Cafe Francais {in Paris}

Okay, the next time I go to Paris, I have another stop...
The latest coffee cafe from the Beaumarly group is rocking my world today. How chic is the modern dramatic look in this cafe. It's so very Kelly Wearstler and for me, knocks any old cafe out of the park. I would go here strictly to take photos of the sky painted ceiling, prance around on the glossy black and white floor and sit in the luxurious leather seating.
Beyond excited to see such modern deco out there in the world. Hello Cafe Francais

How to live like a lady in Paris {lee radziwill style}

I love Valentines day. It's all about loving things, especially the home...
There is nothing I love more than loving my home. It's so special to me, achieving domestic bliss is my lifelong purpose. It's so good. So when the NY times decided to grace us with the lovely Parisian lady space of Lee Radziwill, and she happens to be Jackie Kennedy's sister.
I am captivated by her home. White walls (hello, my new obsession) and a bright pink sofa. Two killer elements for a femme space. Not to mention the gorgeous light blue curtains, beautiful chinoiserie chairs, and 11 framed botanical prints on the main wall. It's so bright and fun and perfect for entertaining with 2 seating areas for killer conversations. 
Her bedroom is lovely and simple for deep sleeps and those gigantic topiaries outside on the balcony are insanely good. Love them. Who doesn't love piles and piles of light pink roses mixed with the most gorgeous flowers. One way to enjoy your space, lots and lots of flowers. Read more about this fabulous  + fascinating woman here
Happy Valentines Day. 

The Decorista takes Paris...Hotel Saint James

Today I am off to the wonderful and romantic city I have always dreamed of visting...Paris. I have loved all of your emails and tweets with advice and suggestions as to where to go and what to do. I am beyond excited about all the wonderful things that I will get to experience. The first and most important part is the hotel where I am staying...the Saint James Paris...

I am a sucker for black and white with moldings and that grand entrance just blows my mind. I can't explain my love for chinoiserie and pink or the mix grey and black and white with toile motifs. 

 Lovely leopard and pops of blue or an all white oasis. These rooms are just incredible. Ooh la la. I can hardly contain myself. 

images found here


With my trip to Paris coming soon I have been researching the things & places that I must see. Elle Decoration is one of my favorite magazines for art and architecture in France and I just can't get enough of it. I can't read or speak in French, yet, so I am not sure what this is of but I am blown away by this magnificently decorated home...

 I love how layered and artistic this home is. While I love how bright colored and funky patterns abound right now in American home decor, my eye is drawn to edgy pieces, curvy lines, sumptuous fabrics, muted colors, moldings, and very high gloss paint. 
 These things are totally refining my style and I am beyond excited to get inspired for some new projects I have coming up. Im ready to get bold in bringing in some unexpected items with history and using things that are ridiculously oversized. 
images via Elle Decoration


Yesterday I got the most exciting news. All year I have been praying for an international vacation, either Paris or India, those are my top two. To my complete surprise, I got a phone call informing me that this November I am spending a long weekend in Paris, completely paid for. I've never been to Paris and have always wanted to go. As you can imagine, now its all I can think about. So, let's talk about Parisian Glamour...
Everything about Paris is just so lush in my opinion, what is more feminine, romantic and luxurious than that? I adore the lines of French furnishings, the curves are out of control and so good. People just don't make furniture this sexy anymore. This black sleigh bed is just incredible and perfectly Parisian. 
Moments of gold are always incorporated into the mix and not just any gold, but gorgeous, ornate gold. I feel like there is always a fireplace and incredible moldings. What Parisian apartment would be complete without the elements of romance? 
Purples and pinks and delicious textured fabrics are always in full force. Especially in beautiful flowers, they always lend moments of romantic colors to the space. 
Canopys are always essential as are gold sconces with tapered candles. To top off the look you must always add a grand chandelier with crystals and metallics and chains and the like. It really adds the perfect amount of light. So glamorous. I just can hardly wait to check into my hotel. 
Now, I have to work on what am I going to wear...
images via this is glamorous + simply seductive 


After the holiday weekend in the city, I am taking a day of catching up on all the work I didn't do while I enjoyed special time with special friends. I ended up having amazing conversations with a few friends who spend a lot of time over seas and it got me thinking..." I need to get over there, asap"
So, being the decorista that I am, I started to research hotels in Paris, London and Spain and I just can't stop daydreaming about visiting overseas...

This hotel designed by Robert Couturier absolutely took my breath away. The colors and patterns are just so rich and lovely. How incredible is this blue in the kitchen? I love the way the modern and sleek finishes was mixed with vintage dining pieces, so incredibly chic. And can we just talk about the hexagon tile on the floor...I mean.
If you know me at all, then you know my adoration for wall textiles and patterns...

When are we going?

all in the family...Susan Gutfreund decorates in Paris

I've been so busy keeping up with this NYC energy I have barely gotten around to my favorite decor glossies. I know I'm a little late but I am absolutely blown away by this winter's issue of Veranda. I truly believe that its getting much much better since Dara came along. I loved the Jennifer Lopez spread and the Hutton Wilkinson entertaining article was just gorgeous.
Interior Decorating is an art form that runs strong in my family so I also wanted to take a moment to appreciate the decorating style of my aunt, Susan Gutfreund, and her mentor/friend/decorator Henri Samuel and their beautiful spread. Together, they have created some of the most beautiful decor I have ever laid eyes on. This time they have decked out her home in Paris with panache (and a bit of soft glamour) and in this January/February 2011 issue, Veranda made note of it. 
 It is love at first sight as you gaze your eyes upon the entryway's grandeur staircase. The magnificence doesn't stop there... in the main rooms, the dreamy walls are so soft and romantic, the perfect setting for the characteristically French detailed moldings. I love how the soft color palate allows the ornate and dramatic light fixtures to steal the show and the luscious greenery adorns the room with a perfect pop of color.
How about the charm of this dining room? Aside from the fact that it is beautifully ornate, it also has a sense of warmth to it, like you could sit here for hours over a wonderful meal.
This beautiful master bedroom is the perfect jewel box with gorgeous gold accents and lovely floral patterns.
I love the mix of muted reds and simple dashes of blue.
images via Veranda Jan/Feb 2011 

Style-icious Sunday {parisian glam panache}

There is something so enchanting about parisian glamour. The decor is so timeless, elegant and lovely.
Ornate gold pieces and light blues are often found in places like this. I love when the look is mixed with a bit of modern too... It can really take it to another level. I guess I'm smitten with the look.

The weather in LA is incredibly gorgeous today, but I'm craving for an afternoon of tea and old black and white films...preferably the ones set in Paris...with subtitles.
Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! 

via brightbazaar + sanctuary

dreaming of paris...and tea

I am always dreaming of Paris...
and I am always searching the web for the places that I dream to visit once I get there.
Having tea in Paris is one of the very first things I insist on doing upon arrival.
Mariage Freres is rumored to be 'the best tea in the world'.
With over 500 different teas available and a whole menu of jellies, 
they draw in fanatics from all over the world.
Don't they have the most beautiful packaging?
Check out the website to order your own.
I absolutely love the way they creatively display their teas.

Parisian Style Decorating

As you have probably guess I LOVE PARIS and I love seeing pretty Paris interiors. They are always so luxurious. They totally make me happy! Better Homes and Gardens UK has a great website for all types of decor styles. You can get inspiration from any or all cities overseas and bring the influence to your own home. Check out their site and see what you can discover! Here are the ones that I adore!