traveling for work...Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I couldn't be more fortunate that when I travel for work I get to experience the most wonderful accommodations...(the plush purple banquettes are intoxicating)
During my travels this week to Las Vegas Design Market, I was put up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Nothing makes me happier than a gorgeously decorated hotel. Upon walking into the Cosmopolitan, I was absolutely blown away.
The lobby was outfitted with the most gorgeous column screens with displays of kaleidoscope botanicals and fashion shoots, which made for such a dramatic entrance. 
 I spent most of my time having lovely conversations/meetings at the chandelier bar, which I loved, because it was so glamorous and just dripping with diamonds and sparkle. friends and I enjoyed cosmopolitans, at the cosmopolitan hotel, very fitting.

 My room...was incredible, I only wish I could have stayed longer. It was bigger than my apartment in Manhattan. It came complete with kitchen, separate bath and shower, a living room, and the most lovely terrace with a killer view.
 My favorite parts were the incredible bed which I could have slept in for hours on end and the closet with one of my favorite fornasetti wallpapers.

all images by ashlina

WANDERLUSTING: The Grand Hotel Oslo Part 1

 It's no secret that I love to travel and I'm sure you all can guess how much I love hotels...
I mean...don't we all? I think it might be my life dream to travel the world and review the hotel decor around the globe. How interesting would that be? Well, I am always in constant search online for the best decorated hotels and this one, is one of those that just does it for me.
The Grand Hotel Oslo just might be in my top 5 list of places I must stay. One of my best girl friends on the net Dagny, is the creative director for Fargerike (a Norwegian paint company). Each year when the new color of year comes out they redecorate a suite with the color theme in mind. This year its purple! 
 My favorite part of the suite is the study & bedroom. I love the deep plum wallpaper with gold curtains setting the perfect combination. Then, when you look up a pretty light blue ceiling and killer chandelier. This whole look literally makes my knees weak. It makes for such a fab place to get some work done. Then, you walk back into the romantic bedroom. A touch of vintage with the right amount of gold for glamour and then the deep red curtains add a little luxe to the equation.
 I think this little orange stool is such a cute little guy too, love his rich color. Couldn't you just imagine staying here? I would never see the sights, I'd stay in my hotel all day! 

 I love the way the chandelier is accented with such a chic swag. I am also really loving deep purple with vibrant red. Maybe I should add a little of this to my bedroom...

all images via Grand Hotel Oslo / Fargerike

My time in Madrid...aka La Decorista

While I was away in Madrid, I really tried to take some time away and refresh. After reading this post, I knew getting out of town would be the best thing for me. I needed to get away, see new things and become re-inspired. So, while I was in Madrid, visiting family, I did just that...

I mean, the second I got there I was blown away by the design. The airport was out of hand amazing. Photos cannot capture the bad-ass-ness of this place. I was madly in love with it. Shortly after, the first little spot we went to eat was so stylish and on point. Throwing little furs on the chairs to keep you warm. What?!? I loved it. 
 Every where in this town has serious style. Take for example, this art store. It was in an old school pharmacy with walls of drawers and it was incredible. All of the restaurants had the most interesting light fixtures, too. Speaking of restaurants to not talk about the food in Madrid would be a disservice to this city. The food was absolutely incredible. I ate so many amazing things, I just was blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I forgot to take photos...oops!
 This was one of my favorite restaurants, La Manuelo. The style was very art nouveau whimsical and just very, very cool. Stone walls, black and white striped curtains, curvy accents, metal elements, feather lights and gorgeous spanish tile. 
Obviously, the architecture in downtown Madrid was beyond breathtaking. 

Not surprisingly, I took pictures of all the doors in the city. The moldings and the woods were so gorgeous. Not to mention the door knockers. They were almost always in gold or brass + all the lions just stole the show.
My favorite part of Madrid was el Rastro. We went shopping for antiques all day on Sunday. Everything  was insanely good. 
How cool are these Paris letters?
I am seriously considering putting a cat in my home, and some religious paraphernalia too.
 This one store had a collection of suns that was out of this world. So in love.
All in all I had a wonderful time, resting, recharging and relaxing. But, now, its back to business. 

The Decorista takes Paris...Hotel Saint James

Today I am off to the wonderful and romantic city I have always dreamed of visting...Paris. I have loved all of your emails and tweets with advice and suggestions as to where to go and what to do. I am beyond excited about all the wonderful things that I will get to experience. The first and most important part is the hotel where I am staying...the Saint James Paris...

I am a sucker for black and white with moldings and that grand entrance just blows my mind. I can't explain my love for chinoiserie and pink or the mix grey and black and white with toile motifs. 

 Lovely leopard and pops of blue or an all white oasis. These rooms are just incredible. Ooh la la. I can hardly contain myself. 

images found here

Style-icious Sunday: Summertime travel essentails

My bags are packed and today I am off to Las Vegas Market. I'm beyond excited to reunite with my favorite people in our lovely design community. There is gonna be some serious fun happening. As I was packing things, I realized how much I love gold and nudes. They are my staples for my summer wardrobe. Michael Kors makes the best accessories to travel with. Everything goes with gold of course! 

