daydreaming in black + white...

As much as I love color, I love black + white...
It's the perfect combination because it is the ultimate contrast. Lately, I have been noticing, I am attracted most visually to high contrast. Right now, I am imagining my dream home and Carolina Hererra's Manhattan showroom would be my home entryway. Fabulous, no?
I adore this room and how perfectly the sofa size sits in the window nook.
This living simple yet so chic with just moments of black and white.
 Now this bathroom is loaded with color, but the real goodness comes from the pops of black and white. Chevron and stripes. Such a bold little combo...and who wouldn't want this bedroom wallpaper?

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Black kitchen bliss

After my crazy fun and terribly hot weekend, I am jetting off to the OC to do a little something something with one of my favorite shelter publications...
and its all about kitchens. So, I decided to brush up on my favorite kitchens and make sure I'm well equipped. While daydreaming, I decided that in my dream home, I am having a black kitchen like this one. I love the dark wood mix too. 
Black looks so chic in any style of kitchen. This gorgeous modern kitchen looks so good and so does this sweet traditional look as well. The chandelier is the perfect kiss in this blissful little kitchen.
 Aren't these just so fab? I want!!!

1 black and white rug... 4 ways

This black and white rug is an oldie but such a goodie...
Lately, I have been thinking about putting this rug in my living room. I love high contrast black and white, but I want something with movement and my chevron rug bores me. I got rid of that and opened my living room up for something new. I am even considering a little color on the wall. Life is just so much more fun when you constantly change things up. It keeps your life fresh and exciting, no?
It looks good in almost every style, no?

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As most of you know, I've been searching for some great art for my living room...
I just need to find the perfect piece. After perusing the elle decor world for a while, I found this look. An oversize black white canvas kinda makes a super chic statement.
 No art is art too, no?
 There is something calming about this look. I love it in the bedroom. It gives such a relaxing beach house vibe. A quiet look in the middle of a hectic city.
Yep. I'm feeling it. I'm also feeling the black. 
This look actually might be super glam in my living room.

images via: this is glamorous. elle decor. markdsikes

Art + Room: Black and white abstracts

In preparation for Memorial Day, I am tying up a few loose ends here and there before I head down to Palm Beach...particularly with my clients and their accessorizing needs. Even my own apartment, which is being prepared to shoot, needs some final touches. A big something missing is perfect artwork...
 As much as I love color, my most favorite look has always been the chic paintings done in abstract black and white. There is something about it thats very modern and very chic. I don't care how traditional you want to go in your space or how boho, abstract art looks good anywhere. 
 If you are anything like me, then you believe in high contrast and its impact. Black and white make the perfect non color collision that effortlessly creates something so striking and stunning. 
 The great thing about this particular look is that it goes well in a loud colorful + oh so vibrant dining area...
 or even the most peaceful + simple bedroom.

images via lonny mag, daydreams, hellosukio.

office space of the day...modernly white

Okay, I seriously have not been blown away by an office space in a while but this one is just out of hand incredible. Black and white at its most modern + sophisticated. One day my business will be run out of something like this...
high gloss white walls + furry black chairs + mirrored bottom desk + big chandelier + fancy fabulous artwork =
domestic bliss

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Fashion meets decor: Balmain black and white checkers

Beautiful black + white checkered Balmian resort collection
beautiful black + white checkered entryway flooring...
your bold, dramatic and oh so chic look just captivates my heart! 

Lately everywhere I look, I see black and white checkers. Yesterday, I went to a client meeting and walking into the vestibule I stumbled up the most gorgeous black and white checkered floor. Right then  it hit me, this look is so hot right now! Not only am I seeing it everywhere in decor, but on the runways too. I can't wait to see what turns up in these next few weeks as Fashion Week approaches. 
 It's not as if the look is new, I think my grandparents have had floors like this in their kitchen for over 30 years. It really shows how everything old, will once become new again. I love this look so much right now...seriously hoping for some black and white checkers in my new building, wherever that might be. Anyone lucky enough to have this look in their home now???

fashion images Balmain Resort 2013 via
decor images found here... BHG//willowbeinspired//splendidsass

bliss in the kitch' : BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK...

The weather in the city is shaping up to be so lovely, I can already sense fall on the horizon. So, I've been braving the streets of Soho and my favorite design showrooms for some fresh inspiration. From what I can tell, black is the new black and it's looking real good. I have always loved black, I just can't get enough of the way it instantly glams up a room. What's even better? When glossy black finishes are paired in a space that doesn't look to modern or gaudy. Like in this glossy black kitchen, the chinoiserie backsplash makes for a perfectly pretty little kitchen...

As most of you know I love black and white as a combo, especially black with white trim or vice versa. It just highlights the look so well and keeps things crisp and clean looking. 
What I would love in my new apartment more than anything is permission to tear down some of the old wood cabinetry, in most pre-war spaces, and throw up some glossy black kitchen cabinetry. My heart skips a beat thinking of what I would do with it. Rose gold pendant lights, pops of blue and white or maybe even kelly green... just endless possibilities! 


