10 things that rocked my world this week...April 7

1.With the weather warming up things are getting pretty vibrant in the city. My new YSL blush pink lipstick is just rocking my world...as is my cute little leopard peplum top....

2. Thanks to Martha, for this beautiful print for my office space. She reminds me of a little spanish senorita...I absolutely love her. 
 3. I have been to the framers more than I would like to admit this week and I am sort of obsessed with it. I love these vibrant color frames and the new lines that have come out are insane.
4. Speaking of art. I went to the affordable art fair this week. It was really good this year. There was a lot of really interesting things like this cool pink and gold spiky thing. Not really sure what it is but I fell head over heels for it.
5. I also decided that I want something like this for my dining room. Too bad the people who owned this store would not sell theirs. I was absolutely smitten with it. 
 6. I gave my little breakfast nook bench a makeover. Before her legs were a bare natural wood and I felt that it dulled down her tuftings and shape. I knew she needed to pop a little more so I gave her a little  high gloss white  and it did the trick. Now she is fierce.
7. Almost as fierce as this fabulous brass fox I found while shooting some doors of new york.
8. I don't think I will ever get over the tiled flooring in the NYC vestibules. I loved this bold yellow, black and white greek key look I spotted. So good. 
9. Outdoor seating has come back into my life. Yaaaaay. This spot, UVA, might just be one of my new favorite places to sit outside. So adorable.
 10. You all know how much I love to share tidbits of inspiration or wisdom. I'm always reading new things and this page really just stuck with me this week. Totally rocked my world. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...march 30

1. Spring. The weather this week makes me incredibly happy. There was a little bit of cold/rain but the sunshine has come out these last few days and I am loving every bit of it. Especially the way the morning sunlight comes right in my apartment. Agh. Happiness!

2. Thanks to Tshirtprinting.org whom surprised me with a fab tee with my logo on it. So fun and the shirt is soooooo comfy. I might have to order a few more.
 3. Have been on an art mission this week. Found these amazing impressionistic pieces by a young girl here in NYC. So vibrant and colorful we had to snag one.
 4. Obsessed with  my vintage purple glass cake tray. Perfect for macaroons and coffee with the girls.
 5. Rachel Ashwell, you know the gal behind Shabby Chic. She threw the most awesome little dinner party. How cute is the tabletop?
6. Room Service finally has taken over NYC. I used to shop the LA/OC locations all the time. I am beyond happy that they now are in my lovely city. Hollywood glam at its finest.
7. YES. Gold gun drawer pulls. Could you get any better?
 8. This is the wood paneling I was talking about yesterday. It was so so so gorgeous! 
9. Another view of my chairs. I just adore them. This week I lent one out to a photo shoot and I missed her while she was gone. I love good high wingback chairs. They truly are the best.
10. The best advice I have ever gotten. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...march 24

 1. This week my bedroom became a pretty shade of purple, the color is called "soulmate", I just had to have it. As much as I loved it white and felt that white and gold what was I wanted, I needed to get a little more moody in my bedroom. Now, when I walk into my bedroom, its like a dark little cocoon. It's cozy, comfortable and dreamy. I'm extremely happy about this new movement.
2. Bloglovin'. I'm sure most of you have heard about the change of Google Reader. No longer will we be able to read our favorite blogs via that feed. I usually read mine via Bloglovin'. We had breakfast at Cafeteria in the private back room decorated with light blue Campbell's soup cans. It was so chic. If you aren't on Bloglovin' yet, join here
 3. My mirrored coffee tables finally arrived. Thanks to Wayfair for providing me the best help. I was searching everywhere for the perfect size of a pair of mirrored tables. My living room is narrow and small and I still wanted some glam tables so these were absolutely perfect. 
 4. Oh yes. I love this little golden lion. When I grow up and get my dream house, I am so having big lions out front to guard the home. I love them.
 5. I got to custom create myself a little tray for my entryway. Isn't she cute? I'm digging on Birdaria and their chic little collection of fun colored accessories for the home. This pegasus tray makes me think of some fabulous wallpaper I really need, no? Love the pattern. Oh, and monogrammed AK, I love it all day! 
 6. Jesus. We all know how I adore him. When I was styling a little set this week, he was a prop. I was all about him in all white. Fab. 
7. My two favorite reads this week. The new issue of Domino, highlighted Nick Olsens NY apartment again, which I have always adored. Also, French Accents by Erin Swift. This book is incredible. It highlights how to add chic French objects to the home with style. I found it really gave me a new perspective and tons of new decorating ideas.
 8. Architectural Digest Home Show was here this week and last night was the Diffa dine by design event. One of my cousins from Spain, who also happens to be an architect, was in town. So we checked it out and loved it. Lots of new fabulous things out on the market, we were blown away. Oh, and yeah, we celebrated with a bottle of Dom. I mean, why not. 
 9. This table was our most favorite. Black and white stripes on the table, clear crystals, striped plates, beautifully colored blooms. It was so chic. Loved it. 
10. On a more emotional note. I got a lot of emails this week talking about my work and what I do. A lot of you asked me questions about starting your own design business or where to start in the creative world, how to get your break, etc. I was so moved by these emails that I really feel like its time for me to start a conversation on the blog, a new series, where we get really into detail in the business of being in business for yourself (especially if you have a creative passion). I'll answer questions, get advice from other successful creatives in our field.  If you have questions, leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me. Today, I give you this quote, my first tip and also sums up what I believe. Stay tuned. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...March 16

