the beauty room...

Oh, the magic of a feminine room thats all about beauty...
It's probably one of my favorite rooms in a home. There is nothing like getting ready in a beautifully decorated space that just makes you feel good. This week I am starting my week with a cleaning out of everything. With all the traveling, its time I get things completely organized.
Lately, I've been noticing how gorgeous beauty products can be. Blacks and golds encase magical colored products and its almost like they are part of the decor. All you need to accessorize your beauty products are delicious flowers like roses.
I also am a huge believer in organization in whatever room you have. A well organized space is the magic behind a life that works! I have been seeing this more and more in the women that I've been coaching. Half of the people who are suffering in work have really disorganized offices....hello! 


 Leaving South Florida and coming back to the city was so bittersweet. I love bright colors, palm trees and bright sunshine...I can never get enough of it. So, when I got back to the city, I got just the sunny dose I needed. This incredible bathroom suite. Hello malachite ceiling...

 Talk about out of the box thinking and living for the details. I can't help but obsess over this room. The green wallpaper adds such softness, its Farrow & Ball Acanthus.
This photo shows such incredible details. Mossy green paint with teeny specs of gold trim, malachite wallpaper, Greek key ribbon, and bordered box valences. I love every little bit of this...
Interior Design by Shelley Johnstone Paschke, Photos courtesy of Veranda


I don't know what it is about me these days but I am bringing in new flowers every other day because I am loving different colors throughout my home. Is it a little weird that now that I have colored my bedroom, I am dying to color up my bathroom in a really bold and totally random color? I think it might have something to do with National Painting Week being this bedroom makeover post coming soon.
Now I am doing everything I can to hold myself back from getting a can of coral and painting my bathroom away. The color is just so happy and beautiful and would perk me up every single morning that I take a shower. 
 How rich and majestic is this color, its just killing me right now. So good. 

I even adore coral accessories on a more neutral wall, thats fab too. 
Should I do it, should I take the plunge???

images 1-amanda nisbet. 2+4+6- houzz. 3+5 

The perfect bathroom wallpaper...

Right now my bathroom is such a bore. I mean its soft and white and things are so serene but now that its spring time I'm just craving some color in there. While I was leaning toward stripes, I suddenly got the inspiration to add some green to the walls. Perhaps a little bit of leafy wallpaper (which are usually my favorite).
Martinique wallpaper is a classic, but when I saw this lily pad number in kate spades southhampton home, I was pleasantly surprised with how fab it looks, too. 

1- here 2-kate spade southhampton  3-here  4 & 5-lonnymag

bliss in the kicth'...Mainly Marble

Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas holiday, I know I surely did. I spent a LOT of time in the kitchen making beautiful memories and I must say it was awesome. One thing I found was how much I enjoyed baking on a marble countertop. Gorgeous and ever so easy to clean, I will always be a huge supporter of marble in the kitchen. Or anywhere else for that matter...

I'm loving the contrast of the white and black marble, my eyes always are fond of a high contrast. I love the swirl look too, it is such a classic and artsy look at the same time. Its incredibly beautiful. 



So the other day I was walking into yet another apartment building on my quest for the perfect apartment in this city. It's very difficult in new york, you know. Anyway, I walked in an the marble on the walls and floors was just to die for. It really got me thinking how not too many people pay attention to the floors, its the most overlooked aspect of a building, let alone the home. Then of course I was checking out some kelly wearstler design and of course, she always nails it...
The marble sunburst art deco style floor paired with marble walls and ridiculous furnishings...oh my goodness. It's just too good for words. I think if I were able to redesign a home for myself, I would get a little crazy with the walls. Bathrooms and entryways are the best places to get a little wild. 
This is probably my favorite. Black. white. pink. marble. Hello! 
images via Rhapsody + lonny

Secret of domestic bliss #68...CURTAINS IN THE BATH

There is no secret that shower curtains are essential in the bathroom. But what if I told you that in order to make your bathroom really be luxurious and stylish, you could take that one step further and really outfit your bathroom with swag. Literally. I am such a fan of over the top drapery and fabric in the bathroom, it just warms things up a little bit more. It's all about the details, as my favorite look is fabric with a little sway and swag...

