You know you’ve been dreaming about it. Dreaming about what it would be like to have your own interiors business. . .

And thinking about how incredible it would be to:

shop with friends and family to create beautiful homes and get paid for it. . . 

showcase your styling & creative talents to the world in a way that’s curated and branded so that gets attention from press and magazines. . .

charge what you are really worth without guilt or hesitation, and to work with dream clients who seek you out and happily pay your fees. . . 

have the freedom of making your own schedule, working from home and spending more time with the ones you love. . .

You’ve been dreaming about starting your own business, but you haven’t done it . . .yet.

Many highly talented creatives I have mentored love the idea of having their own business, just like I do. They just haven’t learned the exact how-to’s of building a successful brand and structured business. They figure they will do it…one day. But when it comes to actually implementing, creating and putting themselves out there, they just can’t take the leap.

the paid decorator

Facing the fear, stepping out of the comfort zone of a paying job and launching your own decor business is exactly what I did! I went from struggling to pay bills at a furniture sales job to turning it all around and creating my own business, with my own clients and designing the career of my dreams, on my own terms.

Now it’s time for you to experience the freedom, joy and profound transformation that occurs when designing your dream life and business.


the paid decorator

So, if you’re just starting out—or starting over—and wondering if YOU can do this…

Not that long ago, I felt exhausted, struggling to make something of myself….and totally confused as to how to do it in a way that lit me up. I wondered why I was stuck and frustrated that I couldn’t design my own schedule, with freedom and ease. Here I was with a BA in interior design and nothing tangible to show for it. I knew I had talent and a strong creative passion, but my talent was being completely suffocated.

I wanted so badly to unleash my power & creativity, to let it all out, to have that beautiful brand and business that would be recognized by my community & become something that supported the lifestyle I desired.

It wasn’t until I made the decision that I would no longer settle for this unfulfilling life— that these things actually are possible and that what I desired was actually my divine destiny—that things began to turn around. I stopped waiting for someone to recognize me or rescue me, and instead took total responsibility.

I got real about what I wanted in life and manifested the ability to make it happen. Basically, in just a few short months, I transformed my entire life.

NOW…..It is now my turn to give back. To teach everything that I have learned and experienced while creating the business & lifestyle of my dreams so that YOU can do it too.

2017 is THE year to start your decor business, with the current state of the world, people are turning the locks on their doors and staying in.  In a recent study done on business trends for this year, the #1 trend is anything related to home and cocooning. Now is the best time to begin helping the world and changing lives for the better. 




- is for anyone that so desires to start (or grow) a dream decorating/interiors business

- for the man or woman that may still be in a corporate job and is looking to create a life of balance

- for the man or woman that has a passion for creating beautiful environments

- for the one that longs for freedom and that desires the power to design a lifestyle you love

And if you have read this far, then I whole heartedly believe that this program is for you too!


WHATS INCLUDED in the masterclass:

You’ll immediately dive into your 25 page PREP PACKET, where you will begin setting up for your business success. 

You will begin the first phase of your learning modules containing training videos, digital workbooks, templates and activities that will teach you everything you need to know about how to develop your skills and yourself to design a business & lifestyle on your own terms. With access to the Facebook group, you will receive weekly support and a place to ask for resources, feedback, etc. 

Phase-by-phase (over the next 90 days) you’ll learn how to attract clients…and how to serve them in a way that feels good to you... the secrets of marketing and branding… tips and strategies to market your services in a way that feels easy and good to you...and you'll gain a deeper understanding of wealth consciousness so that you can earn what you’re truly worth… plus so much more!

BONUS: You'll also receive a complimentary ticket to The Paid Decorator Masterclass LIVE (Fall 2017) 

and a FREE copy of the e-book '52 strategic moves to spruce up your business, attract new clients, get you published and paid for your work.'

What would it be like to leap out of bed every morning, with the joy and gratitude of knowing that what you were doing was making a real difference in real people’s lives?

What if instead of feeling trapped, stifled, or undervalued in your life, job or business…you could know that you were using your talents, abilities and brilliance to their fullest, while being in full and sole control of your own life and destiny?

You may seize it today, or not. The choice is 100% yours. But you can never again say that you were not given the right opportunity & access to what it takes to live YOUR dreams.

P.S. If you’re letting thoughts like “I’m too young”, “I’m too old” or “I’m not good enough”  hold you back from saying yes to YOU… I want to ask you: Who are YOU saying NO to, WHO is out there waiting and HOW many more dreams will you push aside while waiting for a “perfect time” to start?

What the students are saying...