office space of the day...white wall wonderment

white walls + pretty chair + organized accessories + curated wall of original art = 
domestic bliss
With everything happening in the city and my business growing, I have been considering the option of leasing a small office space. Most are short term leases and the unfortunate part is that no paint or wallpaper would be allowed, I'd be stuck with plain white walls. For a decorista like me, that's kinda sad.  However, the thing about white walls is that they really don't have to be so bad. One way to dress them up is covering them with an orderly arrangement of small framed art pieces. It really just adds the perfect touch of movement and color that the white really works.
but I would seriously miss me some color! 

one. two. three. four. five.

Style-icious Sunday: weekend white

I am so enjoying this holiday weekend. The mood around this city is so soft and relaxing I can't help but feel the energy of vibrant white. In celebration of the welcoming of white, I am finding myself invigorated by the inspiration of breezy white clothes and delicate white interiors...

I just adore white with bits of gold...

A perfect apartment...

Just when I am starting to get in touch with bold colored rooms, I find something the complete opposite that just speaks to my decorating soul. This black and white apartment with just a teeny splash of pink has literally sent me into a whole new obsession...

In the dining room, the doors with round molding is just absolutely so chic. It perfectly warms up the modern elements of the room and stark black and white color scheme.  I am also LOVING the mixmatched mirrors, so sweet.
I love this black and white wallpaper, its absolutely perfect for spring! It fits so well with a cowhide rug and saarinen coffee table and cute, modern + PINK club chairs. 
I love the symmetry and balance in each of the rooms too, its very harmonizing...
This entryway wallpaper is so hip, I love any brave person who works with that look...I think just the right amount of wallpaper was used here, not too much but just enough to give the space some swagger. Don't you agree?
interior by Janet Rice Interiors

COLOR LOVER: onyx, white + kelly

I don't know what is in the decorating water lately but everywhere I love I am seeing onyx black, bright white and kelly green. It's a fabulous mixture I must admit and its taking me back to some of my most favorite interiors moments. For spring, I have been wanting to add a dash of color to my apartment and I'm thinking maybe some fabulous kelly green drapes...or maybe just an emerald lamp. Oh, the possibilities are endless...

Have always loved these incredible lucite + green dining room chairs. 

office space of the, white, bold and blue

white walls + black accents + bit of zebra + pops of pretty blue =
domestic bliss
Loving this uber chic home of Stacey Cohen, an incredibly cool Toronto designer. I have seen this spread going around the web for a while now but for some reason as the warmer weather approaches, I am loving pops of bold color. My favorite part is that its just ONE color, not lots of them. It keeps it crisp and very Mary Mcdonald bold. I just love everything about it.
I really do love bold contrasts of white molding on dark color. This faux headboard is the perfect example of that. Very easy to recreate this look at home. Be inspired. 
spotted on MDB via style at home

House Tour: Inside the home of Nina Bergsten

Nina idea who this woman is but her style is OH SO VERY chic. Stockholm is her home, so she has that Swedish style on lock. White walls, white furnishings with bits of black and rustics in the mix. What I love most is the touch of pretty pastels added throughout which really give the masculine look such a soft, feminine touch. Its perfection in my book...
How stylish is this woman? I think I need that sweater ASAP.

Images via RESIDENCE

NYC House Tour: Stylish living in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of those places that you just can't hate. While I am a total Manhattan kind of girl, Brooklyn does have a small part of my heart. There are so many great restaurants, shops, things to do and see and I do have a heart for the hip people. The best part about Brooklyn...the space! I continually dream of living in a much, much bigger apartment and it seems as if I gave life in Brooklyn an opportunity, that dream just might come true. 
This townhome featured in Architectural Digest totally gives me some inspiration. It's incredibly gorgeous...
Even with white walls the place is loaded with serious style. The artwork all over the walls is a huge part of what makes it so chic. Oh, and of course the pops of turquoise help too,
These deliciously glossy dark brown walls + tiger print chair are majorly FABULOUS! 
How perfect are these red chairs in that garden area? In the springtime I bet this outdoor space is just killer. Wow. Doesn't it just make you want to move to Brooklyn? 
well...not really but at least we can daydream.

images seen at luxe + lillies via AD.