In order to achieve swag in the bath, you could go for tie backs on either side or even swag roman shades. They are just as gorgeous over the bath or on the windows. I believe in having a valence over the bath to really warm up the look. Trim is also a very important piece of the puzzle. Details always make the difference. 


needing. wanting. loving. COLORED BATHROOM TILE

When I first moved into my apartment here in NYC I wanted to vomit at the yellow shower tile, but after some time I discovered that it was a perfect dash of color! Lately, normal grey and off white tiles are boring me.  I am loving me some bright and colorful shower tile. It can really do great things for your bathroom. 

I love pink bathroom tile of course, but the greens really look beautiful too! 



This week I visited a friends home in the city and a few of the bathrooms were standard and modern however she wanted to add a bit of old world french glamour to it. We discussed several different options but I found that there are just a few key elements that can add the look in a big way...

An ornate mirror in gold or silver with beautiful curves is first and foremost. Mirrors can change everything. I also adore venetian mirrors or a cute gold chinoiserie style mirror can also give a chic twist. Glamorous and beautiful lighting is also essential in a bathroom, whether your priority is drama or just a beautiful glow, you want to make sure that the lighting has some curves and sparkle. 
Wallpaper with a small repeat print with either floral elements or maybe even toile or stripes would be perfection...
To add the final touches, perfume bottles, apothecary jars and accoutrements give that perfect finished look. and voila! Magnifique!


Dreaming of a beautiful bathroom suite...

However the look of this bathroom is just what I am fond of. As much as I love the look of this gorgeous bath, I know that for me its just not realistic. So, I am forever in search of the perfect bathroom for me...

At one point or another I know most of us have coveted Jenna Lyons (creative director at J. Crew) perfectly black bathroom. The dark and rich black walls and black roman shade match the black  clawfoot bathtub...I mean what could be more chic? I especially love the mix of gold and silver metals and herringbone patterned wood floors. Oh, and I could not forget that cute little exotic rug in the corner of the photo. BATHROOM PERFECTION.
Then again, I have to think realistically what kind of gorgeous bathroom suites would work best for me. Something like this might do...
Amazing wallpaper always makes a bathroom that much better, don't you think? I spy a pretty venetian mirror that would be perfect for a vanity area. Gorgeous chandelier and a sweet skirted stool, these are all elements of an amazing bathroom, no?
But if we are truly dreaming here, as I usually am doing, I would love to escape to something like this...
To me, domestic bliss is all about loving where you live. So that means you have to walk into your bathroom and absolutely get excited about stepping into that bathtub. This wood and stone bathroom is so zen like, I could totally see myself getting uber relaxation time in here. 
In terms of decor style, I like feminine bathrooms, things that look parisian and romantic and this styling is just oh so feminine. It reminds me of something Dorothy Draper might have lived in if she were still alive. Combining some glamour with her traditional swagger.
As much as I love style and color and panache, my true personal favorite bathroom style would be clean, modern and uber classic, almost hotel like...
The lighting in here just rocks my world. I just love that chandelier. However, I would probably get on board with some new bathroom furniture, that chair just simply does not cut it for me. I love the entire wall of mirrors, its totally captivating and the cute little white tv. The room for storage is perfect for me as I collect beauty products, i could seriously fill these drawers in a nano second
This bathroom definitely is the winner! 
Thanks for daydreaming with me! 
images were found here...

the beautiful bathroom suite...

Finally the rush of Monday things to do has set in and I am back in the swing of things. Right now I am working on finalizing the details of my clients bathroom. The size of the bathroom is pretty small, so I have a limited space to work with. What kills me are the ranges of beautiful tiles and fixtures out there are, they are just incredible. I want to incorporate everything!!! My favorite thing that I have seen lately are wonderfully tiled bathroom floors...

Tile like this is absolutely genius. It takes something ordinary and makes it incredibly interesting and fresh. I love this look in bathrooms. The black and white stripes are so chic, I just can't stand it. 
I currently happen to have yellow and black tile in my bathroom, so things are limited for me in terms of decorating. I have to work with a strict color palate but something I just recently discovered is that you can run to your local hardware store and paint your existing bathroom tiles to whatever color you want. So, there is opportunity for you to get very, very creative. Like this for example, 
you can also go all out get colorful with your floor tile like this, I just love pretty bathroom suites... 
As much as I love these fabulous floors I realize that my time needs to be focused on my clients space. And because her bathroom space is limited I have to think in terms of priorities. Top priority being space for storage and the way to keep that looking good is making sure its all very well organized. this bathroom is a perfect example of that and makes me want to take a steaming hot bath right now.
I also love the earthy-ness to this bathroom storage and that gorgeous tile works so perfectly to create an amazing zen space. All natural elements are blend so well together in the bath, don't you think?
Now, if I can really dream as to what her bathroom would look like, it would probably look a little something like this. With a lot of mirrored surface and plenty of bling...

images via 1/2/3/4/5/6

Bathrooms on the brain...

