Secret of domestic bliss #68...CURTAINS IN THE BATH

There is no secret that shower curtains are essential in the bathroom. But what if I told you that in order to make your bathroom really be luxurious and stylish, you could take that one step further and really outfit your bathroom with swag. Literally. I am such a fan of over the top drapery and fabric in the bathroom, it just warms things up a little bit more. It's all about the details, as my favorite look is fabric with a little sway and swag...

In order to achieve swag in the bath, you could go for tie backs on either side or even swag roman shades. They are just as gorgeous over the bath or on the windows. I believe in having a valence over the bath to really warm up the look. Trim is also a very important piece of the puzzle. Details always make the difference. 



Recently, I have had a HUGE crush on gingham. Sure enough, my dear friend Katie Armour of Matchbook Magazine gave us a peek insider her fabulous apartment filled with gingham. I am a huge fan of repeating a pattern all over the home and I think she did the perfect job of pulling off the look without overdoing it. Totally impressed. Oh, seeing this sweet apartment is making me so impatient, I am so ready to move into my new pad NOW! I am addicted to redecorating a new space...who's with me?

 a gingham screen is always a good way to go...
 or this pair of gingham wingback chairs from Ethan Allen...
 a lavender gingham backsplash in the kitchen is too adorable...
 or how about some decorista pink gingham french style chairs...and this gingham valence over the bed works wonders too! 

SUZANIS = insanely gorgeous pattens on textiles...

I adore this gorgeous suzani textile as a headboard. Textiles are one of the perfect additions to your bedroom and will always be a cheaper headboard alternative. Suzanis have been around for a while but I don't think their shine has worn off. Especially in the bohemian chic style realm, their colors and patterns are boho perfection. Am I right???

oh and P.S.
so so so pretty!


style-icious Sunday {you fancy, huh?}

Fabulous, flowing, fancy fabrics have been on my mind lately. Whether it be through fashion or interiors, I have fallen for the look of layered sumptuous fabrics. There is something so very magical about leaping onto a bed full of delicious sheets, pillows and blankets. I also love to touch really opulent drapery. Ugh, I just can't stand how much I love it. I may not have a particular style per se, but I will tell you this...the more fabric in my life, the better! 


The Decorista tip of the day...go light white and global

Since spring has arrived, finally. If you haven't already, I do encourage you all to switch up your bedding to bright, light and white cottons. There is something so luxurious about slipping into crisp white sheets. Now I know that a lot of you can't bare the thought of all white (color lovers like me!) and I completely understand. I have the solution! Grab a fabulous, and exotic patterned quilt and throw it on the end of your bed. It adds a little something fun, playful and gives you total style without weighing down your bed! Loving these gorgeous prints....


secret of domestic bliss #47... decorating with flowers

I don't know if many of you will remember this but remember the days when Laura Ashley reigned queen. I can remember as a young girl my mother decked out my bedroom with head to toe floral motifs.    I quickly found myself loathing floral decor...until recently. Is it just me or is the flower making a comeback? Lately I have been seeing beautiful floral motifs everywhere and layered up. Maybe its just that Spring is on its way and flowers are in full bloom! Either way, I am loving the ways of incorporating florals into decor. (like this room with blooms)Whether it be through art, wallpaper, fabrics, linens, or even just a simple bouquet...I am so ready for spring to be in full bloom!

If you have ever checked out Tricia Guild's work, then you will see what I mean, this woman is all about decorating with flowers. Her stuff is spot on! 

The Decorista trend spotting: spotted fabric

I adore this incredibly well styled vignette. Spotted fabric is all the rage right now and I am coveting some for my new space. A perfectly paired elegant wood dresser and gold mirror combo looks rich. The fabulous cat lamp with an orange shade mixes it up a bit and adds a touch of fun. Loving this mix.

love the spotted fabric?

here is what the chair looked like before...
via beau

Decorista Trend Spotting: art like fabric

I have been doing some serious fabric shopping around this city and something I am finding is that the latest in fabrics are very similar to beautiful paintings and artwork, I snapped some photos of a few I liked. I am really inspired by the look of these very graphic, black and white, ikat-ish prints. It's super gorgeous and luxurious looking, especially when used on seating with gorgeous lines like these. Like artwork on a it.
via summer thorton 

a decorators dream...Fresco Towels

Don't you just love it when extremely creative people come up with a genius idea that you wish you had thought of? Well, I am absolutely smitten with Fresco Towels. This family owned beverly hills business is single handedly taking over the towel market quickly. The towels are oversized and overly soft, made of 100% Turkish cotton and they feel like an absolute dream. They showed off their stuff at the NYIGF and they blew me away! These towels are the perfect way to add a huge pop of style into bathroom decor. They are everything you need. 
a line of gorgeous pillows. I cannot wait! 

The Art of Living: using curtains to make a statement

I am always a sucker for pink. It's the girlie girl in me.
How incomplete would this dining room look without these amazing panels?
Fabulous curtains are essential to the basic elements of a stylish home.
You would be amazed what the right drapes can do for your space.
They cozy-up even the most modern spaces and
just the right amount of flair can give romance to any room.
When done right, they can be multi-tasking too.

Secret of domestic bliss #31...curtain call

Something magical happens when curtains steal the show. 
They become so much more than the traditional drapery.
They flourish into setting the tone for the entire look of the room with their sumptuous texture.
If you are feeling that your home needs some sprucing up or
you are a renter and just can't do wallpaper...
Try covering your walls in your favorite fabrics.
Its sure to bring unexpected glamour + drama! I just love it!

Take it even one step further and fabric-ify your patio!