feel like your look is a little stuffy. The key is adding whimsical touches to your space. If you don't have a bevvy of whimsical items around and you appreciate being "clutter-free", try throwing birds into your decor. There are a multiple ways to incorporate this adorable and happy animal. 
I personally love elephants, but lately, I have been utterly inspired to throw in a few birds to my apartment...and I must say, they absolutely make me smile!
See if you can spot the cuties...

secret to domestic bliss #29... a frame of inspiration

I don't know what it is about mood boards and inspiration boards that captivate me. Maybe its the fact that being a 'decorista' causes me to be endlessly inspired and curious to see the way others are inspired as well.
I just really love to see what people love and it feeds my soul to keep my inspirations floating about. I encourage those of you who are not self-proclaimed or professional decoristas to try it out. Whether it be on your fridge, in your closet, or your home office, throw up your most favorite images and see just what matriculates into your life (like a vision board)! Take this as a challenge, it can actually be fun + exciting!!!

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palmer weiss

secret of domestic bliss # 29...pretty little vignettes

 Oh how I just love the beauty of interior decorating. It's such fun to make your home a treasure trove of your personal items and memories. Take a cue from interior and even fashion stylists everywhere and feel free to make a little 'scene' that sets a mood in your space. A vignette is an arrangement or placing of items that tell a story... whether it be a mood or just a color story, you can basically run with it and make it your own. It gives your home such personality and makes it look less like a showroom and more like your own little boutique. Be free, nevermind any rules, just make it pretty! 
Some of my favorites...
Do you guys have pretty little vignettes at home??? I want to see! 

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secret of domestic bliss in the bedroom

There is something magical + meaningful about the art placed in a bedroom.
Being that the bedroom is the most intimate and personal room in a home, the art placed on the walls should contain a sentimental or emotional attachment.
I am always fascinated by the art people choose. I feel like its sort of a window to their heart.
Choosing the right art to make your bedroom beautiful is not about rules or being too matchy-matchy...
its all about being you and bringing what you love to your private space.

images via: tabletonic, domino, lonny, apartmenttherapy, traditional home + housebeautiful rachel whiting

secret of domestic bliss #27... a glamorous wall of mirrors

I have decided that I need one of these mirrored screens in my world. 
It's absolutely gorgeous and it reminded me of a very smart interior decor trick.
If you are looking to add big impact to a small space...just add mirrors.
It can do wonders for your home. 
If you need to create more light, or add an illusion of more room in your small abode...
adding a wall of mirrors is the ultimate trick.
Layering mirrors works wonders too and can completely bring up your glamour factor!
Whether it be your closet, bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, 
add a wall of mirrors to the space and watch the magic unveil!
This mirrored console against this wall of mirrors just completely does it for me! love.

everythingfab, apartmenttherapy, decorpad, elledecor

secret of domestic bliss #26 {a well organized closet}

Every girl knows the importance of having a well organized closet.
It's redundant to have to search for hours to find something to wear. I know we all run into that problem from time to time. That's why I am declaring this month of July to really stepping up my game and getting my closet completely organized.
Here are some essential organizational tools that every closet should have...
(one of my favorite actresses, Olivia Wilde, and her gorgeous dressing room. love!)
great lighting + wallpaper
ample space for shoes
matching hangers are an ultimate do!
a full length mirror is a must for trying on your duds...
i love a good vanity inside the femme
beautiful wallpaper and shelving for handbags go together so well
beautiful jewelry storage can be such a lovely sight to gaze at
a lush hot pink rug is oh so rockstar chic
just like in a kitchen, an island in a closet is a dream come true
and who doesn't love the ultimate dream closet of miss carrie bradshaw?

secret of domestic bliss #25...piles and piles of beautiful pillows

Every single person out there who reads my blog is striving for domestic least i hope.
Domestic bliss truly comes from creating such a cozy and happy space for yourself that you are more happy at home then you are anywhere else in the world.
I often feel that way and could just be home all day.
What makes a cozy home more than piles of beautiful and comfy pillows piled all over your home.
The bed, the sofa, reading nooks, patios...everywhere.
If I see a beautiful pillow somewhere I always take it because,
 I promise, you never can have too many pillows.

