This summer is becoming such a busy time and I am loving every minute of it. A current project...
I am working on is loaded with color, purples, blues, reds, gold, teals, and on and on. I love chasing color combinations with all my heart. However, we are coming up with a new look for a new client and right now I am inspired by gold.
If I could create my perfect living situation right now, it would look a little something like this...a dramatic staircase with a big golden chandelier. A soft bedroom retreat with all neutral tones and gorgeous oversized gold lamps on my bedside. A romantic little area for my perfumes, florals and candles are a must. 
 The living room would be cozy with hints of Paris and whimsical pieces like a disco ball in place of a chandelier...
 and a modern kitchen with such out of control gold glamour that I wouldn't even want to leave.
To finish it off a closet that screams "lets get dressed"! The golden yellow tufted ottoman is everything. 

images found randomly on this blog.

White leather Chesterfield {my little love affair}

If you have been following me lately on twitter or facebook, then you know my current state of affections for chesterfield sofas. I simply cannot get enough of them right now and I am just seeing them everywhere. It's such a timeless and classic sofa with immense style, how could you not adore them? 
I have seen them in magenta and teal and even buttery tan leather, but for some reason nothing really speaks to me. Until I spotted a white leather one, it was absolutely love at first sight. I knew immediately that for my new apartment, I must have one of these beauties in delicious white leather. Oh, be still my heart. 
 Now, this one isn't white, but the look of it around all white was so calming and serene none the less.


Real Living: daydreaming in Teal

While I thought apartment shopping would be so enjoyable, truthfully, it's much harder than it seems. I am such a picky little decorista. One thing I am enjoying about it is the 'blank canvas' idea and my imagination of what I would do in the space gets to run wild. The last apartment I saw had the most adorable little kitchen breakfast nook. If I moved in, I would recreate this adorable little teal and white situation...

When I first saw this modern and glamorous apartment from Real Living, I knew that it was something I would want to replicate one day. Mint green walls in the bedroom, wild wallpaper in the living room and the deep gorgeous teal in the dining nook. Metallics abound in all colors, silver, gold and bronze (hello olympics) and it's packed with feminine edge. Remember my confession about my love for turquoise chairs? Hello.
How cute is that little gold pineapple hook? Ugh. This space just speaks to my soul. 

 scans via, photographs by chris warnes, styling by sarah ellison for real living au

DREAM APARTMENT: White walls that work!

Being at Las Vegas Market is incredibly exciting, I am spotting so many goodies that I want for my future new apartment. Interestingly enough I have a serious love affair with neutrals right now. Maybe its because its summertime or just a little bit of me growing up a bit. Whatever the reason, I'm noticing lately how some spaces with white walls can be just as glamorous a deep colored ones.
This fabulous room is by Sally Wheat and is a perfect example of how I want my new apartment to look. The lines of the sofa and club chairs are so glam and perfect especially when paired with white walls + hints of gold and lavender...

It's really very summery to pair pastel accessories with white walls. So, in effort to keep it more city like and appropriate for fall, I could add traditional pieces with classic lines and extravagant details. 
Heavy fabrics also add a little something sophisticated too. 
Not too sure that lavender would be my dream accent color but the look of these apartments just make me swoon. Below, this look is a little more city glamour and less french. Mirrored coffee table, vintage chairs, beautiful screen, pop of zebra. I just love the living room layout.

Now, I must not forget when imagining my dream apartment two things are essential...
excessive moldings and herringbone floors. It makes white walls that much more perfect, am I right?

images: two. threefour


It's been just over a year now that I have been in my adorable apartment in the city. I moved in July 15th of last summer and thinking about the past year is such a roller coaster of emotions and accomplishments. I can't even believe its been a year. However, it's also the time to find a new apartment and this happens to be one of my favorite things in the world...
  Nothing makes me more excited, I just love the whole process. 
As I try to visualize what I want in my next apartment I think to myself, modern, white, a view, dining room, ample room for an office, etc. Then I happened to come across this gorgeous space and I thought to myself, this is EXACTLY what I want...

I love the clean white walls of this apartment and the light floors. It's located in the upper west side too, so I know its in my dream location. The kitchen is modern with stainless steel appliances and see through shelving. The track lighting is a little ick, but there is a bar and hello a mirror in the kitchen. My favorite decorating trick! 
 Plenty of room for a dining table.

Great lighting in the bedroom and just enough room for a cozy bed with a little extra seating.
 Great bathroom flooring and a clean, white bathroom. It's sheer perfection! Saying my prayers now. 


This summer, its the exotic things that call out my attention and chairs just happen to be one of my favorite parts of decor. Chairs in exposed or exotic woods, wicker, bone inlay, and even those with incredibly chic exotic fabrics are essential items for the home right now...

While my apartment is on the more hollywood glamour side, I think a nice and cozy chair like this would be such a cute addition to my space. I could throw on a little exotic pillow and call it a day. 
Something like this cute wicker guy with a cozy shape and that open and airy feeling could be the perfect fit. 
Even as I daydream about my future huge NYC apartment, I can totally see something like these gorgeous bone inlay chairs for my white dining room...perfection, no?

Decorista daydreaming...longing for a canopied bed

Today is moving day! Meaning everything is getting dropped off, painters are painting and organization mode is in full swing! I can't wait to show you all photos but for now...relish with me in the gorgeousness of canopied beds. I am just crazy about the delicious flowing fabric down the edges of the bed. I think it makes a bedroom that much more cozy and romantic. Unfortunately, because new york is just "like that", architecturally a canopied bed will not work in my bedroom. Yes, I was majorly disappointed because I had my sights set on one in particular. For the time being I just get to admire the gorgeousness of the ones in photos. A girl can dream, right?

decorista daydreaming {loving colorful home exteriors}

Last night I dreamt of Italy.
 I love to travel more than anything and seeing beautiful homes and architecture of different cultures.
I am so longing a trip to Italy and I am inspired by the beautiful colors of the home exteriors of this gorgeous seaside Italian city, Cinque Terre.
Oh so European and dreamy. 
images via tripadvisor, madebygirl