Secret of domestic bliss #71...Antiques; the good wood

It's official. I am becoming an upper east sider this next month. Finally found an apartment that fits all my favorite furnishings. I have grown out of my adorable little studio so quickly but its going to be so hard to let it go. I have so many wonderful memories here. The upper west side will forever have a place in my heart. At first I was considering parting ways with all of my furniture and just getting all new pieces. However, there is one that I will never part with and that is my beautiful antique wood dresser that was my very first furniture purchase here in NYC. It's made so beautifully and will live with me forever. I am convinced that no apartment or home is complete without a beautiful antique wood dresser...
Above is my gorgeous wood beauty. Scored her for $100 and I have been in love with her ever since we first met. 
While for a minute I was contemplating painting my antique dresser in a vivid lacquer my gut was absolutely resisting it. I have to allow the woods  natural beauty and pattern to shine. Sometimes natural beauty is so much better. 
Each of these photos is from Lonny Mag (ever filled with mad decor inspiration), where my favorite photog Patrick Cline gets the details of each of these gorgeous wood numbers so perfectly. Every piece inspires me so much for new looks for my space. Definitely gotta get some fabulous mirror to sit atop my lovely antique.

images via lonny magazine

Secret of domestic bliss #70 ...Busty

The other day I was shopping in an old bookstore and I found this amazing book from the 1970's and it was all about home decor and trends. It's so funny how decor trends just always come back around again. I'm all about trends that never end and busts are definitely one of them. This year, I think I am going to add a bust to my apartment. A large, over the top, fabulous bust with total panache...

I especially love them propped up in a fireplace or near a window so it gets to be almost a focal point. 
They look so good in any style of decor, everyone needs a bust, don't ya think?

images 1//2//3//4//5//6

Secret of domestic bliss #69...haute headboards

One of the most important aspects of my home is the bed. I am the kind of girl that has to have the best sheets and pillows. It's one of the things I always splurge on because I believe sleep is such an important part of life. So, I make every effort to make my bed incredibly delightful. This upcoming year one thing I want to upgrade is my headboard. I am all about taking it up a notch and having a custom made headboard and getting it done exactly how I want it. After working with clients in the city, I have found that the happiest clients are the ones who had custom headboards done...

These days you don't always necessarily have to have a custom headboard. So many retailers have really made a move to really get creative when it comes to headboards. They have gotten very "hotel chic" with the shapes, styles and sizes. 
Agh. Headboards just make such a good statement in the bedroom. Want a new one too?
I put together a list of a few favorites of mine that I have spotted and claimed as must haves! 

ONE: safavieh nailhead
TWO: Felix Headboard
THREE: Skyline white
FOUR: tufted wingback
FIVE: horchow headboard

decor images: one//two//three//four//five//

Secret of domestic bliss #68...CURTAINS IN THE BATH

There is no secret that shower curtains are essential in the bathroom. But what if I told you that in order to make your bathroom really be luxurious and stylish, you could take that one step further and really outfit your bathroom with swag. Literally. I am such a fan of over the top drapery and fabric in the bathroom, it just warms things up a little bit more. It's all about the details, as my favorite look is fabric with a little sway and swag...

In order to achieve swag in the bath, you could go for tie backs on either side or even swag roman shades. They are just as gorgeous over the bath or on the windows. I believe in having a valence over the bath to really warm up the look. Trim is also a very important piece of the puzzle. Details always make the difference. 


Secret of domestic bliss #67...layered art

One trick to making your home look well decorated is having plenty of collected art all around your house. It says so much about the vibe and personality of your space. However, there isn't always the space or need for a wall of art. In that case I always suggest to layer your art to make it look more full and sophisticated. There is something about that unfinished art wall look...

 I love different mediums of artwork layered on top of each other, it really lends to interest. For example, a black and white photo paired with an abstract acrylic print and maybe a watercolor or two. 
The key is keeping the color palate to a certain limit and that makes sure it still looks cohesive and put together. This black white and peach combination is too good and goes well with the furniture, too! 
all images via lonnymag & decorpad

Secret of domestic bliss #66...WOODEN BEDS

As I start planning my move, my eyes are already shopping for new furnishings. What I am really into lately is wood in the bedroom. I think I may have been spending too much time by the beach, and lovely earthy rooms. I'd love to see how a beautiful wooden bed looked in a sea of more modern pieces, I just love a good mix. This four poster dark wood bed looks so regal against this brick wall. Brick is so common in NYC apartments, so this could be something I could work with...

The beautiful shapes of a bed like this antique one are just beyond breathtaking to me. I could literally see myself sleeping and waking in bliss in this sleigh bed. I adore that wooden cross, too. 
 Wooden floors + wooden bed = super chic
I have my eyes on a few beds from this great source.
 Oh, and this gorgeous light wood four poster bed is incredibly intoxicating and almost a little dreamy like. I just love it against the white and mirrored room. 
A few beds I like...

