The Art of Living: WINDOW WONDERS

Every once in a while you happen upon a space thats a little odd in design. Especially the modern buildings around downtown NYC. The shapes of the buildings aren't traditional at all, so when it comes to decorating, you have to get creative. Windows can always be an interesting spot. Sometimes you have that extra or irregular window and no idea what to do around it. So, I've been on the hunt for some intoxicating and innovative inspiration...

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The Art of living...CHIC SIDE TABLES

Even though I am a designer and pretty much always go for a proper bedside table, the decorista in my heart loves clever solutions. I am so into unique bedside tables these days. What I love most is finding new and clever ways to reinvent old things. I am so partial to vintage shops and thrifting...its a love affair I have had since I was very young. So, I love searching for examples of that and new and inspiring ideas. Thank goodness for pinterest, it helps satisfy that craving...

I just love the idea of suitcases and trunks for sidetables...
I also adore the idea of anything meant for the outdoors, and bringing it in...
clever, no?
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The Art of Living...collecting smarts

Group them all together! 

Whether they be books, magazines, keepsakes, travel items...Whatever your pleasure, make sure you display them all together for a purposeful look. Having a purposed decor style makes such a huge difference. Thats why stores display things so beautifully, things are cared for and put together purposefully. It makes your home style that much sweeter and gives way for instant domestic bliss! 

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The Art of Living: making doors more chic with wallpaper

The moment I spotted this gorgeous entryway, I let out a sharp gasp! How gorgeous + dramatic, no? I quickly realized the effectiveness of wallpapered doors and remembered the way I adore Martinique Wallpaper ...

I just love the continuity that wallpapered doors provides. It's almost essential in New York apartments due to the size. Keeping the same pattern throughout actually makes the space seem bigger. It's such a clever old decorators trick and looks magnificent! 
I really love the way the dark brown and mint green damask wallpaper looks. So chic.
I kind of want to try it now don't you?

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The Art of Living: inspired bookcase styling

No longer are the days for bookshelves to be used for books...
Now it is the perfect place to display your most treasured accessories. I personally use this philosophy in my clients homes, especially in the city. Sometimes bookcases can be perfect for storing everyday essentials for easy access. I love gorgeous items and why not display those that you just adore the most!
Take some cues from these marvelously styled bookcases.

images via pinterest.

The Art of Living: keep your dining room hip

If you guys love to entertain as much as I do, something I have just got to suggest to you is mixing up your dining room seating....
Sure, all the same chairs looks very fresh and pretty but there is something very chic about mixing in different seating. It keeps things unexpected and a little more interesting. I have a small obsession with chairs...all kinds, but I think its good to keep with similar styles like modern + modern, french louis + greek klismos, etc. It's just really something that will set your dining room apart from everyone else's and make you look a little bit more cool.

I kinda like the look of these together...pretty cute.

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The Art of Living: make your entryway chic

Lately I have been stressing to my clients the importance of having an entryway that just has lots of panache....

It needs to make a statement and be extremely representative of how you want your home to feel. It's like the first chapter in any good book, it's gotta get you wanting more. I always love a great piece of art or mirror above a console but I want to inspire you to think outside the box, too. Give your entry space a little bit of flair by adding fun, eccentric and oversized items. Collections can really be perfect in your entryway, too! The bigger and bolder, the me. 

The Art of Living: how to decorate around a tv

Having a television can be a tough decorating problem to tackle...
but it doesn't always have to be so bad. Because my new apartment is so small, I am looking for a clever way to add a tv to the wall. I have thought about creating a super fun and large scale art wall but I am also feeling quite inspired by these fabulous decor inspirations!
I just adore those two little busts... and the AMAZING wallpaper below...

images via. lonny. thecoveteur. elledecor. domino.

The Art of Living: bedside swagger

So, thankfully I made it out of the hurricane Irene unscathed. God bless the entire east coast for dealing with this mess, my heart goes out to all who were affected! In any case...
I spent lots of extra time in my bed during the rain and remembered the importance of having a stylish bedside table. The essentials are different for every person as its such a personal choice what to place there. I personally love a lamp for reading at night, flowers and candles for delicious fragrance and something good to read. Curious to know, what do you guys keep on your bedside table?
Anything like these lovely little trinkets?

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The Art of Living: how to decorate with mirrors

I love decorating with mirrors, but I find that I am bored of just a simple mirror all alone on the wall. I like panache and extra effort when it comes to styling them. There is something about just a little something extra, that really can take your home decor to another level. It's interesting to see how adding mirrors to my own apartment brings a new dynamic and new dimensions. I am inspired to create even more creative displays with mirrors...
I also really love the look of gatherings of mirrors, they are highly effective for any smaller room as it creates a dramatic look AND as we all know, mirrors give the illusion of more space! 
There is such charm about leaning mirrors too, never underestimate the power of unstyled style.
I love mirrors in a bigger grouping of items as well.
This is a little something I am dying to try in my new apartment. A vertical line of mirrors in between windows, this is sure to maximize some natural sunlight. I love it.

