HEADBOARD STYLE {high + tufted}

Things in my apartment are getting so good. I have had so much goodness shipped in lately,
its more than exciting. What I have left for my bedroom is usually one of the first things I would normally order, a headboard. For some reason, I am saving the best part for last.
How do I like my headboards? High and tufted. It's all you need for major style in your bedroom...
There is nothing like a headboard with a mirrored trim. They can be my favorite look for a glamorous room. I think it might be perfect in my bedroom. 
 Velvet headboards are also really glam and old hollywood style. I just used a deep purple super high headboard in a clients apartment and it just makes such a fab statement. Seriously, when it doubt go velvet! 

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1- song of style 2/3/4/5

Secret of domestic bliss #69...haute headboards

One of the most important aspects of my home is the bed. I am the kind of girl that has to have the best sheets and pillows. It's one of the things I always splurge on because I believe sleep is such an important part of life. So, I make every effort to make my bed incredibly delightful. This upcoming year one thing I want to upgrade is my headboard. I am all about taking it up a notch and having a custom made headboard and getting it done exactly how I want it. After working with clients in the city, I have found that the happiest clients are the ones who had custom headboards done...

These days you don't always necessarily have to have a custom headboard. So many retailers have really made a move to really get creative when it comes to headboards. They have gotten very "hotel chic" with the shapes, styles and sizes. 
Agh. Headboards just make such a good statement in the bedroom. Want a new one too?
I put together a list of a few favorites of mine that I have spotted and claimed as must haves! 

ONE: safavieh nailhead
TWO: Felix Headboard
THREE: Skyline white
FOUR: tufted wingback
FIVE: horchow headboard

decor images: one//two//three//four//five//

Secret of domestic bliss #66...WOODEN BEDS

As I start planning my move, my eyes are already shopping for new furnishings. What I am really into lately is wood in the bedroom. I think I may have been spending too much time by the beach, and lovely earthy rooms. I'd love to see how a beautiful wooden bed looked in a sea of more modern pieces, I just love a good mix. This four poster dark wood bed looks so regal against this brick wall. Brick is so common in NYC apartments, so this could be something I could work with...

The beautiful shapes of a bed like this antique one are just beyond breathtaking to me. I could literally see myself sleeping and waking in bliss in this sleigh bed. I adore that wooden cross, too. 
 Wooden floors + wooden bed = super chic
I have my eyes on a few beds from this great source.
 Oh, and this gorgeous light wood four poster bed is incredibly intoxicating and almost a little dreamy like. I just love it against the white and mirrored room. 
A few beds I like...

office space of the day...black, white, bold and blue

white walls + black accents + bit of zebra + pops of pretty blue =
domestic bliss
Loving this uber chic home of Stacey Cohen, an incredibly cool Toronto designer. I have seen this spread going around the web for a while now but for some reason as the warmer weather approaches, I am loving pops of bold color. My favorite part is that its just ONE color, not lots of them. It keeps it crisp and clean...so very Mary Mcdonald bold. I just love everything about it.
I really do love bold contrasts of white molding on dark color. This faux headboard is the perfect example of that. Very easy to recreate this look at home. Be inspired. 
spotted on MDB via style at home

SUZANIS = insanely gorgeous pattens on textiles...

I adore this gorgeous suzani textile as a headboard. Textiles are one of the perfect additions to your bedroom and will always be a cheaper headboard alternative. Suzanis have been around for a while but I don't think their shine has worn off. Especially in the bohemian chic style realm, their colors and patterns are boho perfection. Am I right???

oh and P.S.
so so so pretty!


The Art of Living...getting creative with headboards

My mind is filled with creative ideas today. I found this gorgeous quilt that reminded me of this photo and it got me thinking about different and unique headboards.
I love the idea of an original one of a kind headboard. It creates an unexpected visual interest in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to get your mind going... just let the creativity flow. 


rooms that rock my world! my dream bedroom...

and I am absolutely in love!
The dark wall behind the plush headboard is the perfect compliment to the influx of bright light in the room. I am also enamored with beautiful + calming feminine hues of light pink and purple. It just tops the room off with a bit of elegance and romance. So dreamy, no?

more bedrooms to adore...

images via pinterest

secret of domestic bliss #35...decorate with a piece of tufted furniture

When decorating your home, there are certain items that transcend periods and styles,
they just look amazing anywhere.
There really is something very grand about tufted furniture.
I feel like it evokes a sense of history and
at the same time can be very modern... the perfect blend.
At the moment, I cannot get enough of the look of perfectly executed tufted pieces.
I totally suggest keeping your eyes out for one of your own.
 Here is how you can make it work....

Mix a velvety yellow sofa with high gloss black asian table for a boho chic look.
Or a deliciously soft tufted headboard paired with a glossy mirrored side table is absolute glamour!
 I also love a beautiful tufted headboard layered with romantic ruffles for that Parisian chic look.
Nothing says "coziness" like all white bedding...
well...maybe a gorgeous oversized sectional.
A woman after my own heart.
the zebra art in this living room. killer. 
the fact that its paired with chiang mai pillows. genius.

beds i'm craving...

This Sunday is absolutely gorgeous outside yet all I am longing for are those days where the rain pours, candles are lit and black and white movies are on the screen. Those kind of mornings where you sleep in late and in bed you luxuriate endlessly, holding your mug of coffee and magazines.
These are the beds I am dying to repeat this tradition with...I am just smitten with the look.


Dear Decorista, {a west elm bed dilemma}

Dear Decorista,
Hi there!
First things first, I absolutely love your blog!  You have no idea how excited I get when I arrive at your blog and see a new post!
I know that you're incredibly busy probably don't do this often, but as I sit here looking through your blog for some sort of inspiration to make up my mind on a large furniture purchase, I was wondering if I could get your opinion?
If you don't mind, could you recommend which bed you'd pick from West Elm?
All my best, 
City Girl Amanda

City Girl,
Thank you so much for being a reader. I love love love hearing that! 
I think West Elm beds are all gorgeous but here are my favorites and why I think they would look great in your bedroom. (which is gorgeous by the way...i LOVE the artwork!)

I really love the nailhead trim of this gray headboard. It's uber tailored and chic looking. I think the gray would go very well with the yellow bedding + fab artwork!
I also really love the cozy look of this grasscloth headboard. It would warm up the room a bit and give your bedroom a warmer feel...like it would make you just wanna snuggle up in bed with a good book.
Readers, what do you guys think??? Are there any west elm beds you would recommend?

headboard looks to love!

I came across this extremely adorable headboard over at apartment therapy.
Alicia created this adorable bohemian look for her apartment.
I am just smitten with it. Props to her for doing it herself too!
Makes me crave a new headboard. Here are some that I just love...
A perfectly pretty painted one is easy peasy!
Mirrors of course step it up in the Glam department!
My love for chinoiserie here is illustrated perfectly.