1. I am over the moon that Spring is near. I love everything about Spring in this city. Flowers, better weather (thank God), outdoor brunches, Yankees games, etc. I've been spending my days preparing for the season.

2. I heavily considered buying this headboard for my bedroom. I mean, its absolutely gorgeous but I don't know that it would be so comfortable to sleep with everyday. Even though I didn't get it, I still think about its beauty. 
3. My dining area is coming together and I am spending so much of my time here. I have come to the conclusion that beautiful blush pink roses just make everything look better. Of course my little love birds help too. 
4. Archipelago candles are some of my favorite candles ever and this Vanilla scent has just been rocking my world lately. I burn it all the time because it leaves the most delicious smell in my apartment. It's not too strong, its just right so as to appeal to anyone. Love.
 5. Speaking of love. I am obsessed with my large Phantom candleabra sconces from Zgallerie. Oh. My. Goodness. They are so beautiful and make the perfect romantic statement in my living room. Gold and white together are oh so delicious! 
 6. Atop my gorgeous dusty rose pink velvet ottoman sits the most beautiful book ever. A passion for Interiors by Caroline Rhoem is like beyond breathtaking. Every single page is worth looking at. I am in awe of this book, makes such great tableau decor. 
 7. I am beyond excited for my new pillows from Arianna Belle. She has such an amazing selection and the way they come wrapped and packed so perfectly makes it totally worth shopping at her online boutique. 
 8. So. Sherwin Williams has an annual National Painting Week and they were kind enough to invite me on board. We were all given a color to choose from and my color is purple. Stay tuned to see what I choose to paint for the holiday! 
 9. Window shopping in NYC can be so much fun. I love this retro pink pattern wallpaper on the walls with a light grey cozy chair. Oh, and that light fixture is so so good.
 10. I was fortunate enough to get a super special tour of Ankasa Madison showroom and create a one of a kind custom pillow for my apartment. We spent some time on the design and I can't wait till you guys see it. 
BONUS: You probably all know by know how much I love my church and the band from my church is beyond good. The new album dropped recently and debuted #1 on Itunes. Soooooooo proud of them and the whole album is sooooo good! Definitely check it out. Hillsong United Zion.

10 things that rocked my world this week...the Madrid edition

1. This week (or week and a half, really) was one of my busiest, yet most fun because I got to spend quality time with some of my favorite people on earth. One of them being this beauty, Crystal, who is known for her fab online magazine, Rue. They had a launch party here in NYC at the Ankasa showroom and it was oh so much fun. The showroom is like my new obsession, such gorgeousness...

2. The next morning I went to the Luvocracy breakfast which was really amazing. I am obsessed with the site, so I recommend joining and see my favorite things to decorate with. This is perfect for clients. The best part of the day was getting to see some of my favorite other bloggers and decoristas celebrate the site too. (Pictured: Tamra, Kat, me + Katie Armour)
3. I also had the pleasure of attending a dinner hosted by Makers Mark for women who are "making their mark" on their industry. It was such an honor and had the most incredible swag bag....including red Chanel nail polish and a gold red lipstick. 
 4. The best part of my week was my little adventure to Spain. I went to Madrid for a little bit of work but a lot of pleasure and quality time with family. It was my first time to Madrid and it was absolutely incredible. The decor in this city was so rich and well done, and the decor shopping....Wow. This was our first little stop in the city, an adorable outdoor cafe. They were so stylish putting fur on their seats for warmth on the patio chairs. How could I have not stopped here?
 5. One of our family dinners was at a restaurant called La Manuelo and the decor was smashing. Feather lights everywhere, gorgeous metallic chandeliers, pretty spanish tile on the floors, large stone walls, tribal necklaces for art. It didn't stop there, every corner was eye catching. 
6. There was this incredibly famous store called, ocho,  that was filled to the brim with the most incredible decor I have ever seen. Including a wall of golden sunburst mirrors. Took my breath away.
 7. Of course the doors were so fantastic I took about 100 thousand photos of them. This emerald green one was my favorite.
8. The street signs were so cool. I love how in Europe they are on the buildings instead of the streets. I just could not get enough of them. 
9. El Rastro. The flea market in Madrid. Oh my god. It might be the best flea market I have ever been to. It really was filled with the most amazing things I have ever seen, a little expensive but hey, it was filled with things I have never seen before. I wanted it all, especially these books, they were SO beautiful.
10. It was funny. My family doesn't speak much english, but by the end of the trip they were saying the funniest phrases in English, it really had me going...and this was one of them. The red chandelier in the background might have been my favorite vintage item I spotted. I wanted her, bad! 