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The Art of Living... a chair in the bedroom

So, ever since I can remember I loved hanging out in my grandparents bedroom and sitting in the guest chair while grandma would get ready for a special event. It was one of my favorite places as a little girl. Now, as I am decorating an entirely new bedroom for myself, I have decided that this time I insist on having a chair. Nothing more perfect than a place to read a book, sip tea or have a friend to sit and chat with you (moments of domestic bliss). I am smitten with these chairs in the bedroom. Very smart and very sweet. 

The Art of Living: elements of a party pad

One aspect of domestic bliss is entertaining at home. Such a difficult thing to do here in these NYC apartments being that they are so small. However, you can get creative no matter what size your space with just a few fun touches. 
An oversized dining table...even if the table is a tad too big, it really makes for a great entertaining spot and can double for a work space when you work at home.

Get creative with extra seating... I am a firm believer in having extra chairs around the home. I also LOVE how this pair of cushions is set atop the fire stoop for two extra seats for creative! 

A well stocked bar area...having the proper nosh area is always essential for happy guests. An array of drinks, sparkling water and mixed nuts. Perfect soiree snacking.


The Art of Living: mixing mirrors and pattern

My top two obsessions right now...mirrors and fabulous patterns. Mixing these two together can be SUCH a chic looking combination. I love this red geometric patterned wallpaper mixed with an ivory finished mirror...very, very sophisticated. I don't know what it is about the mix, but the right pairing of pattern and mirrored frame can be incredibly impressive. It can give a room the perfect touch.


The Art of Living: layered living rooms

When decorating your home, it's important to create a gathering place. A room where everyone can collect together and enjoy great conversation and fun, that is what creates domestic bliss
Some people prefer the kitchen, much like my family, but I also really love the feel of an entertaining ready living room. A well decorated living room will have multiple seating/conversation areas, walls layered with gorgeous pieces that elicit great conversations and plenty of fabrics, patterns and interesting textures. I always think too many mirrors never hurt anybody...oh, and never skimp on reading material either. Big photography based books make for the most fun! 

the Art of Living... bringing home Hollywood

So I just want to let you all in on something that I got today that just warms my heart. This gorgeous Sophia Loren print is going in my new cozy bedroom. It looks amazing framed in white and on my muddy gray walls. I can't stop staring at the photo, its perfection.
It got me thinking of my love for vintage photography and I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite to get you inspired. Hollywood photography in a home can be very chic and give a room an entire mood change. Photography can conjure up emotion, which is essential for achieving domestic bliss! (I fondly remember NKTOB posters on my wall doing the same thing for me as a young girl.yes mom, I will always love you for doing that for me). For some, rock and roll shots give a bit of edge and for others old hollywood starlets add a touch of glamour and romance. Whatever your preference, I say go for it, you can't go wrong. 

designer ryan korban uses the BEST vintage hollywood looks.
i love this audrey shot styled by windsor smith.

The Art of Living... a chair in the bedroom

So, ever since I can remember I loved hanging out in my grandparents bedroom and sitting in the guest chair while grandma would get ready for a special event. It was one of my favorite places as a little girl. Now, in my small NYC bedroom, I have decided that this time I insist on having a chair. Nothing more perfect than a place to read a book, sip tea or have a friend to sit and chat with you (moments of domestic bliss). I am smitten with these chairs in the bedroom. Very smart and very sweet. 

The Art of Living: dining room de-lights.

So with my recent obsession with nude colors, you can imagine that these gorgeous pillows and beige breakfast area had me at hello. Next to the pretty colors, I fell hard for the lighting. I love pretty lighting above a dining table. So gorgeous!

i adore this glamorous + romantic lighting....
chic and modern lighting...
how clever is this colorful situation?
more of that gold glam!
I have also always loved this fun + funky combo...

The Art of Living: great kitchen/bar stools

I love meeting my new clients in the city for the first time. Especially when they are fun, sweet and fabulous! 
Yesterday, I met my new beautiful client, Dina and we chatted on and on and realized that in NYC sometimes there is just no place for a dining table (that so won't fly with to entertain)!
 However, for the most part, all I have to search for when looking for seating options are bar stools. The name 'bar stool' for some reason just gives me the jitters....I am not in love with them. So, in search for the perfect bar stools, I found a few that changed my perspective.
Now that I have found these cool and sophisticated stools, I am so very into them. 
These fabulous pair were picked out by W + R for the Ritz Carlton. I worked on this project and let me tell you, its breathtaking! 
These are incredibly gorgeous white with yellowish green seating. I love them.

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The Art of Living...gorgeous natural light

As I have been endlessly searching for the perfect apartment in the city, I have come to realize that you just can't have it all. Well, maybe you can on the upper west side but anywhere in the middle of Manhattan you are probably going to compromise on an amenity or two. I have come to terms with maybe not the perfect sized closet or bathroom but something I will not part with...ample sunlight. I simply could never wake up to a dark apartment and be happy. Sunshine makes me utterly blissful and how beautiful are those morning coffee moments with bright sunlight? 

images via everythingfab and decoristadaydreams