Fashion meets decor: Balmain black and white checkers

Beautiful black + white checkered Balmian resort collection
beautiful black + white checkered entryway flooring...
your bold, dramatic and oh so chic look just captivates my heart! 

Lately everywhere I look, I see black and white checkers. Yesterday, I went to a client meeting and walking into the vestibule I stumbled up the most gorgeous black and white checkered floor. Right then  it hit me, this look is so hot right now! Not only am I seeing it everywhere in decor, but on the runways too. I can't wait to see what turns up in these next few weeks as Fashion Week approaches. 
 It's not as if the look is new, I think my grandparents have had floors like this in their kitchen for over 30 years. It really shows how everything old, will once become new again. I love this look so much right now...seriously hoping for some black and white checkers in my new building, wherever that might be. Anyone lucky enough to have this look in their home now???

fashion images Balmain Resort 2013 via
decor images found here... BHG//willowbeinspired//splendidsass