Wallcolor Wednesday: Cobalt blue

While I am here in Las Vegas, at market, I am fully inspired by all of the color...
Mixing bold hues of blue seems to be totally on trend this year and I am loving every minute of it. The perfect blue room for me would be done in something a little like this bold cobalt glossy blue. How incredible does it look with a gorgeous coral sofa?

Pinks, golds and a plush white rug really set the ground work for all of this eclectic beauty. I adore the chic sconces, too. I also love the pop of that sea foam green in fabrics. This is one of the most chic home offices I have ever seen. 

ANIMALISTIC by Todd Alexander Romano

I just love a good Manhattan apartment. Yesterday while meeting a friend for dinner in her building, I ran into a designer friend of mine who had just finished a new project...
It was so good, I just didn't want to leave the place. It brought me to the realization that some seriously good apartment interiors exist in this city and are being created new every day.
 One apartment I would just die to get a peek into is this apartment of Todd Alexander Romano, a fabulous little decorator. Everything about this space is oh so chic. I love the modern fireplace against the smoky glass mirrored wall. Hello glamour! White walls and yellow curtains are such a cheery backgrop for all the deep and rich accents around the room. The tiger print covered chair for example. Now that is hot. 
 Nevermind that the rest of the accent walls are vivid citrus colors and mega glossy. Ugh. It's just so darn fabulous. His choice of art pieces is really well curated too. I love the mix of cheeky photos and great modern art. 
 Now this is an entryway a girl could come home to with attitude. Taking note of all the black/blue combinations, ie. the lamp and the chairs. 
Yep. in love.

images via elle decor, design by todd alexander romano, photography by william abranowicz

The Paris apartment of Jean-Louis Denio

It really has been a long while since...
I have been inspired by anything in design. Kelly Wearstler is the main gal who pushes boundaries and creates something oh so fresh, it always leaves me wanting more. Well, Jean-Louis Denio does that for me. I have seen a few shots of his work here and there but the other day I came across his Paris apartment and wow.  With my recent infatuation with modern Parisian spaces, this sealed the deal for me, HE KILLED IT.

 Not just your average black and white stripes, which for me are starting to grow a little tired. He tricked out his dining room in mixed metallic horizontal striped wallpaper. Yes! Ah, I just love it. Then in one bathroom, he pushed the envelope with a diagonal greige theme...my goodness, its good! 

 Now, please don't think I am cheating on New York or the rest of country, I love my home. I just find it incredibly intoxication to find inspiration from forward thinking, especially in design. This guy has really rocked my world. You wouldn't think it but this apartment is actually really small. So these photos really show how great design can trick the eye. This is some solid design skill. Love.

My latest muse...Athena Calderone {via Harpers Bazaar}

Lately I have affections for Brooklyn. There are some amazing doors and amazing places to shop for vintage furniture, great restaurants, etc. So, when I stumbled up this completely hip interior designers Brooklyn abode, I almost fell out of my seat. Athena Calderone is a designer AND blogger, HELLO, love herThis kind of NY edge is right up my alley. How ridiculously amazing is this Brooklyn bungalow...

I love how modern it is and I love the large windows, too. Bright sunlight is essential for me in any space but in this space in particular it makes everything just shine. Especially in this outrageously gorgeous kitchen. I also am a sucker for using gray in any space, oversized art, pops of gold, tufting, eccentric lighting, and pieces that mix white and wood. 
images via Christopher Sturman for Harpers Bazaar


Let the inspiration just continue to flow. How about this home of a powerhouse interior designer + photographer couple. Hello, such a winning combination and their home... well its more than stellar. 
The dark floors, the dark walls and the above average light fixtures absolutely took my breath away. Not to mention this home is in Australia, one of my absolute most favorite places in the world...

images via ChelseaHing; photography by nike


Ever feeling inspired by my recent travels, I can't stop daydreaming about the decor in Paris (especially in the glossies). It's just filled with modern, edgy glamour that is out of this world. So, I have been on the hunt for gathering a collection of photos that represents the look. This apartment totally inspired me. It's gorgeous + greige, like my current abode and I would love to update my space with more modern, French + artistic elements....