COUTURE + COLOUR...white on white

Hello readers!! Morgan here with your midweek Couture + Colour. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year! This week I wanted to focus on a color I love...white! It's a color that is always so fresh and clean, sometimes it's jaw dropping when it's white on white like the images below.
1. Lindsey Wixson wearing the fabulous Jason Wu from his Spring 2012 collection, this image is completely adorable and I couldn't love it anymore than I do. Image from this fashionista
2. An obsession of mine is feather lighting from ABYU Lighting, I dream about owning my own custom creation from Mr. Steven Wine!! 
3. This shot is stunning! I love all the white materials mixed, light, accessories, floor and wall. Image from
4.  I dream of filling my cabinets with  milk glass like the image above. Nothing makes a cake look more fabulous than clean white milk glass.
5. A white modern bedroom with a rustic ceiling...I would love a bedroom with that much wall storage, especially living in New York.
6. This sheep wallpaper is perfection!! I am wanting, loving and needing it. It's located in at BBH Global in NYC, best elevator lobby wallpaper I've ever seen!
Hope you love white as much as I do, until next...xoxo!!

Styleicious and white stripes + 2012 resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe that 2012 is finally here. Today I am joyfully celebrating the start of something fresh for me and I'll give you a hint of a little something special I have been working on...
black and white stripes have long been my favorite look, not only is the pattern very prominent in my apartment, I am using it in an upcoming project that I am wild about
It's totally my style. Bold, classic, glamorous and a little edgy too.
This photo says it all for me and what I want lots of in 2012. 
Black and white stripes, a little bit of brass and a dash of coffee too! 
One of my new years resolutions is to travel, india, morocco. So, I'd like to be seeing stripes in a setting just like this.
This year, more written notes + letters...
I am on the hunt for these envelopes found on pinterest. Anyone know where I can find?
I could use to spend a little more time reading and a little less time typing...
I'd like to be a little more eccentric in my style, I wear the same classic look every day and its getting a little boring. I'd love to don something like this fun girl...

or this one...
or these fun girls. love their hats...
the rest of these photos are what is my true hearts desire...
dinner parties
romantic moments...
and peaceful time by the ocean...
oh and plenty of decorating too, of course!


{images. via here + here}

I'm off to DALLAS...

and I am beyond excited to get there. I'm hoping to see old faces and make new friends at the event (if you live in Dallas, do join us), do lots and lots of shopping and spending good time with family.
Anybody have any suggestions as to vintage shops and fabulous stores I must not miss...please let me know! 
And of course, I couldn't leave you without any intoxicating decor photos so take a peek at what I have been crushing on lately...

my best pal Cass's christmas tree.
ridiculously modern and cool wallpaper.
poufy sleeves and poufy skirts.
the most ridiculously good set of stairs I have ever seen.
Mr. Goodwill Huntings perfect tie on wreath, so chic.
If it isn't evident from this post, I will let you guys in on a little secret...

DIY simple + chic holiday decorating ideas for your tabletop

1. Paint stripes on a long white tablecloth. Sometimes the tablecloth is all the statement you need. Lots and lots of candlelight and you have a perfect holiday tablescape that will hold you over through the New Year.
No time to craft? Get a black and white striped sheet set and use as a tablecloth. 

2. Paint your placemats black! Basic black placemats highlight ordinary dishware...Refinery 29 shows us how to throw a holiday party in style...with simple black and white accents.
3. Think outside of the box. Take a cue from the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine and place black Christmas tree cutouts next to long pillar candles with ribbon tied around them for a SMASHING and easy-to-do centerpiece.


Today, as I pack up my bags and head out for my thanksgiving weekend...
I stare at my stack of home decor magazines and just radiate with excitement over devouring each one. What I love about doing so, is finding myself daydreaming over interiors that I LOVE but would never actually be able to create in my own home. I like to vicariously live through them.
This space decorated by one of my designer crushes Ryan Korban, is one of those fantasy artsy spaces that I LIVE for. Outrageous artwork, amazing lighting, lifelike zebra pillows, and fur everywhere! Ugh, its so glam I can't stand it. love.

art + room... feminine flowers + damien hirst

Art is my favorite part of decorating a home. The artwork always makes the most impact and gives the home its personality. I have fallen severely for this large scale floral art with the peek of a Damien Hirst print in the background...such a perfect mix of art.
glossy white floors + modern white chairs + cool glass dining table + mix of fabulous art =
domestic bliss
How to achieve this marvelous look...



Bliss in the kitch' {bright white and modern}

Please accept my apologies for...

the lack of posts over the weekend...I was a little distracted during the holiday festivites. 
It was perfect weather and beach/pool time in the Hamptons. Blown away by the fact that it happened in October, so very California-like and I loved everything about it. 
What was the most incredible part?
The home that I stayed in, it was enormous, modern, all glass windows and bright white with pops of pretty colors. So, today I am just jonesin' on bright white and modern spaces.