SIX TO BLISS: the aubrey messick edition

Who: Aubrey Messick
Where: Huntington Beach, CA
What: an uber fabulous floral design master + blogger of Design by Aubrey 

Since this is a super festive week (think Cinco de Mayo + Mothers Day) I wanted Aubrey to share her secrets of domestic bliss...flower style. So you can be inspired to whip up some gorgeous floral masterpiece for your mama!

My Top 6 Secrets to Domestic Bliss:

1. Fashion and design are all about what's hot so keep the look in your home current with flowers in season. Right now is the time to show off the fragrant lilac and playful ranunculus.

2. Spring is a time when everything comes back to life.  Use a tall container to display fresh cut cherry branches in the entry of your home to invite the energy of new beginnings.

3. Make use of the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.  Add a few lemons or a fresh artichoke to an arrangement of hydrangea and roses for a dining room centerpiece that will have your guests talking.

4. Peonies are known for their sensual nature.  Place a vase of these luxurious blooms next to the bed to invite love and romance into your life.

5.  Use a small arrangement of flowers to brighten up your Powder Room, a space usually void of natural light.

6.  Flowers are a natural way to help relieve stress.  Place a bouquet of lavender by your favorite reading chair and relax as your get lost in a good book.

gotta love any girl who can work her magic with i right?