Art + room: pretty portraits

gorgeous rug + amazing chrome/wood table + black accent wall + chandelier + portrait of a lady =
domestic bliss
Portraits are always a keeper when it comes to home decor, I think they give a sense of nostalgia and history to a space...

While one single portrait can make a beautiful statement no matter what room, a group of portraits is also very chic. I can really describe why it looks so great, but I find that it really makes me want to create stories about the people in them. That in and of itself can be a fabulous conversation starter. 
Of course, because I love all things feminine, the female portraits are so sweet and lovely. I am constantly looking through the cities thrifts and fleas for good ones. Haven't found one yet, but i'm on the lookout. I'll keep you posted! 

1. image via design crisis (Erin Williamson) 2/3/4/5/6