secret of domestic bliss #49...great pairs of chairs

One of my favorite things in the world is a really good chair. There is nothing better than getting cozy in your favorite chair with coffee and a good book...I could be there for hours. So when it comes to filling a room with seating, my favorite part is selecting chairs. It is always fun to get creative, funky and bold with your seating style selections. The best of the best should be prominently displayed in pairs for major impact. If you want style and swagger, a stylish pair of chairs works every time.


secret of domestic bliss #48...use wallpaper creatively

Not everyone is a fan of wallpaper but most of you know this particular decorista LOVES her some wallpaper. What I love is when people use wallpaper in super creative ways to make dramatic statements in their home. I was a smitten kitten the moment I saw this foyer. How incredibly stylish is that? Always be brave and use fabulous pattern in not-so-fabulous spaces. It will give your home that extra something special...


Secret of domestic bliss #48... the power of pillows

Pillows are the ultimate decorating accessory. Whatever your style is, the perfect pillows can make your space pop! If you are a fickle decorating person and love to change your home decor (sort of like me), I say stick with a neutral color palate and keep your pillows colorful and funky. I really love what pillows can do for your home, whether it be the pattern, colors, texture, or size. My suggestion... use your pillows to creatively express yourself and your personal style. 


secret of domestic bliss #47... decorating with flowers

I don't know if many of you will remember this but remember the days when Laura Ashley reigned queen. I can remember as a young girl my mother decked out my bedroom with head to toe floral motifs.    I quickly found myself loathing floral decor...until recently. Is it just me or is the flower making a comeback? Lately I have been seeing beautiful floral motifs everywhere and layered up. Maybe its just that Spring is on its way and flowers are in full bloom! Either way, I am loving the ways of incorporating florals into decor. (like this room with blooms)Whether it be through art, wallpaper, fabrics, linens, or even just a simple bouquet...I am so ready for spring to be in full bloom!

If you have ever checked out Tricia Guild's work, then you will see what I mean, this woman is all about decorating with flowers. Her stuff is spot on! 

secret of domestic bliss #46... how to introduce your home to green

Because it's St. Patrick's Day, a super fun holiday, I had to figure out how to incorporate some green into my space here in the city. Oddly, I have no green accessories here. I then had a genius idea that a great way to incorporate a little green into your home for the holiday is by decorating with plants....hello! 
Greenery is fabulous in the home, both real and fake can do the trick. I just love the look of lush plants, especially succulents. I have a super crush on those beautiful earthly things. The perfect accessories for spring.


secret of domestic bliss #44...big, bold and beautiful lamps

I always say that lamps are to a room like earrings are to an outfit... they are an essential part of the decor.  Most of us who have great overhead lighting forget that lamps are so much more than a fabulous source of light, they are a key figure in decorating. Big, bold and beautiful lamps can do so much for a room. A stand alone beauty can make a huge statement all by itself and give a room that extra pop of color that it needs. On the other hand, when you add a pair of lamps, your room is instantly more sophisticated and polished. You can find just the right pair to tailor your room and make it complete. If you find a pair you love, just grab them. You never can have too many lamps.

via. houzz. pinterest. divastyle. rue. 

secret of domestic bliss #43...colorful couches

When working with clients, most people shy away from color, but in the end always want a little more. It's really normal to be reluctant to dropping down a pile of cash for a bright and beautifully colored sofa.   I get it. I really do. However, in light of some recent decor discoveries, I have found that some of the most stunning spaces are using bright, colorful sofas and they look fantastic. I am starting to think that sometimes, it might be just what you need to make your home stand apart. I'm smitten over some of the couches with completely gorgeous hues. In my next apartment, I might just have to get one.

I even semi think this super vintage + retro sofa looks perfect in this uber hip space...

images via...decorpad, lonny, pinterest, houzz

secret of domestic bliss #42...MIRRORED PERFECTION

Creatively using mirrors can be the ultimate decorating tool for your home. Mirrors can work a variety of wonders for your dwelling space. For example, a perfectly placed mirrored screen can soften a harsh or unsightly corner. Mirrors can also add architectural style and influence, in addition, an oversized mirror can brighten up the darkest of spaces. Take a look at the gorgeous dining room below with an oversized mirror set behind the table...the light looks breathtaking, don't you think?

secret of domestic bliss #41... wallpaper in your kitch'

So I happen to think wallpaper is always key in home decorating. Beautiful wallpaper can really give your home exactly what it needs to be magazine worthy, which is what we all want right?
Today as I was giving decor advice to a client, I realized how awesome wallpaper can look in the kitchen. My first instinct for this swanky bachelor pad was wallpaper in the kitchen. Then I realized how chic it can be. So, please don't ever be afraid to bang out your kitch' with some gorgeous patterns.


secret of domestic bliss #40... unexpected mirrors

 Placing mirrors around the home is more than you would think. Mirrors give the illusion of enlarging a space as most of us already know. However, we tend to forget that mirrors also lend to the aesthetic quality of a well decorated room. Irregular, odd and unexpected mirrors are so key in creating a fabulous space. I love the look of non-traditional looking mirrors. 
So chic and so right up my decorista alley!

secret of domestic bliss #39... decorating with screens

Screens are absolutely essential in interior decorating. You will likely find a screen perfectly placed in a well designed home, simply because designers are so not afraid to use them. They can be intimidating for the average decorista just looking to spruce up her space because placement is key. I want you all to know, its perfectly normal. Don't let that stop you, however, from using this magical items. They can turn a drab corner into fabulousity, they make a great headboard and can even be used to divide a really big room. Let these images be your inspirational guide!

