Style-icious Sunday: Summertime travel essentails

My bags are packed and today I am off to Las Vegas Market. I'm beyond excited to reunite with my favorite people in our lovely design community. There is gonna be some serious fun happening. As I was packing things, I realized how much I love gold and nudes. They are my staples for my summer wardrobe. Michael Kors makes the best accessories to travel with. Everything goes with gold of course! 

Style-icious Sunday...SYDNEY LIVING

Living in the city absolutely has its perks, but these days I am loving the feeling of open windows, life by the pool and fresh fragrances in the air. There is absolutely nothing like it.  It reminds me of my time in Sydney, Australia. It's probably one of my favorite cities in the world. The city life of New York and the beachy vibe like Miami. It's such a killer combo. 
This Sydney home instantly caught my attention. Fashion designer Collette Dinnigan lives the sweet life in this cozy and chic space...

I love the openness of each room. It's almost as if you are living outdoors. Makes me miss my days in southern california too. So dreamy and delightful...

Style-icious Sunday: weekend white

I am so enjoying this holiday weekend. The mood around this city is so soft and relaxing I can't help but feel the energy of vibrant white. In celebration of the welcoming of white, I am finding myself invigorated by the inspiration of breezy white clothes and delicate white interiors...

I just adore white with bits of gold...

Style-icious Sunday: the MANY shades of MINT

The color MINT is everywhere right now. We have all seen it on full blast this year, so I have a true appreciation for this particular hue of green. I have been dying to add some green to my apartment this spring, but have no idea where I am going to incorporate it...

What's wonderful about the color is that there are so many shades of minty fresh green in fashion + decor. I love to explore the different color combinations it can go with. I truly believe that all colors go together so lets see how many look amazing with mint.
To start off, mint + black are an extremely chic combo, and in the first photo mint + navy blue look so fresh together too.
Mint + orange + pink are a super stylish mix.
mint + cream with a pop of red.
But my most favorite look is a monochromatic mint color palate. It's invigorating + inviting all at the same time. 


Style-icious Sunday...POLKA DOTS

This spring polka dots are pretty and oh so fun! I got really inspired by this polka dot fashion top and then got to peeping out some dots in home decor. I am ever so inspired by the sweet swagger of whimsy and delightfulness that polka dots provide...

You can try them on the walls or in the bedroom and they look especially fabulous on the tabletop. 
And of course, in your wardrobe they give the effect of  effortless style...
and why not give it a try in your works of art?

Style-icious Sunday: Palm Beach Swagger

Shopping down here in Florida is so fabulous! Everything at the stores is full of color and old chinoiserie flair and I am scooping up everything I can get my hands on. The amount of lucite items I have scored is just beyond. total decorista bliss
So, today as I relax and sip lemonade by the pool in my neon bikini, straw hat and sunnies, I relish in the cheery palm beach vibe thats going on in the decor around these places. Majorly FUN! 
Think bright citrus colors, busy, patterned wallpaper, the coolest collections, wicker and rattan furniture, lots of green, tons of vintage items and just a kiss of chinoiserie. 


Style-icious Sunday...OUTDOOR ELEGANCE

With warm weather in the air all I can think about is lounging outdoors. I relish in the thought of brunching outside on my patio and sipping my coffee. I often long for my mornings in California and the beautiful fresh air. I plan on making a few trips very soon to some warmer weather so today I will prepare for my outdoor lounging and longingly daydream... 

all images found here...

Style-icious Sunday... lately loving grey on grey

The thing about color is that it really is powerful, it can be exciting and illicit certain emotions almost instantly. However,'s a perfect blend of feminine and masculine. It almost gives you that feeling of peace, relaxation, something so smooth. Lately I am just really LOVING it...

I love grey on grey so much but what I adore most about looks amazing with a teeny pop of neon green...

douglas freidman photography + a perfect grey + this crazy place.

Styleicious Sunday...the things of SPRING

Neons all the rage right now...especially when it comes to home decor AND fashion. 
 I am so looking forward to adding SPRING touches to my decor, fashion and lifestyle, aren't you?

Of course not only will I add flowers to any table surface, but bright and bold lipsticks are my favorite. I love to wear this YSL coral gloss in the springtime, it goes well with  my skin tone.
I will do anything and everything to make sure that fluros and neons are all up in my world...
I've decided that I need this satchel...ASAP
although I think I must get it in PINK.
oh the highlighter fun to play with.

How fab is this idea of combining succulents and hot pink neon macrame spotted on design sponge? 
all images sourced here...

STYLEICIOUS SUNDAY: in the nude...

The snow has finally arrived and I am loving every minute of it. The city is so quiet out during the snow that it allows me to get cozy and just relax in my apartment and relish in my domestic bliss.
While I love the soft hues of gray in my apartment, I am longing for a nude color palate. Layered shades of the buttery hue are a blend prime for decor perfection...
throw in some earth elements, golds and voila, its Sunday morning magic! 

images via 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Styleicious Sunday: MIXOLOGY

When it comes to fashion and decor there are many differences...
yet so many similarities. Today on this very special day, I focusing on one of my favorite things about decor and fashion, the MIXOLOGY.
{I so love people who do this in fashion and this year, I want to do more of the mix in I do my interiors}
I love the art of a good mix. Combining different eras, different styles, extremely different color ways. I think it is a true talent to be able to pull it off.

