bliss in the kitch' and copper with Marjourie Skouras

My heart always melts for any sort of metallics in the home and this adorable little kitchen just makes me weak in the knees. A white stove with gold details...whaaaaat!? I can't even explain how amazing this is. Where would one find such an indescribably good sort of thing? Not only is the stove marvelous, this woman has a collection of copper pots and pans that would make any domestic gal go gaga! Oh, and that mirror...

I have only shown you a few pictures of her rich and lusciously layered spread but if you want to peep more of this womans style see her home tour on Apartment Therapy here.


Fall is finally here and what I am over the moon about is filling my apartment with fine fragrances that  create not only a beautiful ambiance, but a sweet smelling space, too. I am so particular about smells and always like to make sure that each area of my home smells wonderful. So, here are a few of my fall favorites...

decor image found here.


Lately I have been really recalling my love of making a home. Taking time and putting thought into the things that are truly important to me as far as domestic bliss goes. One of those being making my home office time more enjoyable by prettifying it a little more. Then,  I can get to writing those thank you notes I need to get around to...

image via here

15 moments of domestic bliss

This week in the city has been incredibly special for me. After my long week in the Hamptons, I couldn't wait to get home and I just love that feeling. There are so many things that say 'domestic bliss' to me and today I want to share them with you...

 1. Relaxing on the sofa after a long day with your favorite furry friends.
 2. Sitting in bed and feeling the coziness of your luxe bedding.
 4. Having couch time coffee and desserts with the ones you love.
 5. Perfecting your craftiness in the kitchen.
 6. Lighting pretty smelling candles before the guests arrive.
 6. Choosing which book or magazine to read from your ever growing collection. 
 7. Raiding the fridge after a long night.
 8. Working from your fabulously decorated home office. 
 9. Enjoying the night light glow on your patio.
 10. Entertaining and hostessing for your favorite people. 
 11. Raiding your jewelry closet and feeling ultra glamorous.
 12. Reading the most intoxicating book, you don't even want to fall asleep. 
 13. Blasting your favorite music as loud as you want because nobody else is home. 
 14. Introducing your home to greenery even if you kill everything.
15. Arriving home from a long weekend, opening up the windows, looking out at your city and thinking to yourself, "there is no place like home"...

images via my collection of domestic bliss

5 ways to achieve domestic bliss...

Just the other day I got an interview questionnaire and as I was filling it out there was one question that got to me. It asked me what is the purpose behind what I do.
Oddly, enough I had to think about it for a minute because my first instinct was to talk about how I want to make the world a more beautiful place. That answer didn't really sit right in my heart and then I realized that what I am most passionate about is the home. 
Your home is your sanctuary and I love the feeling of loving my home, I feel so awesome at the end of the day coming home to my special space. My purpose is to help other people have that same feeling about where they know, the art of domestic bliss....

1. Don't take your decor seriously...add elements of whimsy to your home by introducing random things that you love. Like this funky bird on the console. If you love it, every time you enter your home, it will make you smile! 
2. Make your bed every morning. Studies have shown that you will have more power and energy to attack your day if your bed is tidy. 
3.Get organized. I know the messy decor looks better in photos but in real life it is essential to keep your things tidy. It will make for a happier day and you will have a much more fun time getting ready if you know where everything is.
4. Keep your favorite fragrances going at all times. Light candles, use reed diffusers or put scented sachets in drawers. 
5. Create a special place for you to unwind, relax and read a good book. 

Weekend decorating...VANITY CANDY

My week has been incredibly hectic. Work, events, friends, emails, etc. I can't complain, God has blessed me with a full life but sometimes I think to myself I must take a minute and breathe and take it all in. In order to live in the "now", I have to remember to take some time for me.  One of my favorite moments of the day is getting ready, it's truly where I get to focus totally on myself and reflect on things. 
So, I have realized that I must create the ultimate vanity area...
and I should make sure to decorate it with beautiful and happy things. So inspired by well curated vanity areas. Perfume bottles, candles, jewelry boxes, pretty dishes, flowers, baubles, artwork etc.

What do you like to decorate your primping area with???



Everything about this home tour is domestic bliss to me...
Cool minty blue walls and bright white pieces blend together so perfectly, especially with a touch of greenery.
Wouldn't you just freak for that chartreuse sofa mixed with pops of plum? I LIVE for it! 
black and white stripes in the living room are ALL THE WAY LIVE! 
all images via HARPERS BAZAAR

the prettiest of bedrooms...

