getting snap happy, luxuriously

Ever since becoming a blogger, I have become a little snap happy.
Everywhere I go and everything I do, I want to document it.
Not to mention the fact that I lost my grandfather earlier this year and not only was he an AirForce fighter pilot, but he was a photographer as well.
He took pictures all over the world and thanks to him our family has thousands of happy memories in film or digital form.
Lucky me!
Needless to say, I am ever so anxiously trying to become a leisure photographer.
Simply as a hobby, nothing less, nothing more.

In my research I have learned that LEICA make the best cameras.
And the rockstar that I am, I feel that I must have the best. 
This beautiful orange number is exclusively made by Hermes, only 200 were made. 
Oh how I wish it could be mine...A little, ok maybe a lot, out of my price range, at 14,000$ these bad boys are costly. 
Camera't genius.
I want it sooooo bad!

So I can look like this...

and this...