Secret of Domestic Bliss #65...ADORABLE ENTRYWAY

When you first enter into a home or an apartment you really want to be impressed right? Well, I highly recommend that we all amp up the wow factor in our entryway. It is absolutely the most essential spot for style. Even in my little NYC studio, with no space, I still made major impact with just stripes and a few photos on the wall. It's easy to add a few things for style, here are some tips for inspiration...

I love the pop of white molding on this hot pink door and a mirror to maximize the space.
The coral walls and pop of aqua is so dreamy. 
Wallpaper or paint with any of kind pattern works absolute wonders. 
Black is always a favorite of mine and this glam gold mirror is so simple yet packs so much style.
I think I have a thing for stripes in the entryway..


Secret of domestic bliss #64...Bedroom Suite Swagger {CANOPY BEDS}

Romantic bedrooms just speak to my soul. It's probably why I love period films so much, the bedroom is always so luxurious and filled with layers of fabrics. I have always want to re create this look in my own bedroom (if my current one was any bigger, i would give it a try)...

I got inspired by Apartment Therapy to create my very own look at home.
Here are a few examples of how to create a faux canopy bed...
and how you can do it yourself.

Pretty stylish huh?
images via pinterest

Secret of domestic bliss #64... home office secretaries

 In New York we all know that space is super limited. Especially if you have a home office, you really have to get clever when it comes to space. Lately, I am loving secretary desks. My sweet little studio has room for a desk and I love it but I could really use the vertical space for storage and secretary desks provide so much storage. I am realizing what clever little things they are...

I love the modern look of this white secretary desk, and the ample space to style on top.


Secret of domestic bliss #62...OVERSIZED ART

I have to admit that things in my world have been a bit hectic. I am in San Francisco right now working on a few exciting things that I will fill you all in on very soon. For today, I want to share with you my current love for oversized things, like really good art! I am currently selecting a few pieces for some clients back on the east coast and San Fran is full of amazing works of art. I love this city and its incredible artsy culture. Big works of art are perfect for the home....
They look amazing over a sofa or beautiful console. Pretty much anywhere in the home will do.
I certainly love this set of 3 in the entryway...absolute perfection.

images via  1stibs. houzz. pinterest. decorpad.

Secret of domestic bliss #61...decorate with stacks of books

Books are the ultimate in lifestyle. They can be used in a variety of ways and I truly believe that they bring joy to the owner. Not only do they serve as excellent indicator of personality, they are essential for a stylish home. The colors of the book jackets and even the font can add a little swagger to your space and/or bookcase...
I love to decorate with books grouped together in the same color family...
As a decorator, I use all of my favorite decor, fashion and art books as tools for inspiration...
its so essential for my business.
This is what my chairs at home look like...all the time.

In the Pink by Dorothy Draper. High Style by Woodson + Rummerfield. 
HUE by Kelly Wearstler. I love your style by Amanda Brooks.
Ellements of Personal Style by Elle Magazine

image sources: one. two. three.four.

Secret of domestic bliss #60...a mirrored coffee table

The fashion world is always inspiring my decor choices and when I saw this little peek at Rachel Zoe's fashion offices, I instantly realized just how stylish mirrored coffee tables are. They are the epitome of chic and I can't get enough of how amazing they make any living room look...

The way Stephen Sills uses yellow in this room just bewilders my heart.
This coffee table in Ashley Starks apartment always took my breath away, I loved it in Domino.
I was always inspired by this particular table and took the inspiration to my apartment
So, this is my mirrored coffee table, inspired by the one above, and it perks up my little apartment perfectly...
images 1. rachel zoe 2.pinterest  3. elle decor spain   4. decor pad 5. stephen sills 6. Ashley Starks-Domino 7. my apartment

Secret of domestic bliss #59...incorporate exotics

Oh yes...this bathroom is gorgeous. I just love it. As I said earlier, this year...
I vow to travel to exotic locations. You guys have to hold me accountable, okay? Something that I am noticing in my most favorite of spaces are the pieces that are inspired by exotic style. There is something about exotic style that says, culture and spice, which could mean everything in your home decor.
Or maybe your friend has one of those places that just screams "i walked into a store and bought the whole showroom"...they are exactly the person who needs a little something different. Maybe this post is for them...
This with interesting patten and unusual shapes and colors are great to add like this pretty india inspired room full of them...or even a bright wall color could do the trick.
also, irregular seating arrangements are reminiscent of those countries that perfect the art of lounging...and delight in sunlight. 
and of course an oversized, bohemian shaped headboard can scream exotic influence! 
images via  here + here.

