Crushing on Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa wallpaper...

This weekend I was putting the finishing touches on my bedroom, to be revealed soon, not to worry! So moving on in the apartment, I am seriously in need of some new wallpaper for my hallway. My hallway is teeny, so it needs that much more of a pop. I wanted something fab + neutral, so Lee Jofa sent over some suggestions and I went crazy over these gold and white beauties. I want them all. 
images via lee jofa

THE GOOD WOOD. Kelly Wearstler in Seal Beach

Just the other day I was shopping around Flatiron area and I happened to stumble across this amazing store that sells custom wood paneling. Now, I grew up in Austin, Texas, the mother land of wood paneling, therefore I like to steer clear of wood paneling as I think its too much. Lately though, I have been seeing some paneling in homes that really is chic and I'm into it. Things always come full circle I guess. 
Naturally, when this Kelly Wearstler Seal Beach spot came into my life (the pages of Rhapsody) I took it almost as confirmation. Perhaps wood paneling isn't so bad. Especially with incredible flooring to match. I love the way this little bar cart area is styled. I'm loving the splatter paint looking dishware. So very Ms. Wearstler. 
 These calming bedrooms are the perfect place to relax. I am so beyond ready for summer! 
images Kelly Wearstler design, photography by Grey Crawford for Rhapsody via Sukio

How to create a stylish bar area...

 I always take my first inspiration from Kelly Wearstler, of course. She is like the mother of all glam design. Her stuff is always my first point of reference and then I like to create a twist on it. A few things I'd like to take from here are the gold barstools, the dark grey, beautiful marble backsplash and eccentric gold accessories. 
I also love this bar area I did in my upper west side clients house. Its a more realistic way of approaching the gold, black, white and deep grey look. 
I'm really wanting to do this look in my new apartment so I'll be shopping for some bar cart essentials. 
A few things I am into...

 decor images 1 and 2.


So the other day I was walking into yet another apartment building on my quest for the perfect apartment in this city. It's very difficult in new york, you know. Anyway, I walked in an the marble on the walls and floors was just to die for. It really got me thinking how not too many people pay attention to the floors, its the most overlooked aspect of a building, let alone the home. Then of course I was checking out some kelly wearstler design and of course, she always nails it...
The marble sunburst art deco style floor paired with marble walls and ridiculous furnishings...oh my goodness. It's just too good for words. I think if I were able to redesign a home for myself, I would get a little crazy with the walls. Bathrooms and entryways are the best places to get a little wild. 
This is probably my favorite. Black. white. pink. marble. Hello! 
images via Rhapsody + lonny

Tablescape Tuesday: Glam Factor with Kelly Wearstler for Vogue Daily

Ms. Kelly Wearstler outdid herself for a recent article on Vogue Daily. She dreamed up and imagined her perfect dinner party including a star studded guest list. She customized each place setting and chair to fit their personality. I swear, she just takes creativity to a whole other level. Loving this glamorous madness...

The chairs of course are killing me softly. Each one is so modern and sexy. I can't help but dream of those white and brass ones in the background for my very own home. The touches of gold are just insanely good. Don't you think?
photography by denise crew.

office space of the day...Kelly Wearstler PINK RHAPSODY

Madly in love with this home office done by the one and only Kelly Wearstler herself and her intoxicatingly good new book, Rhapsody. It's so glam, I just can hardly stand it...
black and white rug + amazing artwork + gorgeous lamp + eccentric desk + hot pink croc chairs =
domestic bliss
Want to see more of the KW glamour in this months Lonny?

Like I mentioned before, this woman continues to amaze me with her pattern concoctions. It's just unbelievably good. Get in on Rhapsody here...

A peek inside Kelly Wearstler's Melrose shop

I just love going back to LA, my time there was so good! I got to see my favorite people and visit a few of my favorite places. One place in particular I had been dying to see was the new Kelly Wearstler boutique on Melrose. I am beyond ecstatic that Kelly went from interior designer to fashion designer, which is such a rare feat. Incredibly inspiring, (I can totally remember graduating from college and moving to LA to be the next Kelly Wearstler...still working on that,ahem.). Anyway, I just love this woman and her glam edginess...

