Secret of domestic bliss #66...WOODEN BEDS

As I start planning my move, my eyes are already shopping for new furnishings. What I am really into lately is wood in the bedroom. I think I may have been spending too much time by the beach, and lovely earthy rooms. I'd love to see how a beautiful wooden bed looked in a sea of more modern pieces, I just love a good mix. This four poster dark wood bed looks so regal against this brick wall. Brick is so common in NYC apartments, so this could be something I could work with...

The beautiful shapes of a bed like this antique one are just beyond breathtaking to me. I could literally see myself sleeping and waking in bliss in this sleigh bed. I adore that wooden cross, too. 
 Wooden floors + wooden bed = super chic
I have my eyes on a few beds from this great source.
 Oh, and this gorgeous light wood four poster bed is incredibly intoxicating and almost a little dreamy like. I just love it against the white and mirrored room. 
A few beds I like...