Can you notice the presence of red laquer in super well mixed decor? I love it in fashion too... Definitely a key piece.


{one. two. three. four. five.}

Styleicious and white stripes + 2012 resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe that 2012 is finally here. Today I am joyfully celebrating the start of something fresh for me and I'll give you a hint of a little something special I have been working on...
black and white stripes have long been my favorite look, not only is the pattern very prominent in my apartment, I am using it in an upcoming project that I am wild about
It's totally my style. Bold, classic, glamorous and a little edgy too.
This photo says it all for me and what I want lots of in 2012. 
Black and white stripes, a little bit of brass and a dash of coffee too! 
One of my new years resolutions is to travel, india, morocco. So, I'd like to be seeing stripes in a setting just like this.
This year, more written notes + letters...
I am on the hunt for these envelopes found on pinterest. Anyone know where I can find?
I could use to spend a little more time reading and a little less time typing...
I'd like to be a little more eccentric in my style, I wear the same classic look every day and its getting a little boring. I'd love to don something like this fun girl...

or this one...
or these fun girls. love their hats...
the rest of these photos are what is my true hearts desire...
dinner parties
romantic moments...
and peaceful time by the ocean...
oh and plenty of decorating too, of course!


{images. via here + here}

Styleicious Sunday: decorista pink christmas decor

Getting so excited that Christmas is just moments away. Inspired by this vintage advertisement, I decided to put together my favorite Christmas decor in my signature blog color...Decorista Pink.
Today, I am relishing in these glamorous and girlie pink looks...

This image of a woman in a ballgown decorating a tree with her super dapper husband gets me everytime. This is my dream tree, silver with pretty pink roses! 
How cool this must look from the street! A hot pink tree has major panache...
LOVING this decorated staircase action.

i love mixed metallics with baby pretty.
i have a long love affair with nutcrackers. Especially gold and silver ones, they are so chic. 
i just adore this baby pink tree with pink and black chic.
hot pink never fails.
one of my favorite combos is baby pink and black...very vintage hollywood.

an oldie but goodie from tobi fairley.
It's so much fun to daydream in pink, no?

{images via this pinterest + marthastewart. fancifulevents. tobi fairley. }

Styleicious Sunday: hopelessly in love with houndstooth

As I am preparing my apartment for my family to arrive this Christmas I am putting the finishing touches on a few things...
including my desk chair. Originally I was going to cover it with black and white striped velvet (so very parisian...) part of me is having second thoughts. I am having a houndstooth moment and I don't know if I can recover. I am just a smitten kitten with its chic-ness in fashion and in decor.
This chic woman just makes it look fabulous + so does an all white living room like below...
large scale houndstooth is pretty bangin' too...

so chic, no? should I do it?
{images via}

Styleicious Sunday: Stylish skulls

Skulls seriously have been slowly creeping onto my radar...
and when I found this pretty pink skull pillow on a shopping trip in the Hamptons this weekend I fell instantly. Now, I am dying to get some skull action in my home and have found some incredibly chic ways to incorporate the edgy accessory into my life.
{I also kind of dig the wallpaper above...not sure where I could use it but I will find something!}
The Alexander McQueen skull scarf has been a stylish piece for a while...but I am now digging on some skull art. It's edgy and chic all at the same time.
Styling up your accessories with skulls is very chic too.
Skull artwork is so masculine and perfect to add to any bachelor pad.
Cute right? I just can't get enough of them...

Styleicious Sunday: radiating red

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day in New York City. I was blown away by the colors in Central Park and my favorite thing of all was...
the incredibly gorgeous red leaves! It has me jonesing for some red in my life this fall and even into winter. An art teacher once told me that if something is ever missing in your work, add a dash of red and it will make everything come together. I've always loved that philosophy so today I am enamored with beautiful accents of red in my life.
This outfit is no exception...How chic for fall, no?
The most perfect addition of red to my winter would be a pair of HUNTER Wellies.
I also love adding red to my food with fresh strawberries and most favorite addition to any breakfast! 
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.
{images. pinterest. cupcakesandcashmere. elledecor}

Styleicious Sunday...SPIKES

Since I missed my Styleicious post yesterday...
I wanted to make sure and get it in today. This weekend was such a whirlwind of events and lots of sourcing amazing finds. I must say, after peeping some of my favorite home decor shops, I am noticing that spikes are everywhere. Especially in fashion, home decor, restaurants, etc.  Kelly Wearstler uses them a lot of course, cause girlfriend is always on point! Part of me absolutely loves it because there is something very artsy about them. They add an element of edge that is fresh and incredibly chic.
I love this mirror, which will probably never go out of style..
{get your own Ashton Sutton Wall Mirror}
and here is a pair of my most favorite shoes, Sam Edleman spikes. I get compliments every single time I wear them. Gotta love that spike action.

{kelly wearster. pinterest. oly. atlanta homes mag. weheartit. pinterest.}