Secret of domestic bliss #59...incorporate exotics

Oh yes...this bathroom is gorgeous. I just love it. As I said earlier, this year...
I vow to travel to exotic locations. You guys have to hold me accountable, okay? Something that I am noticing in my most favorite of spaces are the pieces that are inspired by exotic style. There is something about exotic style that says, culture and spice, which could mean everything in your home decor.
Or maybe your friend has one of those places that just screams "i walked into a store and bought the whole showroom"...they are exactly the person who needs a little something different. Maybe this post is for them...
This with interesting patten and unusual shapes and colors are great to add like this pretty india inspired room full of them...or even a bright wall color could do the trick.
also, irregular seating arrangements are reminiscent of those countries that perfect the art of lounging...and delight in sunlight. 
and of course an oversized, bohemian shaped headboard can scream exotic influence! 
images via  here + here.