Above sofa swag...

As I am prepping for a big photoshoot in my apartment this coming week...
I am trying to make sure that the area above my sofa looks perfect! To be sure I have the right look going on, I am seeking out some of my favorite looks and getting every possible idea lingering in my head. I know one thing for sure it must be over the top glamorous!
First things first, gold is a must. I have an amazing pair of gold candleabra scones that I adore. That's where we are starting from. Then I will put maybe some fab artwork between the stunners.
I also love this pair of mirrors and the tall black lamps...oh, it looks so good. In fact, this room makes me rethink my whole perspective...

images: 1,2,3 design crisis// 4, psilovethis 

White leather Chesterfield {my little love affair}

If you have been following me lately on twitter or facebook, then you know my current state of affections for chesterfield sofas. I simply cannot get enough of them right now and I am just seeing them everywhere. It's such a timeless and classic sofa with immense style, how could you not adore them? 
I have seen them in magenta and teal and even buttery tan leather, but for some reason nothing really speaks to me. Until I spotted a white leather one, it was absolutely love at first sight. I knew immediately that for my new apartment, I must have one of these beauties in delicious white leather. Oh, be still my heart. 
 Now, this one isn't white, but the look of it around all white was so calming and serene none the less.


The perfect grey sofa...

The perfect sofa...
It's such an intense mission to really find the right sofa for your home. There are beyond so many sizes, shapes and colors it can be so daunting. If things were my way, I would have a different sofa every other month, I just love so many different ones. When committing to the perfect for my new digs I really don't even know where to begin. When I spotted this room, I felt my heart skip a beat. The story behind this living room (I read it a few times over) and this lovely grey sofa is so fun and seriously one of the things I love so much about design and decorating. The story of how other peoples homes evolve, etc.
This sofa and pair of art deco glam chairs really had me over the edge. The homeowner really must be such a chic person.
images via cotedetexas

CAMILLA and MARC for VOGUE Australia

Camilla Freeman Topper. My new style muse has literally perfect the art of mixing modern contemporary, feminine and rustic french decor styles and making is look incredibly chic. The designer  from Camilla and Marc just has a style all her very own. The pink chesterfield sofa just had me at hello and mixing it with a bit of zebra and neon hued artwork, its absolutely genius. I have a new Christmas wish, this home decor, I want it all! 

for the rest of the home tour...

images courtesy of vogue austrailia

Fashion inspired Friday: pretty patterned sofas

One thing I think about often is how very not bold when it comes to fashion. I'm pretty simple and classic but I do like to get a little crazy with jewelry, shoes and bags. However, when it comes to home decor I love being bold and lately I am just loving crazy fashion inspired patterned sofas. This is a surefire way to keep your home fashion forward and fabulously fresh. Here are a few I'd like to try out myself...

 I'm sure we all remember this gorgeous magenta David Hicks patterned sofa from the pages of Domino...its always been high, high on my LUST LIST...

1-Helmut Newton Vogue 1973 2- 3-hopefulhappy 4/5/6- domino 7-apartmentherapy


New York is getting better and better weather everyday, the perfect chill, I just want it to stay like this. So, what I am really realizing that I want right now is a deep, sumptuous, velvet sofa to just curl up in.  Especially as the weather starts to get colder, you need warmer fabrics to get cozy with. Once I get on something I become a little obsessed, am I the only one? 

 Now I am on a serious mission to get one of these gorgeous things in my world...

 Great lines and rich fabrics are the perfect elements of a glamorous sofa. 

 I love deep jewel toned sofas, especially in the colder months. It just adds a richness unlike anything else. Yet, it still can look good year round, all you have to do is change out your pillow selection selection seasonally. 
In this project, we used the jonathan adler sofa in silver velvet. It was the perfect choice. 

image credits: jenselk//highglossmagazine//Living Etc//martha stewart//daydreams//dominomagazine//

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. a pretty pink sofa

As I continue my apartment search my decorating desires are just running wild. One thing I know is that I have always dreamed of having a pink sofa in my living room. As bold of a girl as I am, I've always been a bit hesitant to put too much pink into a room. That is until recently I have been seeing that Kate Spade LIVE COLOR FULLY quote everywhere and I am all about signs. I think it's a total sign that its high time I have a pink sofa...
 In an effort to keep it from being too feminine, I would probably keep the walls neutral and let the pretty pink sofa speak volumes in terms of color. 
Brown wall + pink sofa is such a great combo though, and I love the look in this entryway. 
 Mixing sofa colors is cool too. I love the grey with the pink, totally spices up this living room. 
Out of all of this amazing inspiration, this photo is my favorite. Plain and beautiful white walls with a chic girl coming home from work, black and white accents abounding... I just love it. 

images found here: cocokelley + decor pad + this round up

5 ways to style your sofa table

There is always room for more tables and I am a total fan of putting tables behind sofas for more space. The possibilities are endless...
1. Have a fabulous console loaded with your bar cart essentials

2. Create a storage area with beautiful baskets and your favorite books.
3. Make use of the space to keep extra seating for when guests come over. 
4. Create a cool workspace with funk and fresh accesories.
5. Invite guests over to the area by adding cute seating and a round table for a conservation spot.