10 things that rocked my world this week...February 24

1. Shortly after Valentines day I became a manifesto girl. Of course I would be one during the month of LOVE...my favorite word ever. 

2.  I love this little nook of my apartment. Sade, my beautiful orchid sits so perfectly between my wingback studded chairs. Home sweet home.
 3. Spain. Oh yes, I booked my trip to Spain this week and when I got sent a pic of some of the doors, I was struck in the heart. I can't wait to see these beauties. 
 4. Thanks to stickygram my fridge is looking so fun and fresh with my little instagram magnets. I love them, its so much fun to see mini pics of my favorite things that rock my world.
 5. I am loving the gold lion door knockers around this city. This brass on black just really spoke to me.
 6. I have been loving the neon lights around the city too. Reminds me so much of the gorgeous lights in Paris. Le Magnifique was the perfect setting for a little late night nosh. 
 7. Speaking of Paris. I so adore the imagery in this cute little book, Paris vs New York
 8. I have a black one but the minute I saw this pink moroccan pouf, I thought to myself I might just need another one.
 9. Orange and brown stripes, potted topiaries, wood base lamp and little chinoiserie monkey coasters make such a chic little masculine decor display. So cute. 
10. Last but not least, the very door that just sent chills down my spine this week. Incredible. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...Valentines week edition

1. This week was such a good one. Lots of my goodies arrived at the house, like these amazing delta lamps from Robert Abbey. I am absolutely in love, they are so much better than I actually envisioned them to be...

2. Same thing with my brass floor lamp. It's so shiny and pretty. It just makes me so happy. It's always hard to get the right lighting in a space and I am so overjoyed to have nailed it. 
3. Architecture. This city is just endlessly captivating to me. I went to visit a new client this week and the entryway was astounding. Very 80's glam. The white and brass together just worked so well. 
4. Voluspa. So for Valentines day I treated my apartment to a candle, because I love for my space to constantly smell delicious. This is my favorite from Voluspa, Tuberosa Di Notte, it's so incredibly perfect for my bedroom. I promise, its magical.
5. White orchid. My absolute favorite flower. So simple, so sweet and delicate yet so incredibly beautiful. I love the way she looks in my bright white living room. I named her Sade. She was the perfect Valentines day gift. I love her. 
6. Sweet Valentines day deliveries will always rock my world, too. #justsayin 
7. Curves. Yes. I love furniture with curves and this black velvet tufted bench came in for my dining room nook. It's so cozy and warm. The shape literally makes me weak in the knees, I just love french style furnishings. 
8. Antiques. One of my favorite things in the world is antique store shopping. I love my new upper east side neighborhood but had to venture back to the upper west side and pay a visit. My favorite store was filled this week with so much goodness. The light blue walls mixed with chrome, brass and floral art. Wow. 
9. Valentines day package from my mom. The package was filled with emerald and gold goodness, so good. The best part...the card. Thank you mommy. <3 nbsp="">
10. Beyonce. I didn't get to see her documentary, but I did see her Oprah interview and it was filled with such encouragement and inspiration for women. It's so incredible to see a woman really love being a woman and enjoy filling the roles of what it is to be a woman in her life. LOVED IT. I especially loved how as much as she is all about her power as a woman, she recognizes and acknowledges the role her husband plays in her life and gushes about her love for him. That's so inspiring to see. 
Music Bonus: cute little video for valentines day

10 things that rocked my world this week...February 11

1. Sophia found her place in my new apartment. Right in the entryway, so I still get to see her every time I come home. She is so fab. Love her old hollywood vibe...

 2. LOVE. My first Valentines day gift of the season came from one of my besties...the rose gold love necklace from BaubleBar. So cute. 
 3. Found this pair of vintage brass greek lamps in a thrift shop in Queens. I cannot stop obsessing over them. Very fabulous. 
 4.  Spikes. I've spent a lot of time in my house this week, getting situation and settling in. So, I find that these little domestic moments are becoming my favorite. Candles burning in my rose quartz votive holders are amazing and give off a warm pink glow. And of course, my metallic spiked tray rocks my world every day. Love it.
5. Yellow. Totally fell for these yellow glazed pottery things. I have no where to put them but they sure did bring me some sunshine on that shopping trip. 
6. Vintage books. I spend hours on pinterest getting inspired, however this week I was fascinated with my vintage decorating books. They brought me so much inspiration. I am addicted and now I want more. 
7. Decorating? Why yes I am. How cute is the Joss and Main delivery packaging?
 8. A gold lion knocker on a glossy black door. YES. The epitome of chicness. 
 9. A little afternoon coffee at Gramercy Park hotel, such fab decor. My new favorite place to chat and have a brew. 
10. I am iphone app addicted right now. Imadeface, is my new fave. Cartoon maker. This is my cartoon selfie. So fun.

