SIX TO BLISS: the Mariska Meijers edition + giveaway

Who: Mariska Meijers
Where: Amsterdam (so fun)
What: a devistatingly chic artist and blogger of IUTBSWBID 

here are her SIX TO BLISS...
They bring inspiration and food for thought and make me travel and explore between my own four walls.

Bold mixes
I am rather fearless when it comes to combining styles, patterns and colours. I play around with my interior all the time, blending my own designs with names from Eames to Ikea. 

Although I just moved into a new studio which is a 10 minute bicycle ride from my house I will always have art materials at hand. Inspiration and the urge to create can come at unexpected times!

My kids
Annemarth (14) and Mauk (12). Without them there would not be a home.

The home office
The most important corner of the house. My “office” is actually in the kitchen/diningroom/livingroom. An open plan space with my Mac perched on the corner of the dining table. My kids often join with their laptops and for breakfast, dinner etc we just clear the table. 

Nick nacks
Heirlooms, fleamarket finds, pictures. I am just not that into minimalism. Everything in my house has a (his)story. I am a globetrotter and my home with all its contents is a reflection of that..
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Isn't she fabulous?
Not only has she become my friend and idol...she was my very first sponsor.
We have been dying to do a giveaway for you guys and thought that now,
with the launch of her new pillow line, 
we would do a  giveaway! 

We will be giving away a new pillow from her fab pillow line, and 2 sets of gorgeous note cards!

You know the drill...
1. become a follower (if not already)
2. visit Mariska's store + let us know your favorite pillow
3. for extra entries tweet, facebook or post (and add an extra comment for each extra entry with link)

Good luck!!!!!