My latest project is a beautiful penthouse with an oversized living room area and my creative brain is going wild with imagination. So, I have been dying to use something different and my heart is upon these incredibly attractive sofas that are anything but standard...

This sofa below is what first started off my love affair...I love the shape and it just felt so right to have in this particular living room and now I just want to put one everywhere.
I do also like the geometric shape of this sofa too. Very chic.

COLOR LOVER: onyx, white + kelly

I don't know what is in the decorating water lately but everywhere I love I am seeing onyx black, bright white and kelly green. It's a fabulous mixture I must admit and its taking me back to some of my most favorite interiors moments. For spring, I have been wanting to add a dash of color to my apartment and I'm thinking maybe some fabulous kelly green drapes...or maybe just an emerald lamp. Oh, the possibilities are endless...

Have always loved these incredible lucite + green dining room chairs. 

fashion meets decor: FEELING FLORAL

feminine + fancy floral pants 
feminine and fancy floral sofas...

your charm is my perfect trend for spring! 
A floral sofa is the perfect addition to balance a cold, modern look. It's just so playful and whimsical...how could you not adore?
 I just adore these neon pumps with black floral pants, so charming, no?

fashion images via thefancy, lookbook.nu, chictopia
decor images all via tumblr...(if you know the source, shoot me a line and ill update)

Fashion meets decor: Pretty Piping

Vibrant + pretty pop of piping on perfect fall coat
Vibrant + pretty pop of piping on sexy seating...
you are so on my radar right now. I am seeing some pretty piping in my future. 

How incredibly tailored does piping make this white sofa look? Piping just refines the seating so well, I can't get enough of it. 

Sometimes that small dose of a contrasting color is just what you need to perk up your home.

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secret of domestic bliss #56...small space seating

Did you guys see my new loveseat I got for my small nyc studio?
I am just beyond in love with the beautiful teal tufted leathery goodness.
When you have a small space, such as a small NYC apartment, extra seating is so very necessary. What came to mind for me is a beautiful loveseat at the foot of the bed. Perfect for tv viewing and fireplace closeness. 
 It was essential I get something in my apartment that would provide extra seating for the guests I have staying with me this week. (can't wait. Cassie + Meg)  The NYC Fashion Week festivities are in full effect for the next few weeks and I have a whole host of events to attend. So this little sofa, came in the nick of time! 
Do you guys love foot of the bed loveseats as much as I do? I am so fond of the look.

1+6)housebeautiful 2+5)shootfactory 3)pinterest 4)apartmenttherapy 6) daisypinkcupcake

couch contemplations...an aqua tufted sofa

Okay, I've nailed down the wall color for my new place...at least I think so. I am going for a GREIGE (grey and beige mix)...and I seriously love that word, it couldn't be cuter. 
To go in my seriously teeny studio, I want a big pop of color and I think I have fallen for this amazing tufted sofa. So colorful and full of personality...
This is the exact photo from the website. It's curvy and buttery in leather. I looooooooove it.
What do you guys think?????

The Art of Living...giving in to masculine

I am seriously optimistic about masculine elements in a beautiful room. I have been in love with the look of worn leather these days. Something very sentimental happens when you add an element of anything worn and worn leather just screams masculine chic to me. Ladies, never be afraid of the look, the boys definitely dig it and if you open yourself to it...it just might rock your world. 

It doesn't need to be a big ugly sofa, but a touch in the form of a chair or ottoman can completely do the trick!


the decorista NYC apartment inspiration {alexander wang}

For the time being I am staying with family in NYC and have now made the decision to get my very own apartment in the city. So this weekend I will be prancing merrily around the town looking at real estate...something I truly love. There is so much to consider when hunting for a space (i am open to any and all advice) but of course all I can think about is the inspiration. This alexander wang apartment is so right up my alley. I love the dreamy light walls, and accents of black and white glamour. What girl wouldn't love this high glossy style.
to see the rest of this breathtaking manhattan apt...
interior design by ryan korban via this is glamorous

secret of domestic bliss #43...colorful couches

When working with clients, most people shy away from color, but in the end always want a little more. It's really normal to be reluctant to dropping down a pile of cash for a bright and beautifully colored sofa.   I get it. I really do. However, in light of some recent decor discoveries, I have found that some of the most stunning spaces are using bright, colorful sofas and they look fantastic. I am starting to think that sometimes, it might be just what you need to make your home stand apart. I'm smitten over some of the couches with completely gorgeous hues. In my next apartment, I might just have to get one.

I even semi think this super vintage + retro sofa looks perfect in this uber hip space...

images via...decorpad, lonny, pinterest, houzz

Masculine chic: a perspective on sofas

After talking over design with the males in my family over the holidays, I quickly learned that men love interior design, too. In fact, I never knew the men in my family had such decor opinions. As we looked through some of the design magazines I was devouring over the holidays, I learned this...
men absolutely go crazy over chesterfield sofas
I love masculine chic decor, it definitely inspires me as well as anything feminine and these gorgeous buttery leather chesterfield sofas are just winning me over. 

images: pinksofa, shelter, fullhouse