10 things that rocked my world this week...February 4

1. My weekend was a pretty hectic one. I packed, moved, shopped, worked on some projects and shopped my head off. Never thought I would actually tire of decor shopping...however this week, I almost reached that limit. I can't lie though, I love every minute of it. Redecorating and moving into a new space and making it a home is what I live for, among other things...

2. My old apartment. I got extremely emotional as I was packing up and leaving my old apartment. My very first apartment all by myself here. So many memories and emotions went down in this place and I will never ever forget the special times I spent here. A part of my heart will always be over in a little studio on the Upper West Side. 
3. Choices. There is no better way to get over an old apartment, than making selections for a new one. Grey, white, black and a bit of fab pattern are exactly what I am thinking. 
4. Sofa. One of the most exciting this is searching for the perfect sofa. I felt like it was a sign that everywhere I went I had seen these amazing Chesterfield sofas. They are everywhere right now. I was looking for the right color, but nothing really was worth me committing to...
5. That is until I found this baby. Mr. Chesterfield in all white. My heart skipped a little beat. This is the sofa of my dreams and I got it. 
6. Every now and then you gotta take a little break and enjoy yourself and I did just that. We had the most amazing dinner at Gramercy Tavern. My absolute new favorite restaurant. The food was incredible and the experience made it that much better. Loved it. 
7. As I have been exploring my new neighborhood, I am just falling for the buildings on the Upper East Side. This gorgeous building was oh so Kelly Wearstler. Marble walls, bust, black trimmings. 
 8. Okay, while shopping around the Chelsea Antiques Market I found this absolutely adorable little mod lamp. Adorable. 
9. Mint Green. An apartment building hallway in mint green, white and black. How chic is that?
10. Emile Sande. Seriously. Love this girl. This album is so on point. I am hooked. Totally was my soundtrack this week, upbeat and passionate. No other way to go through life. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...January 26

1. This week started out so well. This beautiful gold mirror with little stud accents really warmed my soul. Has me on a little gold rush...

2. The flu. I got smacked down cold with the worst flu of my life. Seriously, this time I have been dizzy and lightheaded. Absolutely awful. Here is just a little snapshot of my bedside table decor this week. 
 3. Doors. This week I went to sign the lease to my new apartment (I'm moving to the upper east side). On the way to my new landlords office I came across this door and it just really struck me. The magic of that green, purple and brown combination was killer. Loved it.
  4. The Inauguration. This was the first year that I actually really watched it and I loved it. Did we all watch Beyonce? I don't care if she was really singing or not, but I could not take my eyes off of fabulous emerald earrings. Hello Amazingness. 
 5. Despite my sickness I have been slowly packing things up around the house and doing a whole purge of things. While moving things around, I saw my lovely brass pineapple bookends in a whole new light. I love when that happens. 
 6. the Lion. Had an amazing dinner at this restaurant called the Lion. The food was fantastic and the decor was absolutely out of control. The art on the walls so curated so well. I must find out who designed this place. We need to grab a coffee. 
 7. Found my dream sofa on Craigslist. Unfortunately, I was a little late to the party. I felt a small tear fall down my cheek. I wanted this girl for my new place, baaaaaad! 
8. Blush pink. The best color ever. Especially in roses. Hands down. My favorite flower. These beauties really cheered me up this week. 
9. The work in progress is often just as beautiful. Isn't this so true in life; in relationships, in decorating, in businesses, in anything we do. This little quote just touched my heart. 
10. This magnet. I love when people give me Jesus swag. I, for one, love all religious paraphernalia around the home. Crosses, virgin marys, all of it. This magnet is the only magnet on my fridge and it basically sums up how I feel about Jesus. "Wow!" 

10 things that rocked my world this week...January 19

 1. So, slowly my adoration for photography is growing. The iphone has so many amazing photo apps like snapseed that I am absolutely obsessed with (I do realize there is much more to photography than an iphone, I am just clueless so for me...baby steps). I'm turing my friends too, now they send me great shots all tricked out with cool filters like this one of me and 
My doors. I love them. At this point my friends enjoy taking shots of me in the streets in action. Many accidents have almost happened. All in the name of my love for these doors...

