Fall is finally here and what I am over the moon about is filling my apartment with fine fragrances that  create not only a beautiful ambiance, but a sweet smelling space, too. I am so particular about smells and always like to make sure that each area of my home smells wonderful. So, here are a few of my fall favorites...

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5 ways to achieve domestic bliss...

Just the other day I got an interview questionnaire and as I was filling it out there was one question that got to me. It asked me what is the purpose behind what I do.
Oddly, enough I had to think about it for a minute because my first instinct was to talk about how I want to make the world a more beautiful place. That answer didn't really sit right in my heart and then I realized that what I am most passionate about is the home. 
Your home is your sanctuary and I love the feeling of loving my home, I feel so awesome at the end of the day coming home to my special space. My purpose is to help other people have that same feeling about where they know, the art of domestic bliss....

1. Don't take your decor seriously...add elements of whimsy to your home by introducing random things that you love. Like this funky bird on the console. If you love it, every time you enter your home, it will make you smile! 
2. Make your bed every morning. Studies have shown that you will have more power and energy to attack your day if your bed is tidy. 
3.Get organized. I know the messy decor looks better in photos but in real life it is essential to keep your things tidy. It will make for a happier day and you will have a much more fun time getting ready if you know where everything is.
4. Keep your favorite fragrances going at all times. Light candles, use reed diffusers or put scented sachets in drawers. 
5. Create a special place for you to unwind, relax and read a good book. 

Tablescape Tuesday: creating beauty on the table with candleabras

Over the weekend I attended a lovely event called The Wifestyle Conference and it was loads of fun. I learned so many amazing hostess tips...
We were taught how to create the perfect cocktail, how to arrange the perfect flower bouquet, and my most favorite of all was tabletop by Kelley Moore. One thing she introduced me to, and now is my uber obsession, candleabras on the tabletop.
They are such a great centerpiece because they don't block the guest across from you like big, chunky flowers do which I love. Also, who doesn't look amazing under really romantic candlelight? Gotta love that. So now during my thrift store excursions, I have been stocking up on these babies. They are ultimate style and perfection on your tablescape.

1) kiocreations  2)glamned  3)unknown 4) hostess 5)lovewhereyoulive 6+7) housebeautiful

NYC apartment inspiration...sophisticated decor

Ok, so the heat in new york city is getting pretty apparent. Sigh, makes me miss my southern california weather. Having said that, I know I can't york city is so chic and sophisticated. I love it.
I have some exciting news...I have found my dream apartment in the city and I am looking so forward to settling down and moving in. I go over and over in my head for apartment decor inspiration and this photo just makes me swoon! Black, cream and candles, I just love the sophisticated style!


tuesday tablescapes....dining by candlelight

While I have candles on the mind today, here are some oh so lovely 
candlelight tablescapes that will delight your imagination.
No matter how elaborate or what style you choose to make your table setting, 
the right amount of candlelight can make the mood oh so perfect. 

images courtesy of...
absolutely beautiful things , unknown, brightbazaar 
cutepinkstuff, betweennapshipmarrakech, artstar, preston bailey

tablescape tuesdays

Lately I have been drawn to the beauty of clear glass as the ultimate household staple...
Glassware can make such a difference when pairing with the perfect china and flowers.
I love changing colors up all the time (its the decorista side of me) and the perfect
way to ensure my success is by having a few bits of clear glass up my hostessing sleeves.
I will be ready for every occasion. 

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if you don't you know!

Dayna Decker
"seductive luxury and decadent sophistication"

I know you must think this is a supermodel but its not. 
(she just looks like one)
It is the brilliantly beautiful creator of my new favorite candle line in the world. 
Last night I lit a few of her candles around my house...
(got them a while back at the Viceroy Palm Springs)
and oh my goodness!
They might have been the most heavenly candle I have ever gotten a whiff of my entire life.
I am not kidding.
You absolutely must try them. They are now my ultimate bliss!
buy them here. style

Candles, candles everywhere!
 I love the beginnings of the holidays because it means at any point in time it is OK to start the Christmas embellishments (ie. music, candles, decorations, lights,etc.) has a cute step-by step guide to creating an uber cute holiday centerpiece. 
Please, get creative with it. By ALL means, go ALL out! It's your table, make it your own! 

Materials and Tools:

2 large white glittering tree-shaped candles  2 small glittering white candles  2 medium glittering white candles  1 large glittering white candle 4 tall champagne flutes several strands of beaded crystal garland  small clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls  large clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls 2 bags of artificial snow


1. Place two large white tree-shaped candles approximately 16 inches apart in the center of a server, console or dining room table.

2. Place the tall champagne flutes in a staggered row behind tree-shaped candles. Surround champagne flutes and tree-shaped candles with artificial snow (figure A).

Figure E

3. Fill champagne flutes two-thirds full with snow (figure B). Arrange small, medium and large glittering white candles around tree-shaped candles and in front of champagne flutes, place the smallest candles toward the front of the arrangement.

Figure D

4. Next, add clear or silver ornaments to the arrangement, nestling them into the snow (figure D).

Figure F

5. Drape beaded crystal garland from champagne flutes; tucking the garland ends into the snow in each flute. To help hold the garland in place, pile small silver, clear or white glass ornaments in the top of each flute (figure F).

6. Sprinkle more snow on table around the base of the arrangement to resemble a snow drift, light candles and enjoy the simple, elegant and frosty centerpiece.