Currently needing to pull inspiration for my latest project and the bathroom needs an overhaul in a major way...
Aside from the fact that green (the above photo is perfection) is at the top of my radar during the winter (it always peps me up a little), we are going for light walls, and grey features. Grey bathrooms are so my favorite right now. In fact, grey of anything is my favorite right now. I am loving the pretty marble floor and grey trim on the cabinetry...all you need is that perfect grey bathroom furniture.
I love the charm of these grey walls + light fixtures. So very feminine, which might work wonderfully.
Now this bathroom also inspires me. White walls with bits of black glamour, it's almost a perfect mix for this particular client.
Sometimes chrome can work wonders too.

{images via pinterest}

Wallcolor Wednesday {black in the bathroom}

I have been going back and forth with what to do in my bathroom...
I have this weird colored tile (so very new york city apartment) and I have not been able to make a decision on what color to choose for the walls. Black is majorly chic and after looking for hours at bathroom inspiration, I finally decided to go for it. High gloss black in the bathroom is the way to go! So excited to share with you guys the final pics but hopefully it will look as lovely as these beauties!

images. domino. lonnymag. apartmenttherapy. countryliving.

chic little bathrooms...

Now that I have been putting the finishing touches on my own apartment, I have a pretty boring bathroom and I am dying to spice it up a little. I love character in a bathroom, but my bathroom fixtures are so modern that it is hard to add "personality". I need to stick with the modern hotel chic vibe.
So, I am just jonesin' for some bathroom chic-ness...
hot pink and white stripes.....oh yes! 
we all know my affections for toile...

bathroom bliss...the loveliest bathroom moments

So everything about this bathroom right now is killing me softly. The wallpaper is black and white perfection, I am so into it. I love how not all walls are covered, super good idea for less drama. Oh, and the monograms always speak sweetly to my heart, I love them. Oh, how I am adoring delicious bathrooms right now...

How incredible is that Mary Macdonald bathroom? She just gets me every single time. The bathtub is so dreamy! I can't wait to watch her on Bravo Million Dollar Decorators.

images via here and here

playing around with python wallpaper + accessorizing

Okay, so by now I am pretty sure you know how much of a fanatic I am about python right now. I mentioned that I am currently about to embark on wallpapering an entire bathroom with python, so exciting!!! Now I am looking for other places and uses for python wallpaper or even contact paper. 
I have found some inspirational ideas that I am absolutely loving...

If you are interested in python wallpaper or need a good source for where to buy, email me!
and I am completely into the python tray that I spotted on MadeByGirl
and then next up on my list is this gorgeous python console desk. oh my goodness.
AMAZING! While its no longer available, I can totally make one myself with wallpaper.


Life in the city... clawfoot bathtubs

So, since being in NYC, I have totally forgotten that tons apartments in this city don't have bathtubs (like the one I am currently staying in) and its killing me. I am a huge bath girl, I relish in the art of bathing. Today, as I am on the search for my own apartment here in the city, my number one must have on the list is luxurious bath, I'm really hoping for a clawfoot one. I just think they are incredibly gorgeous and usually they will fill to the brim! Gotta love that.

Wallpapers of the week...

Today, I am making the track down to Brooklyn (my first time) to do a little shopping with one of my most favorite clients. Our first mission...wallpaper. We are basically wallpapering her entire apartment, which is so exciting, especially for this decorista. I think we are going to convince her husband that a python wallpaper bathroom would be killer! yay! my mind is entirely focused and obsessing over wallpaper and I wanted to share a few I love...

I think my most favorite are neutral wallpapers and grey-ish wallpapers, ones with simple patterns. I especially love metallic wallpapers. The more natural looking, the more I love it. But never underestimate the power of color and dramatic wallpaper... its amazing too.

all images via lennox + decorpad

rooms that rock my world. {rooms with grandeur}

Something about each of these rooms has me weak in the knees. I'm constantly daydreaming about living in rooms like these. The saturation and mix of colorways are so beautiful. Each room has textures and fabrics that lend to sophisticated and elegant style. Not too much color, just the right touch of boldness.Very inspiring for my little ol decorator heart. The last