office space of the day...secrets of success

Glass desk + pops of yellow + pair of french chairs + beautiful flowers + journals =
domestic bliss
This year I have switched things up a little bit in my home office. I have cleared out all the clutter and am working from an entire new place & perspective. Also, in my business, I have added a whole new branch of services in addition to my designing. I will now officially be consulting and coaching other businesses in our industry on business strategy and growth. It's making me really gear up this year and take things to the NEXT LEVEL. 
So, its essential that I be very proactive in how I do things. First up, setting goals and visioning out my year in 2013...
It's so important that we set goals, not just yearly but daily, you know?
In fact, I am getting a new journal for 2013 & I can't decide between these cute ones...