Secret of domestic bliss #24...creating a gorgeous jewelry display

The art of displaying your precious jewels is not to be taking lightly.
Time, love and creativity should be your motto when you work on creating your beautiful jewel assortment. Why hide the beautiful gems that grace your ensembles day in and day out...they belong out there for us to see and enjoy every single day. I love staring at my jewelry. I love the colors and the stories behind each beautiful piece.
I think we all love displaying our jewelry with pride, no?
How do you display yours?

nicole richie and her line of jewels

molly sims and her jewelry box

Paris Hilton and her jewelry closet

images via:
garance dore, lgn, decoramor, ladolfina ,designsponge, lavender+lillies, apartmenttherapy, centsationalgirl, lonny, 

secret of domestic bliss #23... decorate with your magazines + books

If you are like me and a self professed "design nerd", you probably have more books and magazines than you know what to do with. I mean, we all love a good bookcase filled with tons and tons of fabulous books, but what happens when you run out of room and places to put your
treasured reads....stacks and stacks of books + magazines.
My mom used to sneak in my room and throw them all away so when I finally moved out on my own I started to keep every single can imagine I have quite a collection.
I have learned that It doesn't have to look junky (see mom!).
You certainly can make your home look chic and stylish with stacks and stacks of mags + books.
Don't you agree?
(this is my aunts house in NYC....and it looks uber sophisticated with piles of books)

(i love books in the kitchen...something carrie bradshaw would do)

loving how this blogger rocked the stacks look in her home studio...

or you can be really clever and do a little something like this. love!

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secret of domestic bliss #22... foot of the bed benches

Oh how. I am so relieved that this week is finally over. You guys would not believe how busy + overwhelmed I have been. Family, church, friends, events, blogging, work, etc.
I am so very ready to take a long, long nap...sigh.

Which brings me to my next SODB...putting shoes on your bed!
Yes, you read that right. There is such thing as shoes for the least I think so.
I can honestly say, when I look to a bedroom for inspiration, I am always drawn to the bed dressings.
Pillows are my first eye glance, I love the textures and colors pillows can bring.
My next stop is on what is at the foot of the bed.
Most people skip this spot and I think it needs more attention. The end of the bed can be the perfect place to sit, place books, blankets, letters, etc. 
It can be just what you need if you feel your bedroom is incomplete.
This weekend, if you have some extra seating around, give it a try...who knows, you might love it!
a quote to send you off...
happy weekend luuuvahs!
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elle decor
chinoiserie chic
house beautiful
living etc

secret of domestic bliss #21...decorating with collections

Lately I have been noticing how much I adore designing with collections.
I really think at least one collection of special items is vital to your home.
A collection can say so much about a person...what you love, where you have been, etc.
Figuring out what to collect can be a bit daunting if you are not a collector.
All you have to do is find something that you enjoy looking at or have a fondness for and then starting picking them up everywhere and anywhere you see them.
I have a collection of elephants that I absolutely adore and each one brings back memories of the fun places that I picked them up or the person who gave them to me as a gift.
Collections can be such an enjoyment for your space. 
If you have no idea what or how to collect, here are some inspirations for yours!
 tobi fairley
 traditional home

secret of domestic bliss #20...a well decorated coffee table

I am currently working on giving a revamp to an apartment here in my neighborhood.
First up, the living room has got to be given some life.
One surefire way to give a living room a little spice is by jazzing up the coffee table.
Most homes have a remote or two and maybe some coasters, if they are smart.
By all means dwellers, liven up your r + r area with some of your favorite accessories.
Books, cool looking objects, you might even throw a candle or two in the mix.
Whatever you love, display it right in front of you so that you may actually get some use out of it.
The books on my coffee table are the ones I flip through the most.
Displays your favorite things with pride and remember...don't forget to use trays!

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secret of domestic bliss #19...perfecting the art of decorating with your dishware

I know we have seen this time and time again, but honestly I want everyone to know what an impact displaying your dishes can do for your home.
It is just a shame to keep beautiful dish ware hidden and out of sight.
How fantastic would it be to create an art like focal point loaded with loving treasures?
Perhaps they are from a relative and passed down through generations or even just from a fun store, all in your favorite all can look very heavenly.
No matter how or where you decide to display them, just make sure you do it with love.
DON'T be intimated on hanging them. I love to use dischangers, they make it super easy! 
Feast your eyes on these favorites of mine for some inspiration!