 2. Beyonce. Gotta love this woman, she is all for girl empowerment. I am not a feminist or anything, I just really love women getting together and encouraging and supporting each others success. There is more than enough to go around. My girlfriend Dallas, took this shot and it literally rocked my world. Who run the world...girls!
3. Success Workshops. After many, many emails from my E-Book and lots of consideration I have decided to take my workshops to the streets. People ask me for small business success coaching all the time. I find it so fulfilling to help people find their gifts and put them to use and make their dreams come to life. What's better than doing what you love and being successful at it. So now I am holding small workshops (email me for deets) for my peeps in NYC (in the pic, a personal trainer + health coach, an event planner and a closet stylist...ready to take their thriving businesses to the NEXT LEVEL) and by popular demand...an online course coming soon (march)! Stay tuned! 
4. People Style Watch. I am not a fashion girl by any means, I wear the same clothes all the time but this magazine is my favorite in terms of styling. It is BEYOND an honor to be featured as decor expert for them. I get giddy like school girl to give my humble decorista two cents. Especially for a mag I adore. This just made my week. 
5. Speaking of metallics. I am in love with this adorable sconce and the wall color combo. My new apartment, YES I FOUND A NEW APARTMENT! FINALLY, I have got to use this wallcolor in the kitchen. Done and done. Gold and teal. Hello. 
 6. I went upstate to visit a client this week and aside from the iced coffee in winter, the bright and bold color of leathers used on the seats in the train just added to my happiness that morning. Inspired me for bold color leather seating, gotta figure out how to use that somewhere. 
7. Oh Bar Six, my new favorite west village eatery, your decorations were adorable. Especially this gorgeous turquoise and black distressed vintage wood cafe table. Ooh la la. I loved every moment of my lunch. 
8. Golden lions: These all stars just killed me this week. So incredibly good in gold, these lions serve as little door guys at TBN studios. Yep, the christian channel with the big hair lady. 
 9. My local thrift store window display this week was just astounding. The wall color, the abstract artwork, the studded sofa. Everything was such perfection together. 
 10. This pretty much sums up who I am and what I believe in, what I stand for.  I aim to make the most of my life put it to good use every single day and make some kind of difference in the world around me.  This made me cry a little. Good tears of course.
my little music bonus...this song is kind of like exactly how I am feeling this week...my workout JAM

10 things that rocked my world this week...January 12

1. Emerald. Not only is it Pantones color of the year but it just happens to be my current color crush. This amazing Michael Kors python clutch just had me at hello. A little pricey for my budget for a clutch, BUT...I'm still in love with it...

2. Vision. I started this week off right by creating a vision board/goal list for 2013. Getting all excited about the things I can do this year just gives me THAT much more drive and focus to continue chasing after the things that I am passionate about. Feels good. Do you guys make vision boards???
3. My doors of New York. Obviously, I am obsessed and was beyond excited and honored to have been named by Glitter Guide as 1 of the Top 20 favorite instagram accounts to follow. HUGE DAY for me.  It was like my baby won a beauty pageant or something...lol. 
4. Blue. I cannot help but be beyond obsessed with tranquil blue walls mixed with red. I just cannot get over this look right now...So good. 
5. Agate wallpaper. Yep. This custom wallpaper is going up in the Stanley Furniture showroom at Las Vegas Market and I'll be helping them throw a huge bash in honor of the big reveal. Like their facebook page for updates and photos of the final finished look. 
6. Top 10. I made Top 10 Interior Designer blogs of NYC along side Jonathan Adler, Bunny Williams and DesignSponge. I still can't believe how AMAZING this honor is. Woop Woop! 
7. Red chairs. These barstools just moved me on a whole other level. glossy. metal. gorgeous. bright red. They were so stunning at dinner, I could hardly concentrate on my food. 
9. This adorable little bust in my clients apartment spawned a whole renewed obsession with busts and now I am on the hunt for an oversized one for myself. 
9. Birthday memories. On my special day one of my favorite + bestie bloggers (Crystal G of Rue Magazine) sent me a photo of my birthday shot we took 2 years ago when I first moved to NYC. Such a fun night to remember and so fun thinking back on those days. My birthday this year was all about counting blessings for me, not counting candles...#watchout32!
 I literally want to cry when I think back on my past 2 years in NYC and where I am now. Amazing things. Amazing memories. Amazing experiences. I am so blessed and so incredibly grateful for everyone in my life and for every single one of you who reads my musings and supports what I do. There are no words to describe how thankful for you I am. XO
10. I always love to end with a good note. In this case...several good notes. We all know my affections for Jesus. These adorable boys, For King + Country, love Jesus too, haaay. This song rocked my world. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...the Birthday edition

1. 2013. I don't know what it is about this year but I have this feeling that this year is going to be AMAZING. So far, its off to a great start. I had the most awesome birthday with the most amazing people...

