A woman's touch in decor is something that I will forever be a proponent of. However, there are times when a man really steps up to the plate and gets his style straight. I am working on a few clients right now that are bachelors in the city and I cannot continue to stress enough the importance of a cleanly and chic masculine bedroom. I truly believe that your confidence starts in your home. If your home is chic, looking right and clean you will walk more powerfully and confidently through your day... #justsaying

To start there are a few essential elements of a good male space... dark walls, soft curtain panels, groupings of chic photography artwork, and sumptuous, clean and crisp bedding. Warm blankets at the foot of the bed, simple but classic pillow combinations too. 
 I also find that metallics and leather always work very well in a masculine bedroom. Wood and plaster sculptures finish off the look with pure polish. 
 I always enjoy a good mike tyson photo or old rat pack style photography works well too. 

 How gorgeous does this buttery brown leather look on this dark and deep textured wall? So chic.
I'm even a fan of modern like in this bed combination below. I really love the mix of black and white photography too. This is such an easy way to display your personal favorite art works and kill the dead space above a low laying modern bed. 
I am so loving all things masculine this moment...

image credits: a merry mishap/livingetc//lonny mag archives//elledecor archives

Elements of Eclectic Glamour

When people ask me to define my style, I always say "eclectic glamour". I think because I love so many looks and styles, its so hard for me to really define. The one thing I know is that I love glamorous things and I love the finer things. Perhaps thats why I love vintage + antiques so much, most of the time these things are made with such care and high quality. I rarely find an interior that really does eclectic quite like I like but Nicole Hanley's apartment featured in vogue did something I am completely into...

White I am not the biggest fan of yellow, I can't help but love the little touches of yellow throughout her space. It adds vibrancy and color to the mix. I've been seeing neon in acrylic so much lately and that adorable ashtray on her coffee table is probably my favorite thing in the space, aside from the glamorous kitten artwork. 
These black doors with yellow insets are oh so rad. Very "outside the box". Which brings out an eclectic edge. Her abounding art collection also nods to modern and the eclectic mix gives you that sophisticated feeling. To top off the look that golden obelisk paired with the marble eggs adds style, swagger and keeps it very glamorous! 
images via Vogue.com


Yesterday I got the most exciting news. All year I have been praying for an international vacation, either Paris or India, those are my top two. To my complete surprise, I got a phone call informing me that this November I am spending a long weekend in Paris, completely paid for. I've never been to Paris and have always wanted to go. As you can imagine, now its all I can think about. So, let's talk about Parisian Glamour...
Everything about Paris is just so lush in my opinion, what is more feminine, romantic and luxurious than that? I adore the lines of French furnishings, the curves are out of control and so good. People just don't make furniture this sexy anymore. This black sleigh bed is just incredible and perfectly Parisian. 
Moments of gold are always incorporated into the mix and not just any gold, but gorgeous, ornate gold. I feel like there is always a fireplace and incredible moldings. What Parisian apartment would be complete without the elements of romance? 
Purples and pinks and delicious textured fabrics are always in full force. Especially in beautiful flowers, they always lend moments of romantic colors to the space. 
Canopys are always essential as are gold sconces with tapered candles. To top off the look you must always add a grand chandelier with crystals and metallics and chains and the like. It really adds the perfect amount of light. So glamorous. I just can hardly wait to check into my hotel. 
Now, I have to work on what am I going to wear...
images via this is glamorous + simply seductive 


When it comes to renting in the city, most people don't get to paint their walls. So, I find that they love to layer up with different styles to create a boho look. Very anthropologie, you know? However, I think that in some cases all they need is just a little element of glamour to finish the boho look off with serious style...

So, there are a few key things that you can add to create that look. Funky vintage photography is one of my favorite ways to personalize your space. There is also always rooms for mixed metallics of any kind. I love that kiss of shine! Simple touches of faux fur can go a long way and a hint of animal print never hurt anybody either. 
Oh, and lets not forget candles, candles and more candles...always make a good boho glam look. 

ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: the french effect

Every once and a while I stumble upon a gorgeous home filled with the look of Parisian Glamour and I am instantly drawn into daydream mode. I would say that I typically like more modern glamour in my own decor, but I can't help but notice the elements of the oh so sophisticated french look...
The main stays for capturing the look of France are gold mirrors +  chandeliers + curvy chairs + sometimes a dash of velvet.
In my designs I like to incorporate these elements mixed with different looks for my personal favorite style...ECLECTIC GLAMOUR. However, this home is quite the gem. 
images via House Beautiful photos by Bjorn Wallander

Elements of the perfect guest room

I was chatting it up with someone the other day about decorating their guest bedroom and we were discussing what a guest bedroom needs. Many times we overlook our guest bedroom as just a second bedroom when in fact its actually the very place that people dear to you will be getting their beauty sleep.  The perfect guest bedroom should be accessorized with your guests in mind. I personally love to deck out guest bedrooms in different themes, it's sort of that boutique hotel vibe that I love. What are some key decorating elements for the guest bedroom? Well, first of all the bedding is of the utmost importance, nobody wants to sleep on hard sheets...
Adequate lighting also is a necessity. You need to have a main bright light for the daytime and a soft, subdued light for late night reading. Ample reading material is also needed, sometimes guests aren't in their own bed, so reading helps them to fall asleep.
If I ever have guests over, I always make sure to have flowers by the bedside to brighten their day. Next to that I like to keep a glass and small pitcher for drinking water or maybe tea. Everything should be at arms distance. 
It's also quite nice for your guests to have an extra chair in the room to hang things or for you to sit and chat with them. It gives the room more of a "liveable" feeling. I also love to hang an extra robe for their R + R time. I mean wouldn't you wanted to be treated like a king or queen for the weekend?