traveling for work...Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I couldn't be more fortunate that when I travel for work I get to experience the most wonderful accommodations...(the plush purple banquettes are intoxicating)
During my travels this week to Las Vegas Design Market, I was put up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Nothing makes me happier than a gorgeously decorated hotel. Upon walking into the Cosmopolitan, I was absolutely blown away.
The lobby was outfitted with the most gorgeous column screens with displays of kaleidoscope botanicals and fashion shoots, which made for such a dramatic entrance. 
 I spent most of my time having lovely conversations/meetings at the chandelier bar, which I loved, because it was so glamorous and just dripping with diamonds and sparkle. friends and I enjoyed cosmopolitans, at the cosmopolitan hotel, very fitting.

 My room...was incredible, I only wish I could have stayed longer. It was bigger than my apartment in Manhattan. It came complete with kitchen, separate bath and shower, a living room, and the most lovely terrace with a killer view.
 My favorite parts were the incredible bed which I could have slept in for hours on end and the closet with one of my favorite fornasetti wallpapers.

all images by ashlina

Cosmopolitan Hotel {Las Vegas Market}

It's almost that time again, time to jet off to Las Vegas Interior Design Market...
This year is going to be better than ever. One because I will be speaking on a panel about Blogging and Entrepreneurship (two of my most favorite things). I'll be talking about how I started my journey and other things I talk about with my coaching clients. I'll be alongside a few other extremely successful gals, Crystal Palececk of Rue Magazine, Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelley blog, and Dallas Shaw.
The other wonderful part is that we are staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, probably my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. I love the suites, they are decorated so chic. I am so looking forward to seeing whats new at LVMKT, hopefully these beds are as comfortable as they look. Can't wait! 

 images via Cosmopolitan Hotel

WANDERLUSTING: Grand Hotel Oslo Part 2

The other day I shared with all of you the beautiful makeover...
Well, now its time to show you the front part of the suite...the dining and living area. Still keeping with the purple theme, I just love how they went with a bright and light fresh color. It really keeps things cheery and romantic. Yet, I adore the pops of modern art prints, it keeps things modern and fresh.
 The lavender looks so good with pops of gold and that velour looking sofa looks just delicious. 
 It's not very often that you see plate collages like art installations on a wall sans symmetry and I am loving everything about it. It looks fab with the white moldings, don't you all agree?

These drapes are killing me. So gorgeous. After all... It's all in the details.
images via Grand Hotel Oslo.

WANDERLUSTING: The Grand Hotel Oslo Part 1

 It's no secret that I love to travel and I'm sure you all can guess how much I love hotels...
I mean...don't we all? I think it might be my life dream to travel the world and review the hotel decor around the globe. How interesting would that be? Well, I am always in constant search online for the best decorated hotels and this one, is one of those that just does it for me.
The Grand Hotel Oslo just might be in my top 5 list of places I must stay. One of my best girl friends on the net Dagny, is the creative director for Fargerike (a Norwegian paint company). Each year when the new color of year comes out they redecorate a suite with the color theme in mind. This year its purple! 
 My favorite part of the suite is the study & bedroom. I love the deep plum wallpaper with gold curtains setting the perfect combination. Then, when you look up a pretty light blue ceiling and killer chandelier. This whole look literally makes my knees weak. It makes for such a fab place to get some work done. Then, you walk back into the romantic bedroom. A touch of vintage with the right amount of gold for glamour and then the deep red curtains add a little luxe to the equation.
 I think this little orange stool is such a cute little guy too, love his rich color. Couldn't you just imagine staying here? I would never see the sights, I'd stay in my hotel all day! 