Secret of domestic bliss #58...cocktail hour essentails

With the resurgence of 60's style all over our television and movie screens...
I just can't get over the domestically blissful thought of 'cocktail hour'. I just imagine Frank Sinatra and his pack of boys listening to crooner songs and laughing away. I can also remember as a young girl, visiting family in New York and instinctively knowing when it was cocktail hour during Christmas. The fire was a blaze and crackling ice made music to the edges of the beautiful crystal glassware.
Oh, the joys of cocktail hour.
So, as you all can imagine I relish the lovely decorations of the bar cart. Stunning glassware, beautiful dishes for nuts and the like, crystal decanters, all so glamorous. 
There is no shame in adding flowers to the vignette either, keeps it domestic and feminine. 
My two favorite words. 
Also, adding anything vintage really just tops it off to perfection.
Cheers to fall! 
image via belle vivir & pinterest

secret of domestic bliss #57...a painted dresser

Oh how refreshed I am now that the Adore Magazine photoshoot has wrapped. I will fill you in on all of glamorous details later. For now, I am getting my day ready to attend a few events. One being the NY Spaces, top 50 designers of NY soiree...Should be pretty fun to see and mingle with some of my most favorite designers. What ever am I going to wear?
While, that is extremely important, the matter at hand today is my dresser....

A while back I found an amazing vintage dresser with beautiful details but I left it all wood, because the craftsmanship is just perfection. Then, I spotted this gorgeous yellow dresser in this photo and almost died. It brought me back to several photos of painted dressers that stole my heart and I realized that I love color and painting my dresser might just put the gorgeous finishing touch on my room/apartment.
The purples on these dressers are just so delicious, I am questioning whether or not I should use one of these gorgeous hues. 
I really love this blush pink's such a pretty shade.
1) prettycitylife 2-6) pinterest

secret of domestic bliss #56...small space seating

Did you guys see my new loveseat I got for my small nyc studio?
I am just beyond in love with the beautiful teal tufted leathery goodness.
When you have a small space, such as a small NYC apartment, extra seating is so very necessary. What came to mind for me is a beautiful loveseat at the foot of the bed. Perfect for tv viewing and fireplace closeness. 
 It was essential I get something in my apartment that would provide extra seating for the guests I have staying with me this week. (can't wait. Cassie + Meg)  The NYC Fashion Week festivities are in full effect for the next few weeks and I have a whole host of events to attend. So this little sofa, came in the nick of time! 
Do you guys love foot of the bed loveseats as much as I do? I am so fond of the look.

1+6)housebeautiful 2+5)shootfactory 3)pinterest 4)apartmenttherapy 6) daisypinkcupcake

secret of domestic bliss #54...glossy black doors

The decorating of my new apartment is coming along rather quickly. Its amazing what a girl can get done when she is on a mission. One of the first things I had to change was the inside of my front door. I have always longed for glossy black doors inside a home, and I finally made it happen for myself. 
(P.S. to see more progress on my apartment and for updates on my latest projects sign up for my newsletter here)
There is nothing more chic than gorgeous, dark and glossy black paint. Do not hesitate to add a little chic to your world with a gorgeous black door, especially if the finishes on the knobs are gold or brass. So very stylish. 

Don't you just want to walk into this???? This photo inspired my own door. love! 

1) Ashlina The Decorista 2) decorpad 3)nate berkus 4)martha stewart living 5+6)mfamb

secret of domestic bliss #52...take mirrors outdoors

I have a very fabulous friend who turned me onto outdoor mirrors recently. Being a mirror girl, I am always game for mirrors all around. I never really thought how chic a little outdoor mirror could be but it actually is a powerhouse of panache for your outdoor situation.
I love this outdoor mirror with candles floating in front of it...will create the perfect nighttime light.

Whatever you place in front of a mirror will just have more impact and I am loving this green.

 1+2)gardens 3)remodelista 4)housebeautiful 5)elizabethann 6+7) apartmenttherapy 8)fabulousonabudget

Secret of domestic bliss #52...get some guilded gold goodness

As we settle in to our digs I am quickly realizing that shades of gray are the jam! There is not anywhere I look that I don't spot the dark and delicious color. As I fall hard for my fave shade, I notice that the perfect compliment to this sort of hue is ornate, gold accessories. This antique gold is so on my radar right now. I can't get over it. I want more of it! Especially because no matter what your style is, this gorgeousness can be the perfect addition.

this room from lonny magazine really has touched my decorista soul. The mix of light blue and gold is just effortless. 

secret of domestic bliss #51......monogrammed living

It's the weekend already, where has the week gone? My bedroom is mostly set up but I have a few essentials that I have to stock up on this weekend. One thing I am looking for is the perfect monogrammed bedding...I love monogramms (especially towels for some reason) and I am feeling the need for some good looking letters in my life. Monogrammed bedding is all over the magazines and blogs these days, so I am not sure that I want to do what everyone else is doing, but I just adore the look.