decorista daydreaming {loving colorful home exteriors}

Last night I dreamt of Italy.
 I love to travel more than anything and seeing beautiful homes and architecture of different cultures.
I am so longing a trip to Italy and I am inspired by the beautiful colors of the home exteriors of this gorgeous seaside Italian city, Cinque Terre.
Oh so European and dreamy. 
images via tripadvisor, madebygirl 

the decorista dreams...The Gatsby House hotel in Ireland

Ever since my first visit to Miami, and I saw the gorgeous dramatic design of the hotels, I knew that I wanted to be a hotel designer. Interior design has always been my absolute passion and having the freedom to style an outrageous hotel would be my ultimate bliss. 
The Gatsby House in Ireland is the perfect example of hotel design done right.
Extravagant and luxurious, the Swell group does not disappoint my visual cravings.
In this particular hotel they created an old hollywood glamour look with each room named after a stylish movie star. Wouldn't you like to stay at this hotel on your visit and sip tea by the fire?
Enjoy the goodness.
the sitting room
the dining room

the Rita Hayworth room
the Grace Kelley room

the Judy Garland room

the Cary Grant Bathroom
the Shrimp room

for more of the beautiful hotels visit the Swell group .

peace out Palm Springs

My sweetheart and I came back from Palm Springs today.
We were visiting some family, friends and our favorite thrift shops.
Palm Springs is my favorite place to get away from work, traffic, etc.
Each time we visit, we like to hit up a hotel, have a glass of champagne and sit poolside and chat. Sometimes we even indulge and make way to the Spa for some nice R + R. 
I wanted to share some images of our favorite hotel, the parker, designed by Johnathan Adler.

Imagine this, 
the sun is setting, the fireplaces are starting up. It's cocktail hour by the pool. Girls are dressed in their saturday night best, the smell of cologne is all around.
We walk around, taking in all the eye candy and even put our feet in the sand that is the poolside beach. It is almost as if the decor time warped us back into the 70's.
Feeling good.
And now it's off to dine at Mister Parker's.
Everything in this place is fantastic.
Especially the ice cream, we tried 7 different kinds...coconut, mint, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc. They have it all.
The chairs, are so comfortable, and amazingly mismatched.
The little devil logo-ed napkins  + menus make me happy, because it makes me feel ok that I have been sinful 
with all of the amazing food we have eaten.
Isn't it fun to dine and be sinful????
poolside during the day
Mister Parker's fantastic dining room
guest room
sitting nook
the lobby

...until we meet again Mister Parker!

{images found on google,, and sunset}

they took miami

my favorite show to watch on lazy sunday afternoons is 'keeping up with the kardashians'. now khole and kourtney took off to miami and opened their newest store...DASH. its adorable im sure...we are planning to go to miami for my birthday so hopefully we will get to do some DASH shopping! :)

i heart new york...

Susan Gutfreund...that is her name. my idol. my hero. my aunt.

she is such an intoxicating woman. i had the pleasure of spending time with her while on my trip to NYC for Dana and Westin's wedding. It was goregous....simply beautiful. A ceremony at a church in Nyack, a beautiful hour long bus ride through the cities, a goregous boat called CLOUD NINE, a midnight viewing of the Statue of Liberty, and most importantly time with some of the most important people in my life.....Megan cousin JP..and my aunt, Mrs. Susan Gutfreund.

She literally blew me away with her beauty, she looked just like my grandmother..just younger. it almost took my breath away. As i sat and chatted with her i learned so much. I felt such a surreal experience seeing her home again, after over 15 years. It was utterly breathtaking. She showed me some of her work..we hopped around the city doing little things. It was so meaningful to me. I learned so much more than I ever thought I just a couple of hours...

she showed me an article that the NYSD did on her that very week i was there.....i sat in this very room, its where we had tea. After I read the article I was in awe..her responses...her words...her wisdom.

got traveling on my mind...

i am seriously missing Australia right about now...and even though i am leaving for CANCUN in less than 24 hours all i can do is fantasize about traveling. everything about it, the airplane, the magazines, the luggage, the feeling of being lost, learning the history of a new place, learning about new cultures, new food, new wine, new art, new adventures. ugh! its my ultimate passion!
and of course im thinking of how much i miss justin and all my aussie friends...


Sometimes I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So i spent the end of my 2007 in Washington DC with my friend Jerome. I call him Jay-Rome. We are old old friends back from Texas but he now lives in DC. The minute I landed I just felt so excited. DC is goregous...the monuments, the history. You just feel the city humming with a crazy energy. I got teary eyed the minute I laid eyes on huge president Lincoln, i think he is my favorite....well besides JFK. We did shopping and restaurants and football (yay packers!) and we even went to GREAT FALLS. We spent NYE at PARC, a sweet 4 level nightclub that was seriously super CHIC nightclub. It was such a blast...I am so lucky to have a friend like Jay-Rome. We had great conversation and great memories. Thanks Jay....FOR EVERYTHING!xoxo

San Fransisco

I cannot get over how goregous San Fransisco is...It is truly my favorite city. Exploring California has been the most amazing part of my life so far. Every weekend I try to get to as many new places as possible. My heart has a weak spot for San Fran! The high energy of the city, the low-key-ness of Marina, the goregous pebble beaches in Saucilito. its just incredible. 

bon voyage!

i really could not be more excited for this trip. ive been preparing all weekend. to celebrate my departure, yesterday tuyet and i spent the day at THE STANDARD HOTEL. (our favorite pool) Its awesome, we drank bottles of wine, laid out, played with cute boys, played ping pong (love it) and swam in the pool looking at views of the beautiful city of LA. Its really so much fun, and our favorite sunday spot. We are so blessed to live here. I'm sooooo going to miss LA.
"live in love"