Wallcolor Wednesday: Cobalt blue

While I am here in Las Vegas, at market, I am fully inspired by all of the color...
Mixing bold hues of blue seems to be totally on trend this year and I am loving every minute of it. The perfect blue room for me would be done in something a little like this bold cobalt glossy blue. How incredible does it look with a gorgeous coral sofa?

Pinks, golds and a plush white rug really set the ground work for all of this eclectic beauty. I adore the chic sconces, too. I also love the pop of that sea foam green in fabrics. This is one of the most chic home offices I have ever seen. 

Dreaming in PINK

 Lately, I've been craving some pink in my life...
and there are a few pink rooms that have been rocking my world lately. So, I got a can of pink paint and this weekend, I think I might be changing things up in this apartment of mine. Here are my inspirations...
The apartment of Miles Redd is one of my all time favorite uses of pink on walls. EVER.

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I don't know what it is about me these days but I am bringing in new flowers every other day because I am loving different colors throughout my home. Is it a little weird that now that I have colored my bedroom, I am dying to color up my bathroom in a really bold and totally random color? I think it might have something to do with National Painting Week being this week....my bedroom makeover post coming soon.
Now I am doing everything I can to hold myself back from getting a can of coral and painting my bathroom away. The color is just so happy and beautiful and would perk me up every single morning that I take a shower. 
 How rich and majestic is this color, its just killing me right now. So good. 

I even adore coral accessories on a more neutral wall, thats fab too. 
Should I do it, should I take the plunge???

images 1-amanda nisbet. 2+4+6- houzz. 3+5 -elledecor.com 

Wallcolor Wednesday...purple dining area

Currently I'm painting my bedroom a lovely shade of lavender. It's moody and has almost a vintage vibe to it. I was inspired by so many different shades of purple that I found in dining areas. I much prefer purple in the bedroom than the dining but these spaces are kinda hot. Anyway, I went a head with a certain color I know you guys will love! Here are a few that really struck my fancy. 
I have always loved this dining area by Miles Redd. High gloss lavender. Oh, yeah.
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bliss in the kitch'...Steven Sclaroff Stripes

I absolutely adore this little kitchen, the stripes remind me of my old apartment. So now I am thinking of where I want to put stripes in my new apartment. Maybe the kitchen, or perhaps the bathroom. I love the way Steven Sclaroff does stripes in this gorgeous home...

This bathroom really stole the show for me. I'm finding that I really enjoy thin pinstripes lately as opposed to the thicker variety. It looks so fresh and chic whether in the powder room or even on the sofa.
I even love this triple color stripe look in the bedroom. What kind of stripes do you guys suggest?

images via desire to inpsire

Finalizing new apartment paint colors...

As much as I love New York City...

 this weather is just a little too cold for my preference. Right about now I am seriously missing the sunshine, is it springtime yet? As I brave this winter weather and prepare to settle into my new digs, I can't help but think of making sure my new living room is cozy and warm. Think buttery soft warm walls and completely creamy and neutral seating pieces and then topping that off with a bit of golden glow. This look is right up my alley.

I'm thinking something like this collection from Farrow + Ball...
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the weekend blues...

As I prepare for this holiday weekend and get ready for my Christmas plans I can't help but think about my family back in Texas and how much I am going to miss them this year. It's okay though, I have some very special plans in the city to keep me busy. But, I'll definitely be thinking about my grandmother and how much she loves the color blue, especially when it comes to interiors. So today my post is in honor of her...

Blue is always great for a bedroom or bathroom, so very cozy and relaxing. I always love how Kelly Wearstler does blue. This bar is so chic is blue and yellow. 
Something like this blue glossy accent wall is perfect for a rental apartment. Easy to do but packs a lot of punch! 
One of my favorite hotels in nyc is the Mondrian soho. They take blue to a whole other level...

images as follows:
Peter Mikic//Kelly Wearstler//Stephen Gambrel//Jenny UK//Jenny Hill Interiors//Mary Macdonald


I don't know why but right now I am obsessed with this room. The floral rug is incredible, pops of pink, purple and red all together. I also love the styling on the white glossy console. Oh, and of course this wall color. 
I've done many posts on this fabulous wall color and I continuously get emails asking for my favorite shades. There are so many to choose from but so far, these few have worked swimmingly for me. Usually I lean towards gray walls but right now, teal is totally on trend and almost like a neutral. It's so good I can't even put it into words how good this color is. Here are a few I think you should try...
room image via

Wallcolor Wednesday: COLOR BLOCKING COOL

Painting in this city can be so daunting. With all of the moldings, curved ceilings and such it makes paint difficult to envision. I totally get it, but I have found that most of my friends get so afraid to paint because of these small little issues. I encourage you to take the leap and get some color on the wall. Now, if you are afraid of picking the wrong color or maybe you want a certain color but think it might be 'too much'. So, why not take a cue from fashion and only paint part of the wall a color...

