Wallcolor Wednesday: mint green walls

I am having some serious fantasies about mint green walls in the bedroom lately. The images are just dancing in my head. I envision mint green walls, black, white and gold accessories. I can just daydream about the deliciousness all day long. It can go modern, it can go vintage or it can go completely retro. Anyway you try it, mint walls are all the rage! 

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Life in Brooklyn...bright and breezy

I have a small little crush on Brooklyn. Everytime I go there, I have a great time...its just full of surprises. Like this adorable little studio, decorated by Nick Olsen, it's a complete treat! Pretty and light walls give it the ultimate pick me up feeling, total happiness. Each little adornment and detail is carefully done to ensure the perfect functionality for a super small space yet still keeping its visual beauty. Check out this video for tips on small spaces. I love the white with green trim everywhere, such a fresh combo.

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bliss in the kitch' {pops of green + fabulous flooring}

Everything about this kitchen is perfectly sweet. I am drooling over the wood flooring, its so rustic looking. I love the way the bright white cabinetry and dreamy gray walls give a polished look to the flooring. So incredibly clever. The lighting and appliances also give such a sophisticated finish to the otherwise eclectic mix. However, I think my favorite part are the subtle pops of green...the perfect anecdote to this simple yet chic little kitch'. 
lovely little way to get some green into your kitch'...


secret of domestic bliss #46... how to introduce your home to green

Because it's St. Patrick's Day, a super fun holiday, I had to figure out how to incorporate some green into my space here in the city. Oddly, I have no green accessories here. I then had a genius idea that a great way to incorporate a little green into your home for the holiday is by decorating with plants....hello! 
Greenery is fabulous in the home, both real and fake can do the trick. I just love the look of lush plants, especially succulents. I have a super crush on those beautiful earthly things. The perfect accessories for spring.


A House Beautiful: Decorating with Healing & Barsanti

I'm sure most of you caught this One Day make-over in House Beautiful. I fell instantly for the use of the color purple (my favorite color). After this article, I knew I had to go check out the work of HB Home. Just as I had expected...I was extremely impressed. I love the uses of color, textures and patterns. Very chic. They have locations all over the east coast and I had no idea. Now I need to rush out the door and go check out the NYC showroom. Yay. Shopping!

See my picks from their incredible portfolio...
HB Home uses incredible chinoiserie wallpapers, gorgeous inlaid bone pieces, bright peach sofas, colorful pillows with vibrant patterns, graphic curtains, oversized ottomans, and beautiful lamps. 

Decorating for Spring with Ruthie Sommers

 Ruthie Sommers is a long time favorite interior decorista of mine. I love that she is not afraid of color. The minute I saw these pictures of her California home, I immediately got so excited for spring. I'm so ready for sunshine and lighter clothing that is all over the magazines these days. I am patiently anticipating the manhattan days I can spend reading a book at central park with no gloves on. Oh, Ruthie, she just gets my decorator mind going...Her master bedroom is one of my favorite girlie bedrooms ever! It's gorgeous. I am loving this home and so ready for the brighter colors that are spring...

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Bliss in the kitch' & breakfast nook bliss

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. On Saturday mornings, there is nowhere I'd rather be. This cute little grey kitchen just looks like pure happiness to me. I love the cute little ghost chair at the gorgeous wood table. Such a great mix of styles. The perfect compliment to a beautiful kitchen = 
great breakfast nooks. Here are some that took my breath away...

Today I will be spending most of the day, sipping delicious coffee and working away at some projects on my computer. Lighting candles and a little music in the background...domestic bliss at its best.

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secret of domestic bliss #44...big, bold and beautiful lamps

I always say that lamps are to a room like earrings are to an outfit... they are an essential part of the decor.  Most of us who have great overhead lighting forget that lamps are so much more than a fabulous source of light, they are a key figure in decorating. Big, bold and beautiful lamps can do so much for a room. A stand alone beauty can make a huge statement all by itself and give a room that extra pop of color that it needs. On the other hand, when you add a pair of lamps, your room is instantly more sophisticated and polished. You can find just the right pair to tailor your room and make it complete. If you find a pair you love, just grab them. You never can have too many lamps.

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needing. wanting. loving. {velvety green gorgeousness}

I am just completely smitten with the sophistication of this room from Celerie Kemble's lonny spread.
First of all, the woman is a genius with decor, the execution of her vintage & modern combos is completely majorly spot on. Oh, how I love the deep rich green with wood chair and ottoman pairings. How about the black side table with gold embellishments, so glamorous. This is definitely a note-worthy look. I want it all now.

weekend decorating idea... how to decorate with succulents

Lately I have been seeing adorable little arrangements of beautiful succulents all over the city.
All the cutest boutiques have the most lovely little displays full of green!
I am determined to decorate for the holidays with some wild panache,
and succulents are the way to go, especially for the tabletop decor.
I'm crazy about these beautiful botanicals.

I think what is key when decorating with succulents is placing them in unique and unexpected items.
Gorgeous vintage trophies, milk glass jars, apothecary jars, candle holders, etc.
So chic!

images via. theselby. countryliving.

inspired by jewelry! decorating with emerald green

How incredibly gorgeous + rich is this emerald green & gold jewelry?
This fall, I am all about jewel tones and this deep green hue is just intoxicating!
Whether its through silky bedding, greenery, cozy quilts, uber delicious velvet settees, malachite wallpaper, or glossy green leather dining chairs, it makes such a bold + gorgeous statement!
love. love. love. love. love.

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studded screen, oh so green and bright + clean!

I am so addicted to screens lately and everything in this picture captures me.
I love the wallpaper, the studded chair and the mix of accesories. gorgeous!
  Something about this room has me eager to redecorate. I think what they did with the floor, the green and white stripes is just brilliant. Also, the blacks, green sofa and the fabulous recovered wing chairs are just singing such a lovely tune. Don't you agree?
I love the bright and clean look of an all white sunroom. Pops of neutral colors really warm it up and make it incredibly cozy. I think the fern plays such a big role in harmonizing the indoor/outdoor feel. This is the sort of all white room I can actually see myself working with.