Design Inspiration... wood is workin it!

There is something about wood that really has me intrigued right now.
Amazing wood flooring is breathtaking... fabulous wood furniture is back...
All wood bookcases in a! Wood patio walls...even better!
Gorgeous woods lend to the "industrial revolution" look I am so in love with lately.
In California, many older homes have wood throughout which give such a chic 70's vibe...
I would love to work with one, I can only imagine the fun that would be! *dreaming*

it doesn't get much better than this {dining room decorating}



 I am just loving the fact that each of these dining rooms are based with white walls + accent colors! What a fabulous way to add a pop of style without commiting to an entire color change. This is perfect for a decorista like me, as I am obsessed with redecorating to fit my mood.
The rooms that have pink are not overtly feminine either, so husbands can deal. ;)
Supremely good + dramatic lighting tops it off with perfection and of course mismatched seating.  Swoooooooon!  

Hope I inspire your weekend lovelies! 
Thank you for being the best readers + commenters EVER this week.
Your comments crack me up and make my day.
love to you!

bliss in the kitch' {an Austin Artists' Abode}

This post is a shout out to my hometown, Austin, Tx. I love you Austin!
Photographer Dave Mead resides here in this vintage, country, and retro adorable home with his gorgeous wife and son. The best way to describe his style...ECLECTIC.
I am blown away by the uber cool style, quirky + artistic pieces of art and how that much wood isn't making me want to vomit.
It's very similar to 'Loz Feliz chic' here in Los Angeles, I can totally dig it.
Images courtesy of... Rare Magazine + Creative and Sons