 Even the smallest dash of color can make a BIG difference. It might be hard to imagine how it would look so I have put together some of my favorite inspirations to show you just how fab it can be. 
 I am a huge fan of color in the hallway and something like this is just perfect. 
 Afraid of black paint? Here is a great way to add it without killing the room with darkness.
DECORATOR TRICK:  In New York, so many apartments have these great moldings about 12 inches or so below the ceiling. If you keep it white it makes the ceilings seem higher than they are. 
 You can create the same effect with just using a lighter color (like the lavender + blue combo below).



 Over the weekend I splurged on a few beauty products, my favorite indulgence aside from bedding, and I found myself drawn to peach flavors. So all weekend long I smelled like a peach and I'm big on smells and seasons so peach is the perfect compliment to the end of summer. Which had me thinking that I should incorporate more pretty peachiness into my home...

 When I found some incredible images of peach spaces, I realized just how beautiful and non feminine the color can really go. It has such a sophisticated feel and complements a more exotic color palate, but you can really work with any style of your choice.
 I love the feel of these richly colored rooms, it makes me instantly want to "I dream of Jeanie" myself to India or Morocco and come back with vintage treasures...

 Since I have a little too much going on and no time for travel, I'll stick to shopping online...

decor images via: elle decor, house beautiful, molly lutkemeyer, cotedetexas, bellevivir, dominomag

Wallcolor Wednesday...black luxury

I just love the color combo black and white. However, rarely do I see glossy black walls and white sofas look so completely chic together. I love the simplicity and the fabrics used in this space. They are perfect with the other accessories in the space like the modern art and lighting. I usually love layers over simple and clean but this space trumps that thought...



This summer is getting hot hot hot. So, I am craving some cool colored walls. At the moment I am coveting dark teal walls for my apartment because it will add a chic and very cool mood to the space.   How chic are these rooms with the dark jewel toned color? I think it just makes every other color in the rooms pop in such a beautiful way...

There are so many different shades of teal that I adore of course, especially this lighter color used in an old Parisian style space. 
However, for my small apartment a dark shade of teal just might be the perfect look. 
I think this shade below might be my most favorite. The way the gold pops is just intoxicating, no?


WALLCOLOR WEDNESDAY...the baby blues

This weekend I spent some time with my grandmother who I absolutely adore. We had a conversation about decorating and she shared with me that her most favorite color on the walls in pretty baby blue. I immediately agreed and gushed over my recent affections for the sweet pastel hue. I happen to think it works marvelously in the bedroom, because it's so serene and relaxing...

I find that most rooms have a bit of French style in the mix somehow and my most favorite of all is when its mixed with gold and bits of red. So incredibly gorgeous and eclectic.

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Wallcolor Wedensday: Pretty Purple in Beirut

“Above all, design is not about theory—it doesn’t matter whether pink and green go together. What matters are objects. They’re what give soul to a house. My home is a sanctuary where I’m surrounded by things I like.” -- interior designer May Daouk...

I love this beautiful home in Beirut decorated by Bunny Williams' former employee, May Daouk. She moved to Beirut from NYC about 10 years ago and has made this rare + gorgeous home, one of her very own. I am smitten by the way she mixes colors and have really come to be fond of the idea that all colors go together. 
Blues, purples, pinks, greens, red and gold to boot! Everything exotic works in this space.
In fact, Beirut barely even has many homes, as this is one of the few in the downtown area. 
It's so fascinating to me to see homes from around the world. Go Margaret Russell! 
Simon Watson for Architectural Digest 

Wallcolor Wednesday: COLORED CEILINGS

After working with so many clients you truly realize how afraid they are of color. It's like they really dream of having a bold color on their walls but are afraid to make the commitment. I totally get it, I mean my apartment walls are greige, hello! However, now that spring is here I am ready to throw in some serious color. And it really got me thinking, why don't we try painting the ceiling a bold color.   It's such a clever way to add a hue to your space without being overwhelming....

Marigold in all white is perfect for a master bedroom and baby pink in the bathroom is genius. Especially because pink is always a flattering color.
 (a little tip for the ladies, we all look prettier in pink)
I really also love to color blocking going on here with a tan + minty green. So fresh.

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Wallcolor Wednesday: A pretty little green room...

After a day of being out in the streets walking around I am just overjoyed that spring weather is finally arriving to the city. It has me dreaming of the most bright and vibrant colors on the walls. Especially the color GREEN...

The perfect touch of pretty femininity...
A touch of modern chic...
A touch of history...
A touch of traditional...
And a baby touch of masculine...

images via, brian park photography...elle decor...apartmenttherapy. lonnymagazine.