2. Wisdom. I just love this. Reminds me to cherish the very special people in my life. 
3. Birthday dinner. I was so blessed by each one of these amazing people and had such an awesome mexican dinner. My fave.
4. Decor. My other love. I fell so in love with this beautiful bedroom in the Feb issue of House Beautiful. This year, I am so getting a canopy bed. 
5. Culture. One of the many reasons I love me some NYC. I went to see this play and it was absolutely incredible. The set decor was really good too. How fun would it be to be a set decorator?
6. Columbus Circle stars. One of my favorite places to go in NY. I was here on NYE, which was a blast! These stars change colors and have such a beautiful glow. I just love them. 
7. NY High school for fashion. How fabulous is this library? Made me want to go back to High School all over again. 
8. Working on my fitness. My new gold headphones, one of my favorite birthday presents...these things just rock my world. Oh and the new issue of Architectural Digest, that rocked my world this week too!
9. My doors. My favorite door of this week. Ah, just so incredibly good.

10. Vision board. Oh, yes. I got my girls together to make vision boards this year. My favorite thing to do. I love being creative, so much fun! 

10 things that rocked my world this week...December 29

1. Truth. I love that word and so I fell head over heels at a holiday party when I spotted this piece of artwork. It's by one of my most favorite artists, Camomile Hixon. Her glitter art is just awesome. This was me trying to capture the magic...on the sly. 

2. Christmas. My favorite holiday ever was this week and I spent it in New York City again. Nothing is better that Christmas in NYC I must say. This adorable little guy is Murphy, my nephew and favorite pup in the world. He is like a little present under the tree.
3. Having lovely days off exploring the magic of Christmas time gave me much time for checking out some new doors of new york. This one was so good, it just got me all happy inside. 
 4. Photography. I am quickly finding my love for photography. As a blogger, I think it sort of comes with the territory...a natural progression. I just am obsessed with good art and oversized photography is  always a win for me.
5. Holiday decor. So I have seen my fair share of holiday decor and my new thought process is LESS is MORE. I found myself really liking little moments like this, a natural wood candelabra with a bit of floral garnishing. Simple. Sweet. Perfection. 
 6. Movie marathon. Yep, I think it might be one of my favorite things about the winter holidays. 
 7. Tufting. I have also decided that I am absolutely obsessed with this tufted sofa. So good. Never can have too much tufting. 
 8. I got the sweetest gift from my friend. This adorable tee with this adorable slogan. It's from my church's women's conference. Can't get enough of its amazingness! 
 9. This case piece is incredible. The gold details just absolutely rocked my world. 
10. and this...so good! 

10 things that rocked my world this week...December 23

1. It's Christmas! This is absolutely my favorite holiday of all time. Growing up for me it was all about family and presents and Santa Clause, which was fabulous. These days, for me, it's about the birth of Jesus and truly the wonderful celebration that it is. For those who have different beliefs than I do, I celebrate with them the ultimate Christmas exchange, GIVING + RECEIVING. The two best parts of the this holiday. Giving is easy, but truly allowing someone to give love to you, being a good receiver, is the best gift that you could give them...

2. I am so in love with New York right now, especially my neighborhood this time of year. It's so beautiful. 
3. Ice Skating. Yep. Something I will always adore during Christmas time. I think ice skates are so fab. 
4. Christmas Carols. Seriously, my favorite music of all time. Oh, holy night is one song that gets me teary eyed every time. 
5. Decorations. The doors of new york are just abounding with Christmas decor and I have been loving every bit of it. 
6. Details. How amazing is this ceiling? Teal and gold together look incredibly chic and a little 'old world'. I love it.
7. Gold. As we all know, I love me some gold. Gold on the ceiling? It's becoming my signature look. Here, this was my first client who was brave enough let me go crazy with it...love! 
8. My aunts living room. The other day we were in this room having tea, and now that I have been looking at ceilings more, I realized the apple doesn't fall far from the family tree.
9. This magazine cover. It just rocked my world. I've been falling more and more in love with NYC lately and so this was so fitting for me. 
10. This little bit of wisdom sure did rock my world and confirm that being a giver (giving away those things that don't serve you any longer) is such a good thing! 
BONUS: my favorite Christmas song

10 things that rocked my world this week...December 15

1. It was beyond an honor to volunteer for Charity Water at their annual benefit gala. Here I am with a girlfriend of mine Trinity, who encouraged me to volunteer with her, she is doing BIG things for our world. The ball was an absolute blast and the organization raised so much money for countries without healthy drinking water. It is such an incredible act of service that they are doing for those who are really without in our world...

