Elements of the perfect guest room

I was chatting it up with someone the other day about decorating their guest bedroom and we were discussing what a guest bedroom needs. Many times we overlook our guest bedroom as just a second bedroom when in fact its actually the very place that people dear to you will be getting their beauty sleep.  The perfect guest bedroom should be accessorized with your guests in mind. I personally love to deck out guest bedrooms in different themes, it's sort of that boutique hotel vibe that I love. What are some key decorating elements for the guest bedroom? Well, first of all the bedding is of the utmost importance, nobody wants to sleep on hard sheets...
Adequate lighting also is a necessity. You need to have a main bright light for the daytime and a soft, subdued light for late night reading. Ample reading material is also needed, sometimes guests aren't in their own bed, so reading helps them to fall asleep.
If I ever have guests over, I always make sure to have flowers by the bedside to brighten their day. Next to that I like to keep a glass and small pitcher for drinking water or maybe tea. Everything should be at arms distance. 
It's also quite nice for your guests to have an extra chair in the room to hang things or for you to sit and chat with them. It gives the room more of a "liveable" feeling. I also love to hang an extra robe for their R + R time. I mean wouldn't you wanted to be treated like a king or queen for the weekend? 

The Decorista tip of the day...go for serene in the bedroom

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This weekend I was in such need for a good nights rest. Then I realized why its so important to make sure your bedroom is a peaceful haven to retire to. I think its perfectly okay to go with very light or no color in the bedroom (even though I am usually all about color). Have you ever noticed how all white bedding is just so inviting? Pattern is more than welcome in a serene bedroom just keep it monochromatic. I am absolutely loving these bedrooms that give my eyes complete peace. 
So, when decorating your bedroom, make sure to create a place that draws you in.
Your body will totally thank you!