daydreaming in black + white...

As much as I love color, I love black + white...
It's the perfect combination because it is the ultimate contrast. Lately, I have been noticing, I am attracted most visually to high contrast. Right now, I am imagining my dream home and Carolina Hererra's Manhattan showroom would be my home entryway. Fabulous, no?
I adore this room and how perfectly the sofa size sits in the window nook.
This living simple yet so chic with just moments of black and white.
 Now this bathroom is loaded with color, but the real goodness comes from the pops of black and white. Chevron and stripes. Such a bold little combo...and who wouldn't want this bedroom wallpaper?

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Lately Loving...

After spending my long and lovely weekend in Shelter Island, I can't help but feel like I want to bring the style back to the city with me. All summer I have been loving moments of white, nudes and golds in my home and in my life. Here are a few key things I am looking to add to my world...
1.Striped Sailor Tank
2.DVF crochet dress
3. White Tilly Chandelier
4.Tory Burch Wedges zebra tray
6. Harry Allen Piggy bank
7.White perforated MK bag

1 black and white rug... 4 ways

This black and white rug is an oldie but such a goodie...
Lately, I have been thinking about putting this rug in my living room. I love high contrast black and white, but I want something with movement and my chevron rug bores me. I got rid of that and opened my living room up for something new. I am even considering a little color on the wall. Life is just so much more fun when you constantly change things up. It keeps your life fresh and exciting, no?
It looks good in almost every style, no?

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As most of you know, I've been searching for some great art for my living room...
I just need to find the perfect piece. After perusing the elle decor world for a while, I found this look. An oversize black white canvas kinda makes a super chic statement.
 No art is art too, no?
 There is something calming about this look. I love it in the bedroom. It gives such a relaxing beach house vibe. A quiet look in the middle of a hectic city.
Yep. I'm feeling it. I'm also feeling the black. 
This look actually might be super glam in my living room.

images via: this is glamorous. elle decor. markdsikes

Art + Room: Black and white abstracts

In preparation for Memorial Day, I am tying up a few loose ends here and there before I head down to Palm Beach...particularly with my clients and their accessorizing needs. Even my own apartment, which is being prepared to shoot, needs some final touches. A big something missing is perfect artwork...
 As much as I love color, my most favorite look has always been the chic paintings done in abstract black and white. There is something about it thats very modern and very chic. I don't care how traditional you want to go in your space or how boho, abstract art looks good anywhere. 
 If you are anything like me, then you believe in high contrast and its impact. Black and white make the perfect non color collision that effortlessly creates something so striking and stunning. 
 The great thing about this particular look is that it goes well in a loud colorful + oh so vibrant dining area...
 or even the most peaceful + simple bedroom.

images via lonny mag, daydreams, hellosukio.

office space of the day...modernly white

Okay, I seriously have not been blown away by an office space in a while but this one is just out of hand incredible. Black and white at its most modern + sophisticated. One day my business will be run out of something like this...
high gloss white walls + furry black chairs + mirrored bottom desk + big chandelier + fancy fabulous artwork =
domestic bliss

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White leather Chesterfield {my little love affair}

If you have been following me lately on twitter or facebook, then you know my current state of affections for chesterfield sofas. I simply cannot get enough of them right now and I am just seeing them everywhere. It's such a timeless and classic sofa with immense style, how could you not adore them? 
I have seen them in magenta and teal and even buttery tan leather, but for some reason nothing really speaks to me. Until I spotted a white leather one, it was absolutely love at first sight. I knew immediately that for my new apartment, I must have one of these beauties in delicious white leather. Oh, be still my heart. 
 Now, this one isn't white, but the look of it around all white was so calming and serene none the less.



I am not usually one for a lot of white in New York City. Mostly because I think that it can be a little boring and color adds so much to smaller spaces. However, this gorgeously large loft has changed my mind. The windows in this space are beyond amazing and the light just illuminates each piece of furniture making it that much more dreamy and magical...

It's more than a loft, its like a magic little spot in the city...where dreams are made. I just love the mixes of brick, white and wood tother in different shades. Mixing textures in neutral colors can be so warm and comforting. 
I adore the look of organization and am loving how all of these books have white spines. Very clever and impossibly chic. 
all images via the october issue of Rue.


Okay everybody. I sincerely apologize for not posting yesterday. Things are getting to busy around here I can barely keep up. Yesterday I had an amazing shoot at clients house, those days are the most fun part of my job I swear. One thing I did realize, I am crushing hard on wooden furnishings. Especially when they are accented with white. Nothing is better than a wooden and white dresser...

I am loving the contrast of the finishes together. It really makes an old modern dresser really come to life and have some glamour. The best works in masculine or feminine spaces and still looks so good! 


Fashion meets decor: Balmain black and white checkers

Beautiful black + white checkered Balmian resort collection
beautiful black + white checkered entryway flooring...
your bold, dramatic and oh so chic look just captivates my heart! 

Lately everywhere I look, I see black and white checkers. Yesterday, I went to a client meeting and walking into the vestibule I stumbled up the most gorgeous black and white checkered floor. Right then  it hit me, this look is so hot right now! Not only am I seeing it everywhere in decor, but on the runways too. I can't wait to see what turns up in these next few weeks as Fashion Week approaches. 
 It's not as if the look is new, I think my grandparents have had floors like this in their kitchen for over 30 years. It really shows how everything old, will once become new again. I love this look so much right now...seriously hoping for some black and white checkers in my new building, wherever that might be. Anyone lucky enough to have this look in their home now???

fashion images Balmain Resort 2013 via
decor images found here... BHG//willowbeinspired//splendidsass

Real Living: daydreaming in Teal

While I thought apartment shopping would be so enjoyable, truthfully, it's much harder than it seems. I am such a picky little decorista. One thing I am enjoying about it is the 'blank canvas' idea and my imagination of what I would do in the space gets to run wild. The last apartment I saw had the most adorable little kitchen breakfast nook. If I moved in, I would recreate this adorable little teal and white situation...

When I first saw this modern and glamorous apartment from Real Living, I knew that it was something I would want to replicate one day. Mint green walls in the bedroom, wild wallpaper in the living room and the deep gorgeous teal in the dining nook. Metallics abound in all colors, silver, gold and bronze (hello olympics) and it's packed with feminine edge. Remember my confession about my love for turquoise chairs? Hello.
How cute is that little gold pineapple hook? Ugh. This space just speaks to my soul. 

 scans via, photographs by chris warnes, styling by sarah ellison for real living au

office space of the day...WHITE GLAMOUR

It's about that time to leave Las Vegas and I am more than ready to go. Next stop on this trip, Los Angeles. Can't wait to get back to my beloved city, it always just reminds me of Hollywood Glamour.  I really wish I was working from this gorgeous + glamorous space today...
white floors + white rug + gorgeous black desk + pretty fireplace + sexy sconces + pop of leopard=
domestic bliss

Tablescape Tuesday: summertime soiree with blue + white

Blue + white china is completely classic and will always work in any kind of situation. When in doubt of what to do for a summertime tablescape, this look will ALWAYS be effortlessly chic...

I have been collecting blue and white pieces forever, so keep your eyes out and when you spot something grab it. If you are into entertaining, or even if you aren't, I totally recommend keeping a collection in your home. You never know when it might come in handy. You can throw some flowers in the vase for an easy centerpiece in a flash. No matter what color you mix with, it's always in season