2. I love these cute little good luck kitties. Especially the ones in gold. There are so many birthdays in my circle lately, these make the perfect little gift.
3. I love all the neon in NYC. I am always that girl snapping pics on her iphone of the cool neon signs. This one happened to be at a local palm reader office. I'm not really into those but that sign...I love everything about the word "Future".
4. Its official. THE DOORS OF NEW YORK finally has its own blog. Haaaaaaay! 
5. Okay so Zac Posen posted a picture of his living room and I just about fell over. How fab is this?
6. I think this needs to be called "the decorista kit" Pink tools. Hello! I absolutely love everything about this. Especially that cute little tape measure. 
7. I spied these blue ombre foo dogs in a local antique shop. Um. Loving the new trendy take on a old decor staple. 
8. I will never have too many photos of Bethesda fountain. I've been getting up really early lately to go for morning runs and its so quiet and peaceful. I love it. 
9. Mondrian hotel restaurant. My favorite grouping of chandeliers besides ABC carpet + home. So glam and fabulous, my eyes were full of delight! 

10. Ephesians 5. I can't stop reading this chapter of the bible. It's just rocking my entire life right now. 


10 things that rocked my world this week...December 8

1. Where in the world did 2012 go? Wow. I really feel like time is just flying by. 1 month exactly to my birthday. Eeeeek! I am getting super excited for the NEW THINGS that come with 2013. I just have this feeling that its going to be a fantastic year. This photo of me was taken at the start of what feels like a fleet of birthday/holiday parties. Lots of celebration in life right now. Has me reflecting on all of the blessings of the year, especially my friends, old and new...

2. Guggenheim. This place will just never get old to me. Even just walking by it gives me the chills. I just love well done architecture. Hence, my fascination with @thedoorsofnewyork.
3. I am so enamored by this gorgeous mirrored mannequin. I want one so badly for my apartment. It would just rock my world on the daily.
4. I am always smitten with a good glossy red room. I fell hard for this particular one with beautiful greenery and a warm amber scent. I was in complete domestic bliss, it's all about the details, no?
5. How stocked am I that this years Pantone color is Emerald? Oh, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. SUCH a good color to work with. 
6. I don't know about you all but I am totally that person that likes to wake up everyday excited about something. I think it began back when we used to have that "first day of school" feeling. Oh, and we should always be thankful for something too, right?
7. I was apartment shopping this week, checking out some potential new digs and I ran across these three gorgeous oversized brass sconces on top of a marble wall. Oh my word, it was so GOOD!
8. More good lighting in the city. I have always adored these pendants but especially in white and gold, they are fantastic! 
9. I love unique ways of displaying collections. Like this awesome sneaker wall in one of my favorite trainers office. This girl is such a rockstar and her shoes are gorgeous! Love. 
10. Okay, so if you don't know that I am a total SOUL CYCLE girl, now you know. I am obsessed with spinning and for the past 2 years I have been an addict for it. The new Soul studio on 63rd is so chic. Love this neon sign on the wall as you walk in. Neon is always a good idea. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...December 3

1. Agh. I had the most awesome week. Ever. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and I've been taking inventory of the many blessings in my life. A huge one being that I am still blown away that I get to do what I love to do every single day. Blogging + The Decorista is such a dream for me and one of the best things that has come out of that has been the relationships I've built. At this dinner are a few ladies you might recognize (Crissie + Cassandra of Coco + Kelley, me, Dallas Shaw, Jessie of Style + Pepper, and Grace of Stripes + Sequins, not pictured the nicole's SoHaute and Sketch42)
Watching these girls do what they love to do inspires me even more that I already am. So blessed to know and work right along side these gals who are passionate and are making things happen... "WHO RUN THE WORLD???"

2. Orchids. They just might be the most awesome flower. I think they look amazing alone but together in bunches they just look like gorgeousness! 
3. My spiked tray from the way we are is so awesome! I love adding a little edge to my apartment. Metallics just rock my world on the daily. 
4. My cousin was in the hospital this week and we just fell in love with this little heart shaped rose stone quartz. I've never really been a believer in the crystals and that woo woo stuff but I have to say were absolutely feeling major love in that room. We couldn't stop smiling and laughing and praying...that little stone was magical. 
5. LOVE. Quite possibly my favorite word ever. It's so good. I love seeing little things with the word on it in home decor And I love this little sculpture had me at hello. Especially because its in Red, I am just so into the color red right now.
6. Romanesco. My new favorite veggie. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and even more delicious than I thought. 
7. I don't know what it is about Everlane but I am obsessed with their sweatshirts. They held a pop up shop in NYC this past weekend in MeatPacking and it was really good. I am pretty much wearing sweatshirts on the reg lately. I felt like I hit the jackpot. "I'll take one in every color, thank you."
8. Pastis. My favorite brunch spot in the city. I always just feel like I am somewhere in Europe when I go...it just radiates that vibe. I love it. 
9. These purple chairs. My goodness they are good. I can't help but want this in my apartment right now. I can't stop thinking about them and how I would build an entire room around them. 
10. My favorite building in New York. I will never tire of looking at it when I go for coffee in the mornings. Sigh. I love the upper west side. 
BONUS: I love my church HILLSONG NYC. I can't begin to describe how the people, the pastors, the passion... just rock my world everyday. I never thought it was possible to have a church that I love so much but God said..."all things are possible"

10 things that rocked my world this week...November 25

1. Unfortunately, my time in Paris ended on the earlier side of the week. I spent time at the Museum of Decorative Arts before I left and I must say, I was a little blown away. 

