Fashion meets decor: Balmain black and white checkers

Beautiful black + white checkered Balmian resort collection
beautiful black + white checkered entryway flooring...
your bold, dramatic and oh so chic look just captivates my heart! 

Lately everywhere I look, I see black and white checkers. Yesterday, I went to a client meeting and walking into the vestibule I stumbled up the most gorgeous black and white checkered floor. Right then  it hit me, this look is so hot right now! Not only am I seeing it everywhere in decor, but on the runways too. I can't wait to see what turns up in these next few weeks as Fashion Week approaches. 
 It's not as if the look is new, I think my grandparents have had floors like this in their kitchen for over 30 years. It really shows how everything old, will once become new again. I love this look so much right now...seriously hoping for some black and white checkers in my new building, wherever that might be. Anyone lucky enough to have this look in their home now???

fashion images Balmain Resort 2013 via
decor images found here... BHG//willowbeinspired//splendidsass

fashion meets decor: FEELING FLORAL

feminine + fancy floral pants 
feminine and fancy floral sofas...

your charm is my perfect trend for spring! 
A floral sofa is the perfect addition to balance a cold, modern look. It's just so playful and could you not adore?
 I just adore these neon pumps with black floral pants, so charming, no?

fashion images via thefancy,, chictopia
decor images all via tumblr...(if you know the source, shoot me a line and ill update)

fashion meets decor: crushing on acrylics

swagger-iffic acrylic cuffs on the arms 
swagger-iffic acrylic on the legs...
no matter what part of a body you are on, I am wild about you.

The legs on these barstools completely rock my world. I would imagine these in a black faux ostrich leather and these would be magical in a sleek and modern apartment.
Yes this desks legs are very stunning. 
Ashley Stark's old nyc bedroom had this bench that has been a long time fave of mine...
this coffee table is a great mix with wood on the top and acrylic legs on the bottom. It's a perfect mix of earthy and modern. I would use this in a new york minute.
(I found this picture on pinterest with no source, if anybody knows where I can find something like this, please let me know)
I am quite smitten with this cute little heart stool. Would be perfect for the vanity or bathroom...

Fashion meets decor: Pretty Piping

Vibrant + pretty pop of piping on perfect fall coat
Vibrant + pretty pop of piping on sexy seating...
you are so on my radar right now. I am seeing some pretty piping in my future. 

How incredibly tailored does piping make this white sofa look? Piping just refines the seating so well, I can't get enough of it. 

Sometimes that small dose of a contrasting color is just what you need to perk up your home.

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Fashion meets decor: inspiration by Katie Ermilio- Spring 2012

I am just loving New York City during this fashion frenzy. It's been such an incredibly fun and exhausting time. The weather is starting to get cool and I'm breaking out the boots, but I am loving how all the fashion shows are showing color for spring. 

So inspired by this Spring 2012 collection by Katie Ermilio. Girl has got some serious feminine wiles. She has me wanting to decorate with gorgeous silk taffeta drapes and bedskirts. I'm dying to add bows to my walls and pleats to my pillows. 
Not to mention the fabulous colors for spring...creamy corals and misty mint greens and chartreuse of course, too! 
I just know the more fabric and femininity, the better! 

all photos by me...the decorista

fashion meets's night out COLOR

So inspired by all of these Fashion Week festivities. Berry, magenta, purple, pink hues are rocking these streets and I am loving every minute of it. Thinking I need some berry-licious color in my home and my clients home too! 
sexy and oh so chic berry jewel toned pants
sexy and oh so chic berry jewel toned style at home...

walking the NYC streets during FNO has me coveting for more bold color in berry jewel tones, those colored pants are all the rage this fall!!!
So in love with berry colors right now...and mixing them with orange and blues....with a dash of gold! 
images: 1)tumblr 2)nysd 2)hgtv 3)dominomag 4) metropolitan home

fashion meets decor... creamy moroccan wedding blankets

pretty,creamy and delightful rachel bilson dress
pretty, creamy and delightful moroccan wedding blankets...
your busy-ness is boho chic yet still oh so glam...and i just love you.
they really do make the perfect bedspread coverlet, no? adds a little something to the room.
I also love it used as a headboard or a pretty tapestry like art for the wall...
such a stylish rug too...


fashion meets decor {nude colors for spring}

deliciously nude trench coats 
deliciously nude fabrics for the home...
spring is here and the trench coats are out in full force in NYC, 
so I am taking a cue and lusting after all things nude in home decor for spring! 

I have also fallen for this set of nudish camel colored leather chairs. My word they are beautiful!
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