it's almost here

Valentine's Day is upon us.
I'm busy making my valentines for those I love (see below).

ashlina cole design
(do you like my valentine design?)
It's been so busy around the gallery with event after event I can barely keep up.
But this is one of my favorite holidays, simply for the colors that I get to repeat all over my apartment and I am so excited to be busy creating all this goodness.
So much inspiration is all over the blogosphere, I am absolutely loving it.
Props to all my fellow bloggers! You rock.

Little Green Notebook is hands down one of my favorite blogs. 
It is definitely a daily read of mine and I'm sure everyone else out there as well.
How amazing are Jenny's DIY tips and inspirational words + images?
i love her.
If you haven't seen her blog yet, click on the banner below now!

Here are some
Valentine's Day 
inspired images I found while browsing her awesome blog.