Pardon my photos, they are the best my little iphone could capture. The styling in the store is just beyond. While I love the clothes and accessories, all I could marvel at were the furnishings and styling. The entryway is pure glamour and the marble walls are incredibly chic. 
Little accessories in white, black and gold (my favorite color combination) were throughout the store. 
 The chicest part, the dressing rooms. Antique mirrored walls and gold light fixtures next to gold art. I just can't get enough of her style. If you haven't been yet, you MUST GO! 
A few of my favorite things...

How to decorate like Kelly Wearstler

Aren't we all dying to know? Thanks to my friend over at Sketch42 I found out that Kelly Wearstler has a new blog and the news is spreading fast.
MyVibeMyLife is a collection of the beautiful images she takes in her daily life. I love her first post on how she puts together her ideas. She is so clever, she uses "vibe trays" to organize her thoughts. Brilliant. Check out her new fabulous + fun website! 

Kelly Wearstler gets it right everytime...the Viceroy Anguilla

Can we just talk for a second about the latest project done by one of my idols...
Gawd, I love her. She has done such a brilliant job with all of the Viceroy hotels and this new one, the Viceory Anguilla is out of the world and makes me want to get there immediately. Thank goodness for the world wide web so I can just delight myself in these amazing photographs. I am loving the shift here from hard elements to more woods and earthy elements in her designs. Still as graphically and architecturally dramatic but sans the crazy bold colors. As always, I love her artwork choices, she gets it right in that direction every single time as far as I am concerned. Its very relaxing and at the same time enchanting. 
I could imagine that the minute you walk out to this bar it takes your breath away.
Maybe I'd stop by the boutique and shop for a moment after I hit up the spa...
then grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, Coba and then off to the rooms...

So...what do we think???

Dear Decorista, {how to decorate like Kelly Wearstler}

Dear Decorista,

Hi Ashlina,
I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering if you could help me with a design delima? I decided to paint my home office like Kelly Wearstler’s foyer (crazy raspberry graffiti like swirls). It came out wonderful! However I am completely stuck on where to go from here. I have a desk from Ikea that is a white base and a black and white glass top. Other than that, I bought a bunch of white and black accessories. I was thinking of going pool blues and turquoises but then I was thinking maybe purples, oranges and yellows could be cool? I don’t know, I’d love your input!
 How creative is this girl? I wish I could pull off painting my home office like that. I love it!
Which is why I would love feedback from my readers!
She gave me 2 options of color ways. I have my ideas, but I am curious to know
Which colors do you think she should accessorize with?

Option #1

Option #2

she is such a trendsetter, isn't she? total rockstar!

Option #1 zigzagpillow,; geo nesting bowls,; pink rug, madeline; aqua lamp, arteriors; blue crab watercolor,
Option #2 Love candy print,; pink ikat pillow,; yellow finnials, zgallerie; yellow zebra rug,

kelly wearstler, trina turk and LA design bloggers

Had a fabulous time at the Kelly Wearstler book signing yesterday.
It was held at the Trina Turk store in West Hollywood which was designed by Kelly back in 03 and let me tell you, it was adorable. While Kelly signed her books, Trina showcased her latest collections and they were to die for!

Peachy-pink delicious walls that feel as creamy as silk and the beautiful bubble light fixtures gave an effervescent feeling to the soiree. The place was buzzing and peachy champagne was making the rounds, it was such adelightful event.

Jami did a fabulous job taking pictures and capturing the feel and the beautiful little vignettes of her home accessories collection. I was swooning over it all.

Later we went off to meet up with some of our favorite Los Angeles design bloggers, Laura + Eileen and had a dish session all about blogging + design! We got the most adorable bracelets from ShopDesignSpark. I am totally in love with it and never taking it off!

Wanted to share all of the loveliness with you guys. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

art + room and office space of the day {kelly wearstler}

In this June's issue of Instyle Kelly Wearstler opens up about her office space...
"My office space feels so festive-the artwork by Lana Gomez pulls it all together. It's like an outfit that you put on and think, Wow, that looks great!"
(I'm was thrilled to find out who the artist is, because I have been dying to check out her work.)

fuschia mod chairs + yellow walls + colorful abstract art by Lana Gomez = love