Wallcolor luxury

I just love the color combo black and white. However, rarely do I see glossy black walls and white sofas look so completely chic together. I love the simplicity and the fabrics used in this space. They are perfect with the other accessories in the space like the modern art and lighting. I usually love layers over simple and clean but this space trumps that thought...


A perfect apartment...

Just when I am starting to get in touch with bold colored rooms, I find something the complete opposite that just speaks to my decorating soul. This black and white apartment with just a teeny splash of pink has literally sent me into a whole new obsession...

In the dining room, the doors with round molding is just absolutely so chic. It perfectly warms up the modern elements of the room and stark black and white color scheme.  I am also LOVING the mixmatched mirrors, so sweet.
I love this black and white wallpaper, its absolutely perfect for spring! It fits so well with a cowhide rug and saarinen coffee table and cute, modern + PINK club chairs. 
I love the symmetry and balance in each of the rooms too, its very harmonizing...
This entryway wallpaper is so hip, I love any brave person who works with that look...I think just the right amount of wallpaper was used here, not too much but just enough to give the space some swagger. Don't you agree?
interior by Janet Rice Interiors

COLOR LOVER: onyx, white + kelly

I don't know what is in the decorating water lately but everywhere I love I am seeing onyx black, bright white and kelly green. It's a fabulous mixture I must admit and its taking me back to some of my most favorite interiors moments. For spring, I have been wanting to add a dash of color to my apartment and I'm thinking maybe some fabulous kelly green drapes...or maybe just an emerald lamp. Oh, the possibilities are endless...

Have always loved these incredible lucite + green dining room chairs. 

office space of the, white, bold and blue

white walls + black accents + bit of zebra + pops of pretty blue =
domestic bliss
Loving this uber chic home of Stacey Cohen, an incredibly cool Toronto designer. I have seen this spread going around the web for a while now but for some reason as the warmer weather approaches, I am loving pops of bold color. My favorite part is that its just ONE color, not lots of them. It keeps it crisp and very Mary Mcdonald bold. I just love everything about it.
I really do love bold contrasts of white molding on dark color. This faux headboard is the perfect example of that. Very easy to recreate this look at home. Be inspired. 
spotted on MDB via style at home

House Tour: Inside the home of Nina Bergsten

Nina idea who this woman is but her style is OH SO VERY chic. Stockholm is her home, so she has that Swedish style on lock. White walls, white furnishings with bits of black and rustics in the mix. What I love most is the touch of pretty pastels added throughout which really give the masculine look such a soft, feminine touch. Its perfection in my book...
How stylish is this woman? I think I need that sweater ASAP.

Images via RESIDENCE

bliss in the kitch' backsplash

I am seriously loving the kitchen decor here. Black walls and white washed floors in this gorgeous kitchen is just breathtaking to me. The high gloss white cabinetry is pretty cool too. The mix of a vintage and glamorous chandelier with an old wood table is perfection.
Black backsplashes are my current weakness...
I mean, the biggest decorista in all the land, kelly wearstler, does it!

images via casa sugar...

Styleicious and white stripes + 2012 resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe that 2012 is finally here. Today I am joyfully celebrating the start of something fresh for me and I'll give you a hint of a little something special I have been working on...
black and white stripes have long been my favorite look, not only is the pattern very prominent in my apartment, I am using it in an upcoming project that I am wild about
It's totally my style. Bold, classic, glamorous and a little edgy too.
This photo says it all for me and what I want lots of in 2012. 
Black and white stripes, a little bit of brass and a dash of coffee too! 
One of my new years resolutions is to travel, india, morocco. So, I'd like to be seeing stripes in a setting just like this.
This year, more written notes + letters...
I am on the hunt for these envelopes found on pinterest. Anyone know where I can find?
I could use to spend a little more time reading and a little less time typing...
I'd like to be a little more eccentric in my style, I wear the same classic look every day and its getting a little boring. I'd love to don something like this fun girl...

or this one...
or these fun girls. love their hats...
the rest of these photos are what is my true hearts desire...
dinner parties
romantic moments...
and peaceful time by the ocean...
oh and plenty of decorating too, of course!


{images. via here + here}

I'm off to DALLAS...

and I am beyond excited to get there. I'm hoping to see old faces and make new friends at the event (if you live in Dallas, do join us), do lots and lots of shopping and spending good time with family.
Anybody have any suggestions as to vintage shops and fabulous stores I must not miss...please let me know! 
And of course, I couldn't leave you without any intoxicating decor photos so take a peek at what I have been crushing on lately...

my best pal Cass's christmas tree.
ridiculously modern and cool wallpaper.
poufy sleeves and poufy skirts.
the most ridiculously good set of stairs I have ever seen.
Mr. Goodwill Huntings perfect tie on wreath, so chic.
If it isn't evident from this post, I will let you guys in on a little secret...