Flowers for the home...

While I would like to think I could be home to recharge and relax, I have no time to even think about taking a break or day off. Sigh. My newest client, however, has me incredibly excited to get to work. Before I jet to LA next week for LCDQ (is anyone going to be there?), I'll be styling a campaign for a really premier floral company here in New York. They are beyond one of the best in the business and I can't wait to get to creating this look book.  
 My inspiration will come from home decor. Not your ordinary tabletop setting, but looks showing how incredible florals can be in home decor. I love the way they look in china pieces. It's so feminine and pretty. I also love florals on the desk or anywhere really for that matter. 
 I love how fresh the green is on the stems of fresh flowers. The best way to show that off is through a gorgeous clear glass vase. 
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Tablescape Tuesday: bright blooms

This spring all I can think about is beautiful brunches on the rooftop. Nothing is more blissful than sunshine and a lovely afternoon with friends. What makes for the perfect table setting in spring are bright, beautiful and colorful flowers. Arranged in all different sizes, shapes and colors they just brighten up even a monotone place setting. Flowers are the ultimate treat for springtime delights...

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Tablescape Tuesday...FRENCH + FLORAL

Over the weekend I did a lot of vintage and thrift store shopping which is one of my favorite hobbies. The only thing that breaks my heart is that I can't buy everything that I adore. I am constantly finding myself in love with dishware and beautiful glasses that I have to put back on the shelf because I have no room for it....
As I think to myself how lovely these treasures would look on a gorgeous Parisian inspired tablescape, I quickly come back to reality and realize I don't have a long table like these gorgeous ones. Sigh.
Now I could perhaps get away with something smaller like this...
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Style-icious Sunday: decorating with roses

Being that hurricane Irene has caused me to be indoors for a few days, I decided to brighten my world with white roses all around my apartment. Sometimes domestic bliss is in the little things...
When styling spaces, I like to make sure that at least some sort of bloom is in each vignette. It just really finishes off a fabulous display of beautiful accessories. It even compliments the most gorgeous fashions too!
nothing is more delicate and pretty than a light rose color palate...
roses always make the perfect centerpieces!
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P.S. So many of you have written the sweetest emails about my new newsletter series, decorista deluxe. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you are enjoying it...stay tuned, lots in the works for this weeks!  

secret of domestic bliss #47... decorating with flowers

I don't know if many of you will remember this but remember the days when Laura Ashley reigned queen. I can remember as a young girl my mother decked out my bedroom with head to toe floral motifs.    I quickly found myself loathing floral decor...until recently. Is it just me or is the flower making a comeback? Lately I have been seeing beautiful floral motifs everywhere and layered up. Maybe its just that Spring is on its way and flowers are in full bloom! Either way, I am loving the ways of incorporating florals into decor. (like this room with blooms)Whether it be through art, wallpaper, fabrics, linens, or even just a simple bouquet...I am so ready for spring to be in full bloom!

If you have ever checked out Tricia Guild's work, then you will see what I mean, this woman is all about decorating with flowers. Her stuff is spot on! 

3 wonderful ways to use floral wallpaper

 pretty in pink for your cozy reading nook...
 gorgeous + sophisticated in the powder room...
pretty and chinoiserie-ish for your luxurious bath!

I'm just crazy about this floral wallpaper from Urban of my edecorating clients wants to use it for her dining room and I am beyond thrilled at the idea.
a closer look. so pretty.

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austin daze + books to adore

The longer I am in Austin, the more I remember the Texas weather moods. Haze filled mornings and an easy breeze fills my days here at home. Sipping my favorite coffee and catching up on some of my new decor books has been such a nice indulgence for me. The best part? Gazing at this incredibly beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers from a very dear friend. Domestic Bliss at its finest.
Books I am loving now...

Tablescape tuesday {entryway table decorating}

As we all know, the entryway of a home is one the most important spaces to decorate.
It is like the opening chapter of a book, its got to be good.
Tablescaping the entryway can sometimes present a challenge but I am just loving how these foyers, have been styled with displays of beautiful treasures.
Artwork and flowers are extremely helpful and oversize decor can make such an impact.
Oh, and really great rugs and beautiful trays, work wonders!

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tablescape tuesday

  everythingfab. countryliving
I find it to be extremely exciting the minute flowers enter the table area. The fragrance of blooms puts me in a blissful state almost immediately. This week when you are preparing for breakfast or even dinner throw some flowers on the table. It doesn't have to be a big bouquet, just trim some from the yard or grab a few stems at the store and just see what kind of magic happens.

you should...decorate with pink peonies {flowers for mother's day}

This mothers day, while I am celebrating in the beautiful San Diego with my mom...
thoughts of pink peonies will be dancing in my head.
Especially because I keep seeing them at my local whole foods.
I am so needing my fix. 
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Happy mothers day to all the mom's out there, the world would not be as beautiful without you.

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