office space of the day...modernly white

Okay, I seriously have not been blown away by an office space in a while but this one is just out of hand incredible. Black and white at its most modern + sophisticated. One day my business will be run out of something like this...
high gloss white walls + furry black chairs + mirrored bottom desk + big chandelier + fancy fabulous artwork =
domestic bliss

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White done right...

I must say, this issue of Lonny Magazine is pretty good. I love the apartment of Michelle Adams,  editor-in-chief of the mag. White walls are so my thing right now and I really like how she splattered art all over the walls to keep it colorful and filled. This cute bedroom is totally New York City Chic. 
Femme artwork is a must in any killer girl apartment. Love the hints of pink too. I also really dig this little entryway vignette. All white everything and a little modern artsy kelly wearstler vibe going on. Yes. I love everything about it. 
all images by Patrick Cline (my photog hero) for Lonny mag.


I am not usually one for a lot of white in New York City. Mostly because I think that it can be a little boring and color adds so much to smaller spaces. However, this gorgeously large loft has changed my mind. The windows in this space are beyond amazing and the light just illuminates each piece of furniture making it that much more dreamy and magical...

It's more than a loft, its like a magic little spot in the city...where dreams are made. I just love the mixes of brick, white and wood tother in different shades. Mixing textures in neutral colors can be so warm and comforting. 
I adore the look of organization and am loving how all of these books have white spines. Very clever and impossibly chic. 
all images via the october issue of Rue.

DREAM APARTMENT: White walls that work!

Being at Las Vegas Market is incredibly exciting, I am spotting so many goodies that I want for my future new apartment. Interestingly enough I have a serious love affair with neutrals right now. Maybe its because its summertime or just a little bit of me growing up a bit. Whatever the reason, I'm noticing lately how some spaces with white walls can be just as glamorous a deep colored ones.
This fabulous room is by Sally Wheat and is a perfect example of how I want my new apartment to look. The lines of the sofa and club chairs are so glam and perfect especially when paired with white walls + hints of gold and lavender...

It's really very summery to pair pastel accessories with white walls. So, in effort to keep it more city like and appropriate for fall, I could add traditional pieces with classic lines and extravagant details. 
Heavy fabrics also add a little something sophisticated too. 
Not too sure that lavender would be my dream accent color but the look of these apartments just make me swoon. Below, this look is a little more city glamour and less french. Mirrored coffee table, vintage chairs, beautiful screen, pop of zebra. I just love the living room layout.

Now, I must not forget when imagining my dream apartment two things are essential...
excessive moldings and herringbone floors. It makes white walls that much more perfect, am I right?

images: two. threefour


Whoever said white rooms are boring definitely don't know what they are missing. White rooms have swag too. You just have to know how to work with it. Believe me, I think white walls would drive me nuts but sometimes I find certain rooms that still my heart...

White walls + lots of natural light are such a killer combination. What i'm realizing is that you can't just throw any kind of decor in the mix. It's got to be authentic, real and distinct pieces that look purposed. In other words, don't go shopping from the catalog to accompany these white walls. 
Cultured pieces like antique mirrors, curved seating, lots of unfinished woods, hints of leather and maybe even a little velvet work wonders. It helps to have only one or two modern pieces. Oh, and don't forget a very impressive chandelier that looks like you brought it back from over seas. 


office space of the day...white wall wonderment

white walls + pretty chair + organized accessories + curated wall of original art = 
domestic bliss
With everything happening in the city and my business growing, I have been considering the option of leasing a small office space. Most are short term leases and the unfortunate part is that no paint or wallpaper would be allowed, I'd be stuck with plain white walls. For a decorista like me, that's kinda sad.  However, the thing about white walls is that they really don't have to be so bad. One way to dress them up is covering them with an orderly arrangement of small framed art pieces. It really just adds the perfect touch of movement and color that the white really works.
but I would seriously miss me some color! 

one. two. three. four. five.

Style-icious Sunday: weekend white

I am so enjoying this holiday weekend. The mood around this city is so soft and relaxing I can't help but feel the energy of vibrant white. In celebration of the welcoming of white, I am finding myself invigorated by the inspiration of breezy white clothes and delicate white interiors...

I just adore white with bits of gold...

white done right. with tiny bits of color

If you love to fawn over interiors like me, then you love looking at photos of all white rooms. I am so fond of all white rooms, they are so dreamy and calm. One thing I have noticed is that when a pretty color is thrown in to an all white mix a little bit of style magic happens. It just looks more decorated and realistic. I think it looks best when just color comes into the room, like this beautiful green. It's so unexpected and chic. 

loving this addition of coral-ish orange. Beautiful! 
and even just color through flowers, it can work wonders! 

white done right: decorating inspired by life in the city

While I love color, living in a city that is non stop energy all the time I find myself longing for a very relaxing space. And nothing is better than a beautiful white space that surpasses all necessity for any color, its so very calming. It absolutely rocks my world. Nevertheless, we all know its not really that possible to live in picture perfect white, but it is incredibly beautiful to look at. So I love sharing the inspiration with all of you...


How to decorate for winter with white

As we are fast approaching the winter, rustic & industrial looking decor is much more prevalent.
I love it when these hard looks are combined with a romantic elegance...effortlessly comfortable.
Like the feeling that you want to cuddle in bed with a fire, lounge in your living room reading a magazine with tea or take a long, luxurious bubble bath whilst gazing at beautiful decor. These are the moments when I truly appreciate being at home.
images via skonahem

Home Tour: glamorous vintage style is the perfect winter decor

In the pursuit of fabulous finds for winter decor, my decorative eye has turned so romantic.
I have fallen more in love with decor from all over the globe and the 
"scandinavian maximalism
look has captured my adoration rather quickly.

This incredible apartment shown above is the home of a supremely stylish gal, Camilla, who owns a gorgeous glam & vintage decor shop called Milla Boutique. Her home has the perfected the look of ethereal and glamorous winter-time romance
Couldn't you imagine relaxing here on a cold winter night?
A candle lit bubble bath maybe or a cozy evening in bed watching old black and white movies...
I will be forever daydreaming of that.
(oh and decorating with a photo of kate moss is highly suggested)

However, her home wasn't always so dark and lovely.
Take a peek at the delicious look of her home just a few months back. This bright, vintage and glam space just took my breath away. Whether this home has its bright & lovely spring look or its dark & dreamy winter look, I would be ready to call her "home" instantly!

a shout out to dagny for the lovely introduction to this amazing home...

bliss in the kitch'

Nobody likes "white done right" more than this girl. This beautiful bright kitchen is simplistically genius.
I long for a kitchen with this much natural lighting.
How adorable are the feminine and graceful white chic, no?
The mixture of lighting is so graceful and I am always a sucker for a ladder in a kitchen.
Finished off with an adorable birdcage, I have a huge crush on this whimsical space. love.

white done perfectly white {interior decor}

White walls with pops of color is an absolute treat.
It truly brings meaning to the art of accessorizing.
Bright light and a home full of nostalgic's such a dreamy feeling.
Makes me dream of that early part of the weekend mornings in the summer, full of joy (and coffee!). Perfect for creating those beautiful family memories!

Could you imagine stepping out of the bath and gazing at this delicious dose of all white.
It's like the perfect bowl of vanilla ice cream!