 I love the way the chandelier is accented with such a chic swag. I am also really loving deep purple with vibrant red. Maybe I should add a little of this to my bedroom...

all images via Grand Hotel Oslo / Fargerike

The Plaza Hotel & Restoration Hardware unveil new suite

How excited are well all to see the new Gatsby movie? I know I am. First of all, I always go to movies to see the set and costume design, it is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. This movie has that amazing Art Deco style that just literally gets me so excited. So you can imagine my happiness after hearing the news of the Plaza hotel partnering with designer Catherine Martin (she did the set design on the movie)...
Together with Restoration Hardware they unveiled The Fitzgerald Suite, a 900-square foot suite transformed into a dramatic art deco space that channels the dynamism of the Jazz Age using authentic, period-inspired pieces. The suite will be furnished exclusively by RH to reflect the luxury and style of the era. 
 All I can say is wow, they really nailed the space. The wallpaper and color palate and the lighting of course. All of it. Now I am really dying to experience the majesty of this space. I bet its even that much better in person.

images via the plaza hotel.

Cafe Francais {in Paris}

Okay, the next time I go to Paris, I have another stop...
The latest coffee cafe from the Beaumarly group is rocking my world today. How chic is the modern dramatic look in this cafe. It's so very Kelly Wearstler and for me, knocks any old cafe out of the park. I would go here strictly to take photos of the sky painted ceiling, prance around on the glossy black and white floor and sit in the luxurious leather seating.
Beyond excited to see such modern deco out there in the world. Hello Cafe Francais

Dining in Madrid, old hollywood glam style

Ever since I went to Madrid, I have been dreaming about going back. The first stop on my places to visit...The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino. This restaurant is designed by Hayon Studio and I am just blown away by the glamorous style.
 I'm absolutely in love with the hostess desk, this bit geometric shaped white thing is just perfection. Topped off by a beautiful little gold lamp it makes such a grand statement.
 The choices of chandeliers really set the tone for the space, all of the swag and old hollywood glamour that you could ask for. 

My favorite part might be the diamond patterned mirrored wall. It is such a match made in heaven with the black and white checkered floor. Oh, and the oversized fruit art just does it for me too. So fresh.

images via haydon

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Estate

Right before I moved to New York (almost two years I was finishing up a project when I was working for Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design. They had the ultimate job of designing the model units for the Ritz Carlton Residences in downtown LA. It was beyond an awesome job, I had the BEST time. Then, the other day I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the real estate was being shown. How amazing would it be to live here...

 First of all W and R are such talented and amazing designers so it would be a dream to live anywhere they adorn. Secondly, I've been working with a real estate expert (trying to learn some things for a business my dad and I are working on) and they advised that the insurance on the place would be ridiculous but with all of the amazing pieces in this place, contents insurance is ridiculously necessary. 
 Other than that...this might be my perfect apartment. 

all images via Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design

The Decorista takes Paris...Hotel Saint James

Today I am off to the wonderful and romantic city I have always dreamed of visting...Paris. I have loved all of your emails and tweets with advice and suggestions as to where to go and what to do. I am beyond excited about all the wonderful things that I will get to experience. The first and most important part is the hotel where I am staying...the Saint James Paris...

I am a sucker for black and white with moldings and that grand entrance just blows my mind. I can't explain my love for chinoiserie and pink or the mix grey and black and white with toile motifs. 

 Lovely leopard and pops of blue or an all white oasis. These rooms are just incredible. Ooh la la. I can hardly contain myself. 

images found here

Italian Greenery...Le Sirenuse

Today I am giddy with delight because the weather is close to perfection. I have a lot of traveling coming up next week (heading to Vegas Market with Traditonal Home Magazine and then over to LA for some work + play). I am beyond excited to get back to the city of perfect weather everyday, but what I am really daydreaming about it is traveling to Europe and hitting up the Italian beaches. 
Then I came across these pictures of the gorgeous hotel,  Le Sirenuse in Italy...

 Another perfect anecdote to plain white walls is gorgeous greenery. I mean it just takes this decor to an entirely different level. It also gives the color scheme for the rest of the decor. Golds, glamorous shades of green and elements of earthiness...
 I just love the architecture of everything and the accessories. Of course the little details are so delightful too. 


