My time in Madrid...aka La Decorista

While I was away in Madrid, I really tried to take some time away and refresh. After reading this post, I knew getting out of town would be the best thing for me. I needed to get away, see new things and become re-inspired. So, while I was in Madrid, visiting family, I did just that...

I mean, the second I got there I was blown away by the design. The airport was out of hand amazing. Photos cannot capture the bad-ass-ness of this place. I was madly in love with it. Shortly after, the first little spot we went to eat was so stylish and on point. Throwing little furs on the chairs to keep you warm. What?!? I loved it. 
 Every where in this town has serious style. Take for example, this art store. It was in an old school pharmacy with walls of drawers and it was incredible. All of the restaurants had the most interesting light fixtures, too. Speaking of restaurants to not talk about the food in Madrid would be a disservice to this city. The food was absolutely incredible. I ate so many amazing things, I just was blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I forgot to take photos...oops!
 This was one of my favorite restaurants, La Manuelo. The style was very art nouveau whimsical and just very, very cool. Stone walls, black and white striped curtains, curvy accents, metal elements, feather lights and gorgeous spanish tile. 
Obviously, the architecture in downtown Madrid was beyond breathtaking. 

Not surprisingly, I took pictures of all the doors in the city. The moldings and the woods were so gorgeous. Not to mention the door knockers. They were almost always in gold or brass + all the lions just stole the show.
My favorite part of Madrid was el Rastro. We went shopping for antiques all day on Sunday. Everything  was insanely good. 
How cool are these Paris letters?
I am seriously considering putting a cat in my home, and some religious paraphernalia too.
 This one store had a collection of suns that was out of this world. So in love.
All in all I had a wonderful time, resting, recharging and relaxing. But, now, its back to business. 


My weekend in Fort Lauderdale was super successful. I spent so much time in the vintage & antique stores around here scoring things for my clients pad. Like I told you all before, she is a young + stylish fashion designer and her style I will call, VINTAGE PALM BEACH CHIC...
Her 2 bedroom condo is so bright, think white walls and lots + lots of sunlight. She loves brass and her motto for her home is the more gold, the better. Could it get much better??? 
(Anyone in the S. Florida area need an interior decorator...CALL ME...I LOVE it here.)
I have scored like a winner in Vegas when it comes to her furnishings so I will share with you a few things we found on the first day....
The fabulous peacock chair was the perfect piece for her home office guest seating and it was under $40...HELLO!
I could not get over how beautiful driving around this city was. It's been so long since I have actually been in a car to get around, I kinda missed the feeling.
Her bathroom has a little nook for a cute vanity so this Art Deco mirror was $90 and perfect to fit for her to primp with and she loves the glam-ness...This faux bamboo rattan shelving is storage for her bedroom, where she can display her jewels and shoes and the like.
 We are outfitting her digs with tons of vintage brass accessories and we found a whole lot for under $20 each. Hello horses and unicorns (her favorite animals)... How amazing is this gorgeous armoire we scored for her guest bedroom. The amount of storage is insane and the faux bamboo is so her style...and it was under $200
 Now, this next week she is having family come in so we had to fill her home with dishes to outfit her dining table so she can host a party and we stocked up on gold! We got these gorgeous gold rimmed wine glasses at an antique store for $2 each and beautiful white dishes with a gold trim for 1.50$ each and a set of gold flatware for 8.... $69. Everything in perfect shape too! 
This place has such amazing stuff...Here are some interesting pieces that I thought were unique and fun and I so wanted to take home but....well...I can't shop for me.

 and I seriously fell for this New York City skyline screen. It was so cool.

Style-icious Sunday: light, bright and flea market chic

It's a beautiful day in the city today, the weather is perfect! Dying to head to the local thrift and see what fun things they might have for my new digs. While I am much more modern glamour...I am secretly in adoration of the thrift store finds and romantic glamour that goes along with it. The eclectic mix of items can be incredibly pretty. 

decorating ideas...wonderful walls of white frames

Oh how I love a good "white done right" room.
These are two very cool rooms with gatherings of all white frames.
Super chic and super easy to recreate...

1. grab a can or two of high-gloss spray paint
2. get a few random frames with detail at your local thrift shop (always buy in odd numbers)
3. spray away!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 and very inexpensive. I just love this kinda stuff.

Tablescape tuesday {what to look for at the thrift store}

Love the look of this shabby chic tablescape? 

For mere pennies you can recreate the look...
All you have to do is hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on these goodies.

Brass candlesticks, You can literally find these everywhere for less than $2. What I suggest doing is getting some spray primer and paint in bright white. Then you can get some light pink long tapered candles to complete the look. (You can change the colors of candle according to your decor...snazzy!)

 It's true, beautiful bright white china is usually out of the budget BUT a saavy decorista can re-create the look of beautiful dinnerware by scouring the thrift stores for mis matched pretty pieces.  The trick is to keep your plates to the same accent color scheme (think golds + pinks, or silver + turquoise), after some time of shopping you will have build yourself lovely collection. It will look like magic on the dinnertable.
Clear mason jars are probably the easiest on the budget and will totally recreate that fishbowl look that elegantly embraces beautiful blooms. They can also serve as hurricanes for tea-lights when flowers aren't and will create a magical mood.
I firmly believe that mismatched flatware in silver is effortless. Literally they come in bundles at your local thrift store or flea market. Choose your favorites and don't worry if they look awkward, their individual beauty will shine through come dinner time.