I love love love the look of this space. The apartment is edgy chic with a dose of feminine, cozy glamour. The most prevalent part for me is the muted walls, the soft color just keeps the feeling romantic. 
A few more shots of her style that I love and inspire me to mix things up in my space...

all images decor by muriel brandolini

office space of the day...Peach + Pink Tobi Fairley

Completely enamored by this gorgeous black and white office with peachy pink details. Tobi Fairley did an excellent job on this one...it's right up my alley. 
chic wallpaper + big white desk + peach chair + gorgeous lamp + small gold details =
domestic bliss
for more of this office space...

I am loving everything about this room. The dark carpeting is so chic with pops of white and pink above it. A chic bust in the center of the table makes for the best accessorizing in a traditional room. I also adore the black trim on the white sofa. Just everything is really good here. 
fabulous job miss Tobi


The other day somebody was asking me about my favorite designer. I have a few that pop right to mind, Kelly Wearstler obviously being right up there. It was a given to talk about how incredibly good she is at mixing patterns, she makes anything work. That's when I took a moment to think about who is good a mixing color and right then MILES REDD popped into my head. This man is just the ultimate color mixer. I think someone once told me that his design secret is that he comes from the place that
"all colors go together"...

And I do believe he is right. He really shows us how to make magic with anything. If you feel afraid of adding some color to your space, check out this guys work. He rocks it out. 

California Home + Design Small Space, Big Style Showhouse

I am beyond floored by these photos of the C H+D magazine Small Space, Big Style Showhouse. A few of my very good friends joined in this year and their rooms were out of control good. Here are my favorites...

Bryan Patrick Flynn did an out of control good gingham themed room in teal. My favorite! Love the pink gingham desk chair. 
Erinn Valencich did this bedroom. Super modern and calming.
Christian May did this stripe-tastic bathroom. So fabulous! 
And of course, this hallway in high gloss was right up my alley too. 
(Images: Bethany Nauert)


 There is nothing that I love more than some drama in design. This month's issue of Lonny magazine really brought new inspiration to my little decorista eyes. The Tony Duquette feature is absolutely incredible and oozing with drama and opulence. His signature pattern, Malachite, is on full display here in his grand estate with leopard prints, velvets, black and white flooring and all the deliciousness a decorator could ever dream of...

If this desk is not my dream desk for my home office space, well then I don't know what is. This photo makes me want to put a tassle on my desk drawer stat. It's always the little details that say the most. 
 This bathroom is just beyond. All the elements of malachite in this space are absolute perfection. I am always a fan of repeating a pattern over and over. It really adds a special finishing touch that makes a space look decorated on purpose...It's just soooooo good! 

images via lonny magazine photography by patrick cline

Office space of the day...JORDAN CARLYLE

delicious grey wallpaper + modern white desk + chevron chair fabric + risque photography =
domestic bliss
Jordan Carlyle is such a stylish NYC designer, lately I am just loving his work...

 This modern + glamorous living room is perfect with brass accents and a patterned sofa...
 Nothing says glamour like a high headboard, velvet pillows and a mirrored side table...
 Romance abounds with hints of lavender, open windows and lots of mirrors to reflect and enlarge the natural light...
 As we all know, I am a big believer that textures and layers are always a gorgeous way to go! 


 This new issue of Lonny is oh so good! There is way too much goodness inside, I think I have skimmed the pages more than once. My most favorite feature was this incredibly colorful and whimsical home decorated by my lady friend, Jaime Mears. Move over Jonathan Adler, this girl has got some new fun color and whimsical talent thats taking over...

 I cannot get over the patterns and different art used throughout the home, the homeowners must be such fun people to hang out with. 
 This living room is such fun. Pretty traditional with unexpected elements of funk and drama...like a leopard ottoman. 

 Anything Jackie O wins in my book...am I right?