After the holiday weekend in the city, I am taking a day of catching up on all the work I didn't do while I enjoyed special time with special friends. I ended up having amazing conversations with a few friends who spend a lot of time over seas and it got me thinking..." I need to get over there, asap"
So, being the decorista that I am, I started to research hotels in Paris, London and Spain and I just can't stop daydreaming about visiting overseas...

This hotel designed by Robert Couturier absolutely took my breath away. The colors and patterns are just so rich and lovely. How incredible is this blue in the kitchen? I love the way the modern and sleek finishes was mixed with vintage dining pieces, so incredibly chic. And can we just talk about the hexagon tile on the floor...I mean.
If you know me at all, then you know my adoration for wall textiles and patterns...

When are we going?

Kelly Wearstler gets it right everytime...the Viceroy Anguilla

Can we just talk for a second about the latest project done by one of my idols...
Gawd, I love her. She has done such a brilliant job with all of the Viceroy hotels and this new one, the Viceory Anguilla is out of the world and makes me want to get there immediately. Thank goodness for the world wide web so I can just delight myself in these amazing photographs. I am loving the shift here from hard elements to more woods and earthy elements in her designs. Still as graphically and architecturally dramatic but sans the crazy bold colors. As always, I love her artwork choices, she gets it right in that direction every single time as far as I am concerned. Its very relaxing and at the same time enchanting. 
I could imagine that the minute you walk out to this bar it takes your breath away.
Maybe I'd stop by the boutique and shop for a moment after I hit up the spa...
then grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, Coba and then off to the rooms...

So...what do we think???

Bienvenido a Miami... and Welcome The Webster

It's finally here, the beginning of my 3-0 birthday extravaganza and we are celebrating in the gorgeous and fabulous (and one of my favorite cities)...Miami
Our first stop, The Webster, an extremely chic 20,000 square foot luxury multi-brand boutique located in the heart of Miami Beach, in a historical Art Deco building designed in 1939 by famed architect Henry Hohauser. Lately the Art Deco, 30's inspired look is all I can think about. I always love to see the way retail stores merchandised and design, so as you can imagine I am just dying to see this amazing store. With a gorgeous restaurant inside, we might just spend all day. 
Who doesn't love shopping and I right?
The Webster Hotel
1220 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

images via WHW

Home Tour + Bliss in the kitch' : a pastel paradise

I am all for bold and beautiful colors in design. Conversely, there are times when my palate gets overloaded and I would relish the feeling of coming home to a muted color scheme like this beautiful home. I adore the pastel colors of this home, the bedroom is so relaxed and cozy. Sometimes no color, says so much more than bold and bright color, no?
check out more spaces like these at lightlocations

Diane Von Furstenburg's style is on fire...

and she is working it out in the hotel design department. Sigh! Such a dream.
This hotel room is so we all know I love the chic look of black meets white and bold pattern combo. So fresh.
She is designing 20 rooms in the Claridge Hotel in London.
Everybody who is anybody in the UK moonlights here, it's the ultimate 'must-stay' for the European jet-setters. How fabulous to stay here, let alone design here, no?
Read the full NY Times article here.

the decorista dreams...The Gatsby House hotel in Ireland

Ever since my first visit to Miami, and I saw the gorgeous dramatic design of the hotels, I knew that I wanted to be a hotel designer. Interior design has always been my absolute passion and having the freedom to style an outrageous hotel would be my ultimate bliss. 
The Gatsby House in Ireland is the perfect example of hotel design done right.
Extravagant and luxurious, the Swell group does not disappoint my visual cravings.
In this particular hotel they created an old hollywood glamour look with each room named after a stylish movie star. Wouldn't you like to stay at this hotel on your visit and sip tea by the fire?
Enjoy the goodness.
the sitting room
the dining room

the Rita Hayworth room
the Grace Kelley room

the Judy Garland room

the Cary Grant Bathroom
the Shrimp room

for more of the beautiful hotels visit the Swell group .