Don't be afraid of purchasing random breakfast chairs from your local thrift. The more different each chair is the better. The key is to make sure that the chairs are really sturdy and have a strong base. They are unloved little guys who will look brilliant together with two coats of bright white paint and some light sanding. Once they are all finished they will give that perfect shabby chic look.
all images via flickr.

book love: jonathan adler Chic + Inside Today's Home vintage

If you haven't read Jonathan Adler's book
you must get it now!
It's so much fun and filled with so many great ideas and inspiring photos.
One of my favorites has always been this little vignette of his home...I think it is the adorable guy with a little mustache. 
Anyway, I always had this photo in the back of my mind and always was curious about his book selections (like I am every other designer). 
To my absolute surprise...I recognized this book
INSIDE TODAYS HOME at a vintage store in palm springs...This book is fantastic.
Jam packed with decor tips and photos from the 70's. It's like a fun encyclopedia of decorating with everything from spacing to fabrics to glass to resources. I love it.
If you see this book at a local thrift store, get it. You wont be disappointed! 

and in other blissful news...I am guest blogger today at the beautiful Helena's blog...
A diary of lovely. and it is so lovely!
check out her blog and the post here.

decorating with collections + Palm Springs vintage shopping

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Hope you guys are ready for a fun day...
The past few weeks have been very busy for me.
I have been on a shopping spree for my online store that I will be opening soon (stay tuned).
I have hit up my favorite spots all over LA and Palm Springs with gusto. It has been a blast!
The shops in Palm Springs just blow my mind, they have the most amazing and rare items. 
One thing I love is the abundance of collections and I really love decorating with collections. 
Here are my favorite collections I found on this particular shopping excursion.

The above collections were found at one 'must shop' Palm Springs boutique... Bon Vivant.
 Rare and gorgeous glass (similar to the glass in the Parker Hotel). I think this glass in collections would be gorgeous in any home. These brass owls are adorable too, it was so hard not to want the entire group of cute little guys.

These gorgeous horses and uber cool vintage VW beetles are from HEDGE. It's a ridiculously gorgeous + fun vintage furnishings store in Palm Springs, that I just could not get enough of.
{Kelly Wearstler + Trina Turk shop here}
The guys who own the store are out of control friendly...if you ever get to go ask for the special iced coffee. It's delicious!
{I was so smitten with those VW beetles, I had to come home with the pink one...too cute!}

Here are some more shots of the packed with goodies store.

weekend finds...

So after hearing your feedback on my post about my love affair with empty frames
I took your advice...
I want you all to know how much I appreciate the love + feedback you always give.
It warms my heart. 
After scouting for a few more gold frames, I found 2 that fit perfectly inside the big one.
(in real looks bangin'. photos don't do it justice)

also, while at the flea market
I found this beautiful framed Vintage Vogue print. 
It was marked for $25 and I got it down to $15.
it is now happily at home over our bar cart. 
we love it.

hoot hoot...owl love

So I found this little owl from a local thrift store near UCLA.
I thought it was so cute and it was only 1 dollar.
I thought I recognized it from somewhere, it felt familiar, so I loved him.
Then I realized its from Urban Outfitters and I loved it even more.
Inspired me to search my files for interiors with owls.
I must say, they are kinda growing on me. 

via NJ
(find this art @ Mary Beth's Art etsy shop)
(image via: lineacarta)
(image via:remodelista)

The joy of thrifting: Part 2

Remember back when my sweetheart and I went thrifting,
and we found a jewel for his super swanky pad?
(to refresh your memory see post here)

Well, we finally got it up! We are so excited and my boo is so excited because 
he picked it out all by himself.
After much hard work,and a few hefty tools...
Our prized piece is now on display...
It's perfect!
Don't you just LOVE vintage finds for the home?
We soooo do. 

gold rush

Metallics have been making a huge comeback and this Christmas I have been bringing gold back into my home. I think it brings a bit of glamour to any outfit of any room. 
I'm spending my holidays in Palm Springs this year, hoping to get some vintage shopping in.
I am ever in search of the perfect gold items to put some pizazz into my pad.
Here are some of my most inspirational favorites.

(where i am dreaming of writing Christmas Cards)
(where i wish i was dreaming)

(dreaming of this handbag)


(also secretly dreaming of wrist candy in gold form...)


i absolutely love fashion. i love shopping, styling, wearing, and everything in between.
Lately, I have been on a vintage kick, scurrying around every thrift store in town to find the perfect pieces for my winter wardrobe. is a fantastic site that shows real people, showing off their fashions. 
It's amazing and sooo good for style inspiration. 
After all my searching, i know i am in need of the perfect fur jacket (faux of course). :)
Happy Fashionizing! 

(all images via

the joy of thrifting

In Los Angeles, there are so many places to shop. It isn't however, until you stumble upon a hidden jewel of  a thrift store that you can actually feel happy! 
My sweetheart and I did some mega-shopping this weekend. 
His mom is an interior designer so he has been raised around decor and style.
He is a natural! I am so proud of him. 
He has a 70's swanky vibe going on in his apartment 
and we found the perfect lamp to add to the decor. 
We felt it was a total score! 
Yay for us, mega-thrift-shoppers. 
The day was a total blast.

(Here is the swanky, gold with a green undertone, gem)
So excited about his findings.

(After pictures to come soon!)