Design Idol: Kara Mann

Chicago, city of so many great things, the Bears, the cubs, Michigan Ave. shopping, 
the House of Blues, Intuit Art Gallery, the Chicago Cultural Center, and it is the birthplace of my grandparents love. :)
I love visiting Chicago and maybe my favorite thing as of late to emerge from the windy city is my new design idol, Kara Mann
This girl is rockin'. Her taste is revered all over the design world, AND the fashion world. 
She has a hip look and with that, who wouldn't trust her design opinion.
She integrates lighter and darker hues that blend perfectly together by her addition of funky elements. She uses dark grays (so my favorite right now) and throws in earthy, edgy pieces that pull it all together. Skulls, contemporary art, tree branches and wild animal fabrics are never out of place. 
She is a girl after my own designer heart. 
I think you rock Kara Mann!