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secret of domestic bliss #38... zebra ottomans

Absolutely every space in the world should have a little bit of something exotic. 
I will always suggest a beautiful zebra ottoman, it just makes a room sing.
They may seem to be a little repeated at this point, but a wild animal print is still so chic.
In my opinion, if your home needs a pick me up... grab one of these bad boys and rock it!
Easy peasy.

secret of domestic bliss #37...simple touches of fur

Oh how these chilly LA days are so blissful. The crisp air outside combined with the beautiful sunshine just makes me so happy. As the cold air outside permeates indoors through my apartments' open windows, I am longing for warmer textures. 
I love to add to the coziness in my home by simply placing small touches of faux fur all around me.
Whether it be through a fur throw or a fabulous fur rug, I love how fur instantly transforms your space to comfortable glamour so effortlessly.

and this is what it looks like white a whole lotta fur loveliness...

secret of domestic bliss #36... marvelously decorated bookshelves

Nothing says pedigree better than a finely decorated and well stocked bookcase.
It gives the opportunity for people like me, who love looking at people's digs, an idea of who they are,
what you enjoy reading & what your interests are.
It says so much about you!
If you don't read at all, it is most certainly proper to showcase your fabulous dishware.
Whatever you fill your bookshelves with, make sure they are treasures that you are in love with.
(I'm just crazy for the ones above lined in black, simply gorgeous!)
I have always been inspired by the bookcase in Olivia Wilde's home. I love her style.
I just love the unexpected objects and typewriter as accessories.

It's brilliant to accessorize with vintage book collections, the colors are usually simlar.

When you can, I always suggest grouping in's such a sharp looking effect.

I also am a huge believer in strategically placing fabulous artwork, it can give your bookcase extreme personality.


secret of domestic bliss #35...decorate with a piece of tufted furniture

When decorating your home, there are certain items that transcend periods and styles,
they just look amazing anywhere.
There really is something very grand about tufted furniture.
I feel like it evokes a sense of history and
at the same time can be very modern... the perfect blend.
At the moment, I cannot get enough of the look of perfectly executed tufted pieces.
I totally suggest keeping your eyes out for one of your own.
 Here is how you can make it work....

Mix a velvety yellow sofa with high gloss black asian table for a boho chic look.
Or a deliciously soft tufted headboard paired with a glossy mirrored side table is absolute glamour!
 I also love a beautiful tufted headboard layered with romantic ruffles for that Parisian chic look.
Nothing says "coziness" like all white bedding...
well...maybe a gorgeous oversized sectional.
A woman after my own heart.
the zebra art in this living room. killer. 
the fact that its paired with chiang mai pillows. genius.

secret of domestic bliss #34...painted shelving

For a super easy yet really beautiful trick to give your place some impact...
paint the inside of your shelves.
It's a clever way to add some color into your home without the commitment of a full on color change.
I just love the idea of changing things up in common areas in your home that usually go unnoticed.
You can use wallpaper, I love that look as well, but never underestimate the power of just painting with a  simple color.
These beautiful bookcases + kitchen shelves are the perfect depiction of this clever decorating idea... so lovely to look at!

Secret of domestic bliss #33...decorating with symmetry

When decorating your home symmetry gives the ultimate touch.
A kiss of perfection!

I am never afraid to decorate without symmetry, the thought literally excites me.
It's more of an artistic approach to style.
However, when it seems that your decor is not look as chic as you want it to, I suggest trying symmetry. It completely tailors a space and instantly looks timeless!

Secret of domestic bliss #32...decorating with perfume bottles

Never underestimate the power in the beauty of your favorite bottle of perfume.
When styling your vanity or your bathroom, 
cleverly display your favorite fragrances to achieve that magazine-chic look.

When I go thrift shopping around LA,
I always keep an eye out for beautiful vintage perfume bottles to add to my collection.
Mixing vintage bottles with your favorites is essential for an extra glamorous effect.
They make for such a fabulous accessory, no?

images...Rue, everythingfab, countryliving, thelovelist

Secret of domestic bliss #31...curtain call

Something magical happens when curtains steal the show. 
They become so much more than the traditional drapery.
They flourish into setting the tone for the entire look of the room with their sumptuous texture.
If you are feeling that your home needs some sprucing up or
you are a renter and just can't do wallpaper...
Try covering your walls in your favorite fabrics.
Its sure to bring unexpected glamour + drama! I just love it!

Take it even one step further and fabric-ify your patio!