Chairs are everything.

 Chairs are to me, what shoes are to most girls...
I think this should be my motto. I literally squeal when I see a really good chair and if I could, I would have an entire house full of chairs. In fact, my small little apartment has a whole slew of chairs. In random places of course because there really is not enough room. If I had more room, there would be more chairs. 
So, this dining room with gorgeous gold chairs and table literally struck my heart. Wow. I can't get over the delicious shade of purple velvet. Can I just have these please?
 I'm also really feeling these black and white chairs in Molly Sims dining room. Her designer, is my sweet friend Kishani Perera, and this girls style is out of control good. I love the black stripe down the middle. So creative. So different. So good.
 The minute I saw these white stunners, I thought to myself..."woah. we are not in Kansas anymore" These are something next level serious. white with a pop of leopard and insanely shaped. Now this is a work of art. 
Which leads me to finalize my love affair with these gold and cream beauties. So sophisticated and sexy. The modern glamour look works every single time.