With Hurricane Irene quickly approaching the east coast I am ensuring that my cute little bedroom is overly cozy and comfortable...
I have to make sure my surroundings are pleasing to all the senses. I'll be sure to stock up on water, lots of jasmin + gardenia candles, a lush fur throw, my freshly washed sheets and  probably some beautiful white roses to set atop of the fireplace.
I am just crushing on these lovely bedrooms today. Plush, soft, romantic...there is nothing better than coming home (or getting rained in) to the most delicious bedding and delightful furnishings. For me, its the ultimate domestic bliss! 

michael smith design
michael bruno design

The Art of Living...mixing black and gold make it luxe

Absolutely loving this black and gold piece of artwork over the nosh spot. Mixing these two stark colors instantly gives the look of luxury. If you are wanting to give your home a little bit more luxe, try adding a mix of black and gold. It can be through a piece of art or wall color and mirror...whatever your method, it can give serious style! 


moments of domestic bliss with Red

I don't know why I am feeling this way but ever since I saw prince william in that red military jacket I have been smitten with the color red. I have always adored red so its nothing new to me, but lately I have been spotted bits of red here and there and it always adds such a delicious little touch. This gorgeous red window treatment just has me desperately wanting more red-ness in my life. Stunningly perfect!
Now for just the most fun touches of the ultra vibrant and sexy color.


Bliss in the kitch' & breakfast nook bliss

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. On Saturday mornings, there is nowhere I'd rather be. This cute little grey kitchen just looks like pure happiness to me. I love the cute little ghost chair at the gorgeous wood table. Such a great mix of styles. The perfect compliment to a beautiful kitchen = 
great breakfast nooks. Here are some that took my breath away...

Today I will be spending most of the day, sipping delicious coffee and working away at some projects on my computer. Lighting candles and a little music in the background...domestic bliss at its best.

via here + here

moments of domestic bliss with Rachel Gilbert

This beautiful fashionista opened her home to SHOP til you drop mag. Rachel Gilbert's NYC apartment is super girlie and totally glam. I love these photographs from her spread in the Feb issue. It just goes to show how the little things are what make a home blissful. JOY letters by the window, lovely flowers, black and white photographs of you and your friends, artwork you adore and of course fabulous ghost chairs in the dining room. Too cute. 

Domestic Bliss... dita von teese at home Instyle Mag Feb 2011

Could you imagine walking in to the Los Angeles home of Dita Von Teese? I wouldn't expect anything other than over the top girlish glamour and charm. I have always liked her look and her effortless Hollywood charm. Her happy pink kitchen is absolutely adorable to me especially the black and white checkered floors. I spot some vintage Barbies in there, too. How about her gorgeous mirrored vanity? What a sweet indulgence...and the perfect touch is the silver + gray wallpaper that graces the bedroom walls. Another fabulous indulgence...the super plush silver padded headboard. At the moment, I think my favorite is her beautiful teal wallpapered room with a gorgeous fireplace. Oh so lush and very much Hollywood glamour! I love this LA Woman.
images via swing

a beautiful bedroom...

dark walls and bright white fluffy bedding is pure domestic bliss.
I'm sort of obsessing over this bedroom today. I find the striped chair so adorable and I spot my favorite Dorothy Draper book "in the pink"...need i say more?

In other blissful news...
I am on set today for something very fabulous I will be telling you about very soon.
So exciting.
and, for all of you who leave me comments (you know who you are) please know that they really do make my day, I love hearing your encouraging words. They always seem to be the best pick-me-up!
I honestly do not know what I would do without the blogging community.
I love love love love love it.

secret of domestic bliss #37...simple touches of fur

Oh how these chilly LA days are so blissful. The crisp air outside combined with the beautiful sunshine just makes me so happy. As the cold air outside permeates indoors through my apartments' open windows, I am longing for warmer textures. 
I love to add to the coziness in my home by simply placing small touches of faux fur all around me.
Whether it be through a fur throw or a fabulous fur rug, I love how fur instantly transforms your space to comfortable glamour so effortlessly.

and this is what it looks like white a whole lotta fur loveliness...

The Art of to properly set a table

The weekend is here and the dinner party invitations are steadily coming in.
As always, I offered my help to each of the hosts and surprisingly I got asked a question...
Do you know how to properly set a table for a dinner party?

My grandmother taught me at the age of 5 and she always insisted a formal table setting at every single family occasion.
{I figured you guys might like to know the answer here are my cheat sheets.}

This setting is perfect for intimate dinners with close friends...

Now if you are having a large party or just want to impress your guests this formal setting is for you!

A well styled table is a sure fire way to achieve harmony at a dinner party and ultimately create the perfect mood for you very own domestic bliss!
images via stylenote