 Such sensational styling...

 Oh, and lets not forget my favorite...black and white stripes.

photos via lonnymag, photography by Patrick Cline

Grey + Gold with Tamara Kaye-Honey

Tonight I am so excited for the Trad Home magazine launch party here in NYC. I can't wait to hang out and mingle with all of the designers + bloggers. One of my favorites is Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey. I had the pleasure of knowing her in my days in LA and her shop + design studio was always so inspiring to me! I love her use of color, its very similar to my preferences. 
Case-in-point, grey + gold mixed together for some very glamorous spaces...
This look of grey + tangerine tango (pantone's color of the year) is also very stylin'.
As many of you know, I also love me some PINK + GOLD too and this pink room with hints of gold from the Good Shepherd Charity Project is a personal favorite too.
Tamara Kaye Honey for Good Shepherd Charity Project  bedroom
I also find her use of portrait paintings really stylish and very california chic...
Such glamour with serious style + whimsy. 

images via tradhome, houzz, ruemag

Designer Crush: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

When I was younger I wasn't really in touch with my Spanish heritage (i'm spanish, hungarian and mexican). I have lived such an American life but as I got older, I became so passionate about my background and loved to study Spanish architecture and design. So in the April issue of Architectural Digest, I was so excited about seeing Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada's home in Madrid...

I think its so beautiful! The rich vibrant pop of magenta really struck a chord with me. It sits so perfectly among the soft and neutral color palate of the home. The aqua hued glass and chrome walls in the bathroom really blew me away. Especially because the start modern elements are paired with rustic French pieces. I love the art of a good design mixture.
Oh, how this backyard has me longing to jet off to Spain and live there for the rest of my life. 

Images Simon Watson for Architectural Digest


 Although the sunny skies are incredibly amazing, I do sometimes dream of what it would be like to live in London. Thank God for amazing shelter publications that take us inside the most incredible homes of other countries. This cover of the new Elle Decor seriously stopped me in my tracks.
Deep navy velvet sofa, gray grasscloth walls, that gorgeous ornate gold mirror, and that rug! This London flat is just beyond....

 I seriously cannot get over the brass and glass used in the space. (very similar to the pieces I'm currently placing in my new clients' home, so art deco glam) I also love the designer and his choice of artwork. Very sexy.
 I am such a fan of this black and white marble mixed with the burled wood looking finish and those sconces are so gaudy glam. I just think this work is brilliant.
Check out the marvelous gold feet on the dining table. Pretty pops of yellow and brass complete the look and take the traditional decor to a whole 'nother level....

Seriously in LOVE with Gabriel...

I literally have not seen design richness like this in a while. I have been awaiting someone new to be inspired by and this Gabriel Hendifar fellow is just knocking my socks off...
Hello black luscious bedroom...my gosh I dream of living in something like you.
The aqua and turquoise flamestich-ish fabric on those chairs just moves me. 
How about these incredibly acrylic and leather seats below. Hello! 
They work wonderfully next to the studded black, leather yellow and curvy legs on that killer tortiseshell table. 
These acrylic stools are sexy too!  
images via elements of style.

Design Crush...BERRIE BENSON

Sometimes I feel so lucky because not only do I get to be a designer, I get to be a blogger too. The best part about being a blogger is acknowledging the amazing people in my field, espeically my favorite designers. I love what I do and I love my own looks and styles but I REALLY LOVE to gush over my fellow talented design professionals. I am always in awe of incredible and interesting work. 
Berrie Benson is no exception and lately has been rocking my world. Her design eye so fresh and fab, I am loving all that she does. Here are some of my favorite looks...
the ever so in demand closet + vanity...I love the three green chinoiserie pieces and those scones are just to die.
 the perfect guest bedroom...
 This entryway wallpaper, art and chair combo is such an incredible mix. 
 And alas, as we all know the beloved home office. Could we please talk about those gorgeous emerald chairs? Perched right up next to that beautiful blush pink wall...a job well done.
For more of her work visit her site.