Trend Spotting: Animalistic

This isn't just your ordinary taxidermy on the walls...
I love a good antler and by all means I appreciate the style, however I am kind of over seeing the same look everywhere. What I am really into right now is seeing different animals on the walls. How fabulous is this cheetah head over this chic home office area? I can hardly deal with how much swag she has. 

Then in this bright white and black entryway, I think this black horse head looks so good. I love an art wall with eccentric items mixed in. It looks so good and well put together. I am so digging this look right now...

images: 1- sea of shoes 2- style at home 


It's going to be such a hot week this week, so I have decided to spend the beginning of my week working from Montauk...
It's a cute little surf town east of the Hamptons. It's such a nice and relaxing place to just re energize and get out of the sweltering heat. What I have noticed that I love most about it out here, is that everyone uses surf boards as part of the decor. Such a chic little piece of sports equipment, no?

 My favorite is this creamy pink colored one. So girlie, so chic. 

images via my favorite and my best.

Currently leaves

I don't care how many times I see the ever so hot Martinique Wallpaper...
I will never get enough of it. All I can think about is adding more green leave decor to my world and I am doing my best to convince my clients that they need some too. In an effort to change their minds, I am reflecting on my most favorite looks...
 This patterned sofa is an easy way to add it in without going too drastic, as is this gorgeous printed fabric in the bathroom. It looks so chic with white. 
However, the wallpaper really just puts an extra pep in my step, every time. 

 I even find this lampshade a great way to add in a pop of the look. However you want to use it, it will add something extra snazzy and chic to the room. I promise! 
 images via this search

Highlights of High Point Market Spring '13

This seasons market did not disappoint. Everyone really stepped their game up in terms of design and trends. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the design showrooms, I got inspired to do so many new things. I love the sign of a hot and busy market. It means business is happening, people are making money, I love it. The above little vignette was in C.R. Laine, one of my all time favorite looks...chinoiserie.
Here are a few trends I saw that I loved! 
This blue glass mirror was so moroccan + the Art Deco Mexican mirror by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.
all images by me...

Wallcolor Wednesday: A pretty little green room...

After a day of being out in the streets walking around I am just overjoyed that spring weather is finally arriving to the city. It has me dreaming of the most bright and vibrant colors on the walls. Especially the color GREEN...

The perfect touch of pretty femininity...
A touch of modern chic...
A touch of history...
A touch of traditional...
And a baby touch of masculine...

images via, brian park photography...elle decor...apartmenttherapy. lonnymagazine.

Wallcolor Wednesday {a burst of citrus orange}

Inspired by my lovely orange water bottle, I have been noticing bright orange everywhere. It could be the summertime, but I just think the pretty color is the epitome of chic. I'm sure it can be a bit much for some, but perfect for a quaint little bathroom, guest bedroom, or smack dab in the living room. Wherever you put this fancy pants color, it will be effortlessly stylish...

Wallcolor Wednesday {creme de la creme}

So, I finally found an apartment. fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and I will be moving in less than 2 weeks. The apartment is gorgeous and as you can guess, I have been obsessing over my bedroom wallcolor. I love so many colors, black, white, deep blues, but for some reason lately I have been secretly in love with beige walls. More cocoa beige than just plain beige, I feel like it could be a very serene feeling room. Seems like a boring color, but I almost feel like it would be such a fun challenge. My make beige work it! 


So on my decorista radar...gray + yellow

So for some reason I just can't get enough gray in my life. I don't know exactly what it is about it but I have a huge infatuation with him. He's masculine, sharp, cutting edge, and gorgeous! His pretty girlfriend yellow, is just the perfect compliment. Lately, this color scheme is so on my radar. Mixes of grays and yellows are perfect for this season and probably never out of style. Love it. 


So right now...cowhide rugs

Loving cowhide rugs right now, and they are everywhere!!! Each time I see one their style has just "made the room" so to speak. I feel like they are a twist on the fabulousness of a zebra rug and I'm so glad we have a little zebra breathing room in the world. It's always good to change it up. I just got my hands on a metallic white cowhide rug and I must say, I am kind of in love!

A pink zebra rug really pops against the dark wood walls...
Black in the bathroom totally adds a little sexy.
completely into the look. Get one if you can!


Decorista Trend Spotting: paneled mirror loveliness

In NYC, I am noticing that basically any project I'm on, mirrors reign supreme. A wall of mirrors is the perfect compliment to a big and beautiful loft window. But sometimes, mirroring an entire wall with mirrors can be intimidating for home owners. When my girl Mackenzie posted this photo, I knew instantly that these paneled mirrors are the perfect way to create a look of mirrored walls without going overboard. Lately, I have seen them around more and more, they are an elegant twist to a regular mirrored wall, no? Stylish, glamorous, resourceful and incredibly beautiful. I love them.

image links. 1.23,4,5. 6

The Decorista Trend spotting: cork and acrylic desk

In this latest issue of Lonny, I spotted this gorgeous cork and acrylic desk and fell instantly.
I thought I remember seeing it before...
Then I remembered that I spotted it in Lonny a while back...I always loved this photo. This desk makes for the perfect vanity and can work well in so many interiors. So stylish and on trend.
Loving it! 
Get this desk at Jonathan Adler...

Accessory Love: Harry Allen piggy bank

Over the weekend I did some really fun shopping in brooklyn (williamsburg to be exact, such fun shops) and one thing I can't seem to get over is the adorable and ever so popular,
  Harry Allen piggy bank
It's been around for a long while, but this little guy is still in style and all over NYC. He comes in gold, silver and other fun colors like copper...adorable! Check out how stylish he makes any ol' abode. I am needing one of these babies bad.

 more cute piggies...
I mean you just don't get more adorable than this. A perfect gift for the stylish child too.

images via pinterest + madebygirl

the decorista Trend Spotting: brass deer

These lovely brass (and quite large) deer figurines are all the rage and I have been dying for one.
My obsession started a while back when I found a brass rams head dining table. Since then I have been coveting a brass deer and found out that my dad has one that he is sending me and I cannot wait to get my hands on that little angel. I love it.

I'm getting all settled in to my adorable + cozy around the cutest little neighborhoods and playing around with the pup in the snow. Too much fun.

decor images one. two. three.

The Decorista tip of the day... get on board with 2011 decor trends

2011 is sure to be a fantastic year! I am so excited about what is to come in the new year for decor.
The magazines are only getting better and blogging has totally revolutionized the way I see decor trends, it's just fabulous + I can't get enough of it.
Here are a few trends that I am uber thrilled about for this next season...

The Decorista Trend Spotting...industrial revolution

The time is coming and the industrial chic look is taking over the world of decor.
Its very winter-friendly and is what I imagine London and Scandinavian homes to look like.
I quite like the look of worn leather and exposed metals, I also love weathered wood in any space. It is the perfect look to work with the harshness of metals.
The photo above really gives an essence of the "industrial revolution" (my term for the look) type of decor that I am drawn to. Ochre and Halo are two shops I suggest for shopping for this look.
What I really love about this look is that it can translate as an addition to any style of decor through really fantastic pieces. Take for instance, this gorgeous industrial chair, it could totally go in a glamorous room if done the right way, of course.

chair by casamidy