2. Upon my return, I got a few tweets from fabulous fans who bought my ebook and are making it work for them! Tweeting and instagramming photos of how they study, just absolutely rocks my world. My favorite things in the world to do are teach. inspire. motivate. encourage. Go girls! 
3. A few of my Parisian shelter magazines I brought back. They are so incredibly good it has taken me all week to devour the magic inside. These are all I ever need in terms of souvenirs. Shelter mags rock my world. Especially ones from Europe. 
4. I spotted the most beautiful cabbage on the upper east side. The colors were so vibrant, rich and delicious. I just fell in love instantly. 
5. I am all about diamonds right now and I don't mean in jewelry. I'm love Rihanna's song Diamonds, anything diamond shaped especially these amazing side tables I spotted in Paris in the shape of diamonds. So beyond good. 
6. I love Thanksgiving. This was where we had the most fabulous yummy dinner and I was so delighted to stare out the window at the gorgeous view and that light fixture. 
7. Paris? Oh, no...this is an entryway vestibule on the upper east side. Hello, took me right back to my beloved Paris. It is incredibly gorgeous in person.
8. I love the holidays for a few reasons. One is family. It was so hard being away from my family this week because I just miss them so much. Thank GOD for skype...we could skype together all day. 
9. The other thing I love most about holidays. Decorating the christmas tree. Oh, its probably my most favorite thing to do, other than wrap presents. The sweet smell of pine just permeates the sidewalks of new york and I am in heaven. 
10. A little motivation for the week that totally rocked my world! 

10 things that rocked my world this week...the Paris edition

1. Paris. It is absolutely the most magical city. There is something that just captivated my heart. I couldn't  stop taking pictures and finding inspiration from the littlest things. Everyone kept telling me how interesting it was to see it through my decorista eyes because EVERYTHING was just beautiful to me. 

2. The Entryways. Almost every time we entered a building my heart skipped a beat. The chandeliers and ceilings were always detailed with layers of lighting and colors and paintings and murals and on and on and on. This was the Hotel Plaza Athenee (which I will blog more on later) and we went for a birthday celebration, drinks and a bit of dancing. Had an absolute blast. 
3. The Chairs. I probably have over 100 pictures of just the chairs. They were just magnificent. Every detail was cared for. Nobody does chairs like the French. These red velvet ones at Hotel Costes (another amazing hotel by the way with incredible food and decor that just melted my heart)  blew me away. They also had them in black which were just as gorgeous but the red came out so much better in photos. 
4. The doors. Of course, we all know my obsession with doors. Paris DID NOT disappoint. The doors were just out of this world. The colors and details were just so vibrant, it was so hard not to be in love with every single one. 
5. Tourist moments. Now of course, all the cheesy touristy things I just loved and couldn't get enough of. I mean, I must have gone to the Louvre like 4 times. Moulin Rouge was one of my favorite movies so I had to go see this. It was magical. Which leads me to my next favorite thing...
6. The lights. One reason I think the city is so magical is that everything sparkles or shines in some way. The lights were incredible. Everything was neon and lit up signs just abound. I love love love the lights. Oh, and the font. I could go on and on about all of the fonts used on signage in stores, etc. The fonts inspired me beyond. 
7. The floors. This incredible tile was at Cafe de Flore. I just couldn't stop staring at it, it was that good. This place is amazing for breakfast and mimosas and people watching of course. 
8. The graffiti. For some reason I am now obsessed with graffiti and the streets of Paris are just covered in it. I am not really a fan of graffiti here in the states, its a little bit depressing. But in Paris,  its just beyond beautiful work. The colors and lines and letters are just done so well. Everything in Paris is just done with more care and love, which makes things more beautiful. 
9. The  mirrors. Nobody likes mirrors like I do. I am obsessed with them. So, you can imagine when I walked by them, I took pictures of almost every one of them. This one blew me away and of course, I just love this mirror on top of mirror thing they have going on. 
10.  The eiffel tower. I mean, come on, I know it's cheesy but it just would never get old to me. The night I walked up to it, it started twinkling and I almost fell over and died. I had no idea. It was the most magical moment ever. This trip to Paris was just beyond incredible. The people I went with, the things I did, the place I stayed, the hotels I visited, the doors I photographed, the language I learned, just all of it. I am so thankful and blessed to have had the experience. Oh, and don't worry for the next few weeks I'll continue to share my inspiration...