STYLISH IN SEATTLE {rue magazine may/june}

I am so beyond excited about the new issue of Rue...its really good! I am especially fond of the home features this issue, my girl Cassandra (of Coco + Kelley) finally unveiled her decorating + styling skills. Her Seattle apartment is oh so cute and totally her. I just love seeing where people live and how they decorate, it really lets you in on a person's true personality. I think thats why I have such a love for decorating and design...

 Cass is so good at styling and putting vignettes together! I love the way the photographer really captured her aesthetic. 

 Don't we all have a love for this Zgallerie chandelier? Hello aqua! 
images via Rue magazine, styling + decor by Cassandra Lavalle + photography by Belathee

fashion meets decor: FEELING FLORAL

feminine + fancy floral pants 
feminine and fancy floral sofas...

your charm is my perfect trend for spring! 
A floral sofa is the perfect addition to balance a cold, modern look. It's just so playful and could you not adore?
 I just adore these neon pumps with black floral pants, so charming, no?

fashion images via thefancy,, chictopia
decor images all via tumblr...(if you know the source, shoot me a line and ill update)

House Tour: Inside the home of Nina Bergsten

Nina idea who this woman is but her style is OH SO VERY chic. Stockholm is her home, so she has that Swedish style on lock. White walls, white furnishings with bits of black and rustics in the mix. What I love most is the touch of pretty pastels added throughout which really give the masculine look such a soft, feminine touch. Its perfection in my book...
How stylish is this woman? I think I need that sweater ASAP.

Images via RESIDENCE

NYC House Tour: Stylish living in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of those places that you just can't hate. While I am a total Manhattan kind of girl, Brooklyn does have a small part of my heart. There are so many great restaurants, shops, things to do and see and I do have a heart for the hip people. The best part about Brooklyn...the space! I continually dream of living in a much, much bigger apartment and it seems as if I gave life in Brooklyn an opportunity, that dream just might come true. 
This townhome featured in Architectural Digest totally gives me some inspiration. It's incredibly gorgeous...
Even with white walls the place is loaded with serious style. The artwork all over the walls is a huge part of what makes it so chic. Oh, and of course the pops of turquoise help too,
These deliciously glossy dark brown walls + tiger print chair are majorly FABULOUS! 
How perfect are these red chairs in that garden area? In the springtime I bet this outdoor space is just killer. Wow. Doesn't it just make you want to move to Brooklyn? 
well...not really but at least we can daydream.

images seen at luxe + lillies via AD.

Styleicious Sunday: hopelessly in love with houndstooth

As I am preparing my apartment for my family to arrive this Christmas I am putting the finishing touches on a few things...
including my desk chair. Originally I was going to cover it with black and white striped velvet (so very parisian...) part of me is having second thoughts. I am having a houndstooth moment and I don't know if I can recover. I am just a smitten kitten with its chic-ness in fashion and in decor.
This chic woman just makes it look fabulous + so does an all white living room like below...
large scale houndstooth is pretty bangin' too...

so chic, no? should I do it?
{images via}

TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: coffee table chic

When you don't have room for a regular sized coffee table as many of us Manhattan dwellers, there is a great way to improvise, a pair of cute tables. I really love the look of a hot pair of chic tables. It really does add serious style and you can get away with something a little more eccentric or fun. 
Now that I am on the hunt for the perfect pair for me, I have found that I actually really love me some little twinsie tables...

 two is better than one, ey?


art + room... feminine flowers + damien hirst

Art is my favorite part of decorating a home. The artwork always makes the most impact and gives the home its personality. I have fallen severely for this large scale floral art with the peek of a Damien Hirst print in the background...such a perfect mix of art.
glossy white floors + modern white chairs + cool glass dining table + mix of fabulous art =
domestic bliss
How to achieve this marvelous look...



art + room: a little bit abstract

beautiful shaped sideboard + delicate lamp + black wall + pretty pink abstract artwork=
domestic bliss
Right now I can not get enough of great abstract pieces of art in the home. I think I might need some for my apartment.
I go crazy for the contrast of this artwork against this busy floral vintage wallpaper. 
even if the art is just leaned against the makes for an incredibly chic addition.

