THE GOOD WOOD. Kelly Wearstler in Seal Beach

Just the other day I was shopping around Flatiron area and I happened to stumble across this amazing store that sells custom wood paneling. Now, I grew up in Austin, Texas, the mother land of wood paneling, therefore I like to steer clear of wood paneling as I think its too much. Lately though, I have been seeing some paneling in homes that really is chic and I'm into it. Things always come full circle I guess. 
Naturally, when this Kelly Wearstler Seal Beach spot came into my life (the pages of Rhapsody) I took it almost as confirmation. Perhaps wood paneling isn't so bad. Especially with incredible flooring to match. I love the way this little bar cart area is styled. I'm loving the splatter paint looking dishware. So very Ms. Wearstler. 
 These calming bedrooms are the perfect place to relax. I am so beyond ready for summer! 
images Kelly Wearstler design, photography by Grey Crawford for Rhapsody via Sukio


I am not usually one for a lot of white in New York City. Mostly because I think that it can be a little boring and color adds so much to smaller spaces. However, this gorgeously large loft has changed my mind. The windows in this space are beyond amazing and the light just illuminates each piece of furniture making it that much more dreamy and magical...

It's more than a loft, its like a magic little spot in the city...where dreams are made. I just love the mixes of brick, white and wood tother in different shades. Mixing textures in neutral colors can be so warm and comforting. 
I adore the look of organization and am loving how all of these books have white spines. Very clever and impossibly chic. 
all images via the october issue of Rue.


Okay everybody. I sincerely apologize for not posting yesterday. Things are getting to busy around here I can barely keep up. Yesterday I had an amazing shoot at clients house, those days are the most fun part of my job I swear. One thing I did realize, I am crushing hard on wooden furnishings. Especially when they are accented with white. Nothing is better than a wooden and white dresser...

I am loving the contrast of the finishes together. It really makes an old modern dresser really come to life and have some glamour. The best works in masculine or feminine spaces and still looks so good! 


Secret of domestic bliss #66...WOODEN BEDS

As I start planning my move, my eyes are already shopping for new furnishings. What I am really into lately is wood in the bedroom. I think I may have been spending too much time by the beach, and lovely earthy rooms. I'd love to see how a beautiful wooden bed looked in a sea of more modern pieces, I just love a good mix. This four poster dark wood bed looks so regal against this brick wall. Brick is so common in NYC apartments, so this could be something I could work with...

The beautiful shapes of a bed like this antique one are just beyond breathtaking to me. I could literally see myself sleeping and waking in bliss in this sleigh bed. I adore that wooden cross, too. 
 Wooden floors + wooden bed = super chic
I have my eyes on a few beds from this great source.
 Oh, and this gorgeous light wood four poster bed is incredibly intoxicating and almost a little dreamy like. I just love it against the white and mirrored room. 
A few beds I like...

bliss in the kitch'...mixing wood + metallics

Over the holiday I got to catch up with a few of my favorite blogs and found a new love for warm metallics in the kitchen. I love the idea of mixing, rose gold, gold and brushed silver fixtures. I also love a good stainless steel countertop and appliances. My client and I will be playing all week trying to come up with the perfect combination...

for the perfect look, I am taking a cue from a few of my fave pinterests
I love the big wood planks on the floor mixed with a rustic grey-ish cabinetry. It's very cute country but still a bit modern with that GORGEOUS glass faced fridge. 
No exposed woods here but a very pretty mix of deep brass, bright gold + a pop of aluminum. love.
the second i saw this photo on debby's blog, I freaked. The black wood countertop + brass fixture look, mixed in with marble walls and brushed silver drawer pulls and copper and aluminum pots and pans. It's perfection.
they are all so pretty. my heart sings songs of decorista joy! 

tablescape tuesday: getting to thanksgiving tabletop ideas

martha stewart
I can't believe its already November...
I feel as if October just flew by and its already time to start preparing for Thanksgiving. This year on my tabletop I am all about elements of nature...wood, linen, anything that resemble what the earth is all about. You all know me though and I wouldn't do anything without a little glamour.
So perhaps adding bits of gold would make the perfect addition to my very au natural tablescape. Don't you think?

needing. wanting. loving. {vacation home in Montauk by Roman & Williams}

As my LA trip begins to come to an end, I feel ready to get back to the bright lights of my big city. However, I already feel myself looking for my next getaway (the heat of nyc is pretty major). So, I am beginning to ponder the possibilities of a weekend in Montauk, NY...for those of you who don't know, think super duper east Hampton.  
I have always been completely fond of this amazing Montauk spread designed by Roman & Williams. I am obsessed with the woodsy, earthy, rustic-ness of the place. The modern lighting and industrial pieces keep it very hip and cool all while still maintaining that cabin log vibe. Agh. I just love it and could definitely use a weekend relaxing on that comfy looking sofa and making/enjoying dinner in that amazing kitchen merged dining room. 
Absolutely LOVE it.

All images via Roman & Williams & New York Times

The Art of to decorate Mid Century Modern style

I love all styles of decor, its part of being a decorista to the core. Not every style looks good though and mid century modern is one of those that can go all wrong. I particularly love this home and how they rocked the look. Lots of white really keeps it fresh and piles of colorful cushions gives a little extra kick. The best part, really good artwork and gorgeous woods, you can't have old ratty wood for this look. It will kill it and be far too retro. Take a style cue from this fabulous pad. Oh and p.s. how GORGEOUS is that light fixture? So so good! 

style at home

Color combination of the day: black, white and wood

I love daydreaming of decor inspiration. Last week I was so into the look of pink and red for the romantic holiday season but today I am inspired by black and white as usual, however I am loving the addition of light woods. It adds just a hint of rustic and earthy to an otherwise stark combo. 
I love it for this kitchen or a fabulous office space, and this bedroom is wonderful with this look as well


Kelly Wearstler gets it right everytime...the Viceroy Anguilla

Can we just talk for a second about the latest project done by one of my idols...
Gawd, I love her. She has done such a brilliant job with all of the Viceroy hotels and this new one, the Viceory Anguilla is out of the world and makes me want to get there immediately. Thank goodness for the world wide web so I can just delight myself in these amazing photographs. I am loving the shift here from hard elements to more woods and earthy elements in her designs. Still as graphically and architecturally dramatic but sans the crazy bold colors. As always, I love her artwork choices, she gets it right in that direction every single time as far as I am concerned. Its very relaxing and at the same time enchanting. 
I could imagine that the minute you walk out to this bar it takes your breath away.
Maybe I'd stop by the boutique and shop for a moment after I hit up the spa...
then grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, Coba and then off to the rooms...

So...what do we think???

art + room: fabulously colorful

perfectly lined sideboard + beautiful leopard chair + brass sputnik + beautiful graphic artwork =
domestic bliss

Okay, so New York city is absolutely blowing me away. I have been buzzing around this city like crazy. I am most fascinated by the beautiful art galleries... everywhere! This photo totally inspired my day yesterday of hunting this city for the best artwork finds for clients this week. All the artwork in the city is intoxicating!

image via sketch42

bliss in the kitch' {teal chinoiserie goodness}

Something about this kitchen stopped me in my tracks and made me look twice. I don't know if its the gorgeous toile-esque teal wallpaper, which I absolutely adore or if its the starkness in the white countertop against the dark wood cabinetry. It's not something you see everyday but looks fabulous well put together. The kitchen is not usually the place where people get creative but I just love it when they do. This gorgeous kitchen is no exception and I am just dying to bake something delicious in that beautiful oven.