This might be my favorite photo...aren't these historical dishes so adorable?
{eddie ross for Lonny...he is truly brilliant}

images courtesy of...
martha stweart

secret of domestic bliss #18... decorating with vintage photography

If you flip open your favorite design books and magazines, it is likely that you will see photography in the homes of extremely chic and glamorous people. 
Being that I work in a photography art gallery, I have an extreme appreciation for vintage photography.
A photo creates a mood and can often conjure up a special memory.
It can speak volumes of your personality and style and gives a sophisticated touch to your home.
Lately, I have been seeing photography more and more in my favorite spaces and I am loving the look of these dynamic shots.
Black and whites are forever classic although sometimes I am drawn to shots with a punch of color!

images via stylishbird + belle maison 

secret of domestic bliss #17...decorating la baignoire

ooh la la. le bathtub.
it's probably one of my most favorite places in the world.
After a long day at work or tired from entertaining your friends and family,
there is nothing more luxurious that indulging yourself with a nice, long bubble bath.
Obviously it's going to be heaven to soak with your favorite candles burning or lovely bath oils...
but don't under estimate the power of a well dressed bathroom.
This is the place to literally create the sanctuary of your dreams. 
Go extravagant...make it your own. Your 'me time' will thank you.

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secret of domestic bliss #16 ....the ultimate beTRAYal

When styling your home always remember that small little displays add big style.
Just like in fashion, when the accessories make the outfit, it's complete.
I find that perfectly placing and grouping accessories has the same effect.
If you aren't quite sure how to make this happen...start working with trays.
Whether lucite, silver, acrylic or wood, trays make the ultimate companion for your favorite pieces.
Group your most treasured items together on a tray and poof...instant style!

This one is absolutely perfect for me.
(it's the initials)

Coastal Living

secret of domestic bliss #15... get it monogrammed

It may seem a tad bit traditional, but showing off your initials in your home is anything but.
It keeps your digs completely personal and gives your place a little something special.
The Montage hotel in Laguna Beach puts your initial on your pillow in your room during your stay. 
How special would that make you feel?
It got me hooked...and now I am obsessed with having my initials in my home. 
I just love the way it looks on linens.

secret to domestic bliss # 14...a reading nook.

What is better than getting cozy with a good book and some tea?
We all know this, so it should be imperative to a home to have a reading nook.
No matter how small or how large it is, try to incorporate this one essential space.
Don't forget to always keeps some books or magazines in the area so you are compelled to read more.
My guess is, we may not always use it, but...
if you have guests, it will make you quite the hostess to have room for them to relax.
Everybody wins!
I think this one might be my most favorite...and lately I am loving reading a new juicy interior decorating magazine on my patio and have my morning coffee.
Lovin it!
images from: livingetc. decortoadore. bhg alkemie 

secret of domestic bliss your walls some paper love

I originally intended this blog for my friends who need inspiration for decorating their homes 
and apartments. My best friends from college who are just now buying homes and want them to be the best on the block, but have no idea how to make it work. 
And with children and bills, the last thing they can afford is a decorator...
I keep getting emails from my girlfriends asking for advice.
Hence. Here I am sharing my thoughts.

Ladies...and your men. 
(I am giving you my rule and it should be #1...)
and I know my fellow bloggers will agree.
please do not be afraid to use wallpaper!!!!
I know I have said this so many times but I am so serious. 
As a decor-ista, wallpaper has become my best friend.
Here is all kinds of inspiration for ya.

Notice the wallpaper that just borders along the ceiling. cute huh?

i love what Averill did in her clients bathroom.
don't be afraid to just wallpaper an entryway either.

black and white stripes may be bold but it wins my heart everytime!


you could also do something like this pink number in a girls room or bathroom.

secret to domestic bliss #12...spring colors

Currently the sun is out and the weather is warm.
I am loving it.
In my excitement, we here at my apartment have decided to create a brightly colored lounge
on our patio. I have been looking in all the latest mags for inspiration and
bright and fun colors are everywhere!
Living Etc, Elle Decor, even Traditional Home all feature bright neon colors in the home.
It must be the new trend.
While I may not be able to redo my home...I can totally change my patio!
Some of my inspiration...

and check out jonathan adler's new line...