{pinterest. abigail ahern. tumblr. }

needing. wanting. loving. (glass coffee tables}

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect glass coffee table for my digs...
It's honestly so overwhelming with so many different choices, especially when I am dying to find the perfect one. Since my apartment is deprived of space, glass is the perfect finish because it doesn't feel as heavy. However, I am desperately in love with black and brass finishes like these two living rooms have.
I love the looks of these tables, so I am inspired by them but wanting them with glass. 
Here are the ones I am obsessed with right now...
1.pretty brass and glass porterandpunk coffee table
2.hexagonal Horchow coffee table
3.This double level Worlds Away coffee table
4.a pair of black and glass coffee tables from Hayneedle

The Art of Living: how to decorate around a tv

Having a television can be a tough decorating problem to tackle...
but it doesn't always have to be so bad. Because my new apartment is so small, I am looking for a clever way to add a tv to the wall. I have thought about creating a super fun and large scale art wall but I am also feeling quite inspired by these fabulous decor inspirations!
I just adore those two little busts... and the AMAZING wallpaper below...

images via. lonny. thecoveteur. elledecor. domino.

The Art of Living: living room lovers

The living room is the ultimate place where we connect with our guests, so it can be quite crucial that this space be a happy place. I am oh so inspired by light colored living rooms right now. Currently, my walls are dark, dark gray which is perfect for fall, but for some reason, I am desperately looking to brighten things up and go for a softer look. Sometimes all white or soft, pale colors can be soothing to the we go, weekend decorating.

This dynamic dining/living area rocks my world because its infused the beautiful rose gold. So heavenly.

HGTV & the Novogratz rock it out in my NYC neighborhood!

Have you guys been watching the Novogratz show on HGTV? First of all, I love that HGTV is taking things in a new direction with this hip and stylish design duo. I had the pleasure of meeting courtney and chatting with her about all things design, and let me tell you...she is a blast, a truly sweet person. Gotta love that...

Well, this Saturdays episode is sure to rock your socks off. They took a  2,000 square foot penthouse apartment right in my Gramercy Park neighborhood (the best hood) with 180-degree views of NYC and did a "design blowout"! They turned it from all white + uninteresting to über-chic quickly and with a super small budget.  Using pops of color, cool art, an array of accessories, a fireplace tower and spectacular lighting (not to mention a “Family” rug from their upcoming home décor collection, NOVOGRATZ! Exciting things to come for this power duo. 

How powerful is this space? It's the perfect summertime space.
images: matthew williams

appreciating the chic mix of black and white interiors

Today I am on a shoot styling for an upcoming campaign that is going to be amazing! Remember my last campaign for LM? This will be something similar, I am so excited to share with you all. My inspiration on today is black and white, its the most classic yet chic and stylish color combo. I often am drawn to the simplicity of the mix...

white done right. with tiny bits of color

If you love to fawn over interiors like me, then you love looking at photos of all white rooms. I am so fond of all white rooms, they are so dreamy and calm. One thing I have noticed is that when a pretty color is thrown in to an all white mix a little bit of style magic happens. It just looks more decorated and realistic. I think it looks best when just color comes into the room, like this beautiful green. It's so unexpected and chic. 

loving this addition of coral-ish orange. Beautiful! 
and even just color through flowers, it can work wonders! 

The Art of Living: layered living rooms

When decorating your home, it's important to create a gathering place. A room where everyone can collect together and enjoy great conversation and fun, that is what creates domestic bliss
Some people prefer the kitchen, much like my family, but I also really love the feel of an entertaining ready living room. A well decorated living room will have multiple seating/conversation areas, walls layered with gorgeous pieces that elicit great conversations and plenty of fabrics, patterns and interesting textures. I always think too many mirrors never hurt anybody...oh, and never skimp on reading material either. Big photography based books make for the most fun! 

The Art of Living...gorgeous natural light

As I have been endlessly searching for the perfect apartment in the city, I have come to realize that you just can't have it all. Well, maybe you can on the upper west side but anywhere in the middle of Manhattan you are probably going to compromise on an amenity or two. I have come to terms with maybe not the perfect sized closet or bathroom but something I will not part with...ample sunlight. I simply could never wake up to a dark apartment and be happy. Sunshine makes me utterly blissful and how beautiful are those morning coffee moments with bright sunlight? 

images via everythingfab and decoristadaydreams

The Decorista tip of the day...get an arch lamp asap

 The weather here in the city is rather odd lately, gorgeous one day, rainy and gross the next. I had a lot of time inside the apartment and was thinking about an easy way to glam up the living room. I had a marvelous idea, To get a little extra something in your space, get an arch lamp. They are gorgeous, modern, sexy and oh so glamorous! I am currently obsessed with the look of these bad boys. 

Anyone who has an arch lamp in their home has mad style. Everytime. They are just the thing to take your decor to the next level. How gorgeous does this room look with an arch lamp? Loving the tiger pillows and red leather club chairs. MEow!