SIX TO BLISS: the erika ward edition

Who: Erika Ward
Where: Atlanta, GA
What: a SUPER fabulous interior designer and really inspiring blogger of Blu Label Bungalow

Today is Six to Bliss with a twist!

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of SODB SIX TO BLISS series. Thanks so much Ashlina!  Generally, I’d show you photos of beautiful interiors or the latest design trends but today my secrets to domestic (and marital) bliss are about the people in my home, not the things. What creates “bliss” under my roof?

#1 Support
Having an environment of love and support makes us feel like you can conquer the world…and if we happen to stumble, there’s always someone available to catch us.

#2 Scheduled Date Nights
We make time for one another. If your life is as busy as mine, adding this date to your calendar is essential. I believe it keeps your lines of communication open and lets your mate know that spending quality time with him is a top priority.

#3 Make (Lots of) Love
We make lots of love…Love-making starts long before you reach the bedroom. It’s the sweet notes you leave in his wallet. It’s little (naughty) whispers in his ear and sneaky touches that make your man blush, and believe me, it’s hard to make a Black Man “blush,” but I manage ;-)
Once you hit the sheets (if you make it that far) the fire is raging. Need I say more? The residual benefits last for days. He’ll practically do anything you ask of him with no complaints!

#4 Happy Kids / Family Commitment
Putting in quality time at home with the family yields a return greater than any financial investment. These are the years in which sweet memories are created.  When my priorities get out of wack, this quote by Robert Brault puts everything into perspective for me, “If you haven't time to respond to a tug at your pants leg, your schedule is too crowded.”

#5 Recreational Companionship
We share each other’s interest. When I married my husband I knew I was also marrying American football. Once the season starts I attend so many games that I swear I hear referee whistles in my sleep.
When he married me, he knew that he would eventually become my informal “Design Assistant” (I recently promoted him from Design Intern).  He’s moved furniture, loaded my Craigslist finds, and endured hours at fabric stores and designer showrooms. Neither of us complain about the other’s interest. We embrace them and recognize them as a part of who we are.

#6 Self-Maintenance
I am a “Haute Mama” (yeah, I said it).  I stay well-groomed as well as nurture my mind, body, and spirit. Whenever I do something for myself, I realize I am benefitting the family unit. Have you ever heard the quote, “If Mama ain’t happy, then no one is happy.” Don’t make everyone in your home miserable because you haven’t taken time for yourself.  Happiness is infectious and so is sadness. Choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances and learn how to have joy no matter what.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 6 secrets to domestic bliss.  Try them for yourself and share with me your experience. I would love to hear from you!

I think you are so amazing, positive, talented and creative and I hope you know how much I appreciate this post!!!!!!