This Memorial Day, I am feeling like super recharged and ready.
I'm excited for summer and I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, new work projects, lots of travel and even new hobbies that I have taken on. I'm feeling like the second half of the year is all about MORE.
Which is why I wasn't surprised how fabulous this living room shot was for me. A mirror in More...hello! 
 I love The Hamptons, especially the big beautiful homes with outdoor spreads that you just could never even imagine in the city. It's the perfect time to relax, stretch your legs and enjoy yourself. 
This home would be one that I would love to do just that in. 
 Keeping with that beachy, white wall look, they really stepped up the decor game with fresh modern elements. Pops of blue and aqua colors abound but with super swagger. Like for instance these modern light sconces. A sofa with tufts like I have never seen and a kitchen with the more gorgeous blue modern finish. The more mirror and that mirrored kitchen island, those are just the cherries on the top.  Oh, and that cool mirrored art with funky warm colors, that is pretty much the most rad part of this had me at hello. Seriously.

images via Elle Decor. photography by Simon Upton

My ELLE DECOR favorite room of 2012-- gold ceilings...

A while back Elle Decor approached myself and 30 other designers to pick our favorite room of 2012. At first I was thinking to myself, "there is NO way I could pick just one". Until I laid eyes on this gorgeous bar area and remembered how much I loooove it. First, I am always a fan of dark grey walls and wallpaper is always a win. The part that really gets me is the gold ceiling, I am a super fan of gold ceilings and grey walls...If it was an outfit, I think it just might be my staple look....

And last but not least, my very favorite project that I ever worked on...

rooms: 1-Richard Mishaan, 2-unkown, 3-shuistyle 4- ashlina kaposta 5- mary macdonald


 Although the sunny skies are incredibly amazing, I do sometimes dream of what it would be like to live in London. Thank God for amazing shelter publications that take us inside the most incredible homes of other countries. This cover of the new Elle Decor seriously stopped me in my tracks.
Deep navy velvet sofa, gray grasscloth walls, that gorgeous ornate gold mirror, and that rug! This London flat is just beyond....

 I seriously cannot get over the brass and glass used in the space. (very similar to the pieces I'm currently placing in my new clients' home, so art deco glam) I also love the designer and his choice of artwork. Very sexy.
 I am such a fan of this black and white marble mixed with the burled wood looking finish and those sconces are so gaudy glam. I just think this work is brilliant.
Check out the marvelous gold feet on the dining table. Pretty pops of yellow and brass complete the look and take the traditional decor to a whole 'nother level....

Wallcolor Wednesday: A pretty little green room...

After a day of being out in the streets walking around I am just overjoyed that spring weather is finally arriving to the city. It has me dreaming of the most bright and vibrant colors on the walls. Especially the color GREEN...

The perfect touch of pretty femininity...
A touch of modern chic...
A touch of history...
A touch of traditional...
And a baby touch of masculine...

images via, brian park photography...elle decor...apartmenttherapy. lonnymagazine.

Keri Russell does Brooklyn with style.

I fondly remember Keri Russell as Felicity, one of my favorite tv characters ever. I watched that show religiously. It was the first time I ever thought about living in New York, I was obsessed. It's so incredible now to remember how I felt about NYC back then, and how I can't believe that I am actually living here now. Each time I pass by Dean and Deluca, I totally think of that show. So, as you can imagine, when I saw this spread of her Brooklyn home, I got extremely excited. Boho, eclectic and dreamy, all things that are the epitome of miss keri. I absolutely adore her style, and I also really adore Brooklyn. 

elle decor

Home Tour: an Elle Decor favorite beauty maven & her husband

This is the fabulous + beautiful residence of makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (the Stila makeup maven), and husband actor Anthony Edwards from Elle Décor. So on point with the decor, utter bliss!
 This bed just speaks my language, I love the pattern.
I am also gushing over the fact that the glossy black console has gold trim, such sophistication.
and I think we all know how I feel about hot pink on the walls...loves!
That mid-century console plays off the femme hue rather perfectly, don't you think?
and there we have some domestic bliss for your eyes!

french + fabulous

I found this scan of French Elle Decor and the home of Interior Designer, Elodie Sire's, French flat.
I can't get over the character of this gorgeous apartment. The lighting is to die for, so extravagant and perfect, totally the jewels of the space. The light blue color on the walls, DEELISH! Please don't miss the curtains either, the detail on them is ridiculously good. I love it all.


secret of domestic bliss #27... a glamorous wall of mirrors

I have decided that I need one of these mirrored screens in my world. 
It's absolutely gorgeous and it reminded me of a very smart interior decor trick.
If you are looking to add big impact to a small space...just add mirrors.
It can do wonders for your home. 
If you need to create more light, or add an illusion of more room in your small abode...
adding a wall of mirrors is the ultimate trick.
Layering mirrors works wonders too and can completely bring up your glamour factor!
Whether it be your closet, bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, 
add a wall of mirrors to the space and watch the magic unveil!
This mirrored console against this wall of mirrors just completely does it for me! love.

everythingfab, apartmenttherapy, decorpad, elledecor

keeping up with the glossies!

So usually when I buy design magazines I buy like 4-5 at a time.
Then I fly through each one, devouring the images and then I'm done.
I'm always wanting more.
For some reason, the March issue of Elle Decor has me hooked.
I can't put it down.
I especially love the room on the cover...It's the home of the executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey show. So of course Nate Berkus ended up doing the design.
The dark blue walls have me wanting to repaint my apartment.

It's grown up. I love it. 

ELLE Decor party in LA...

so last night I got the wonderful opportunity of attending a interior design industry event in LA. It was right up the street from my house in beverly hills @ exquisite surfaces showroom. i went with Barry, the architect at my firm. i love him! the event was sponsored by ELLE Decor. I got to meet the Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell. This was a great opportunity for me. Networking with these industry insiders. Funny how God works, he has been putting me in all of these amazing LA situations/opportunities as i am fantasizing about San Francisco. I honestly feel so blessed with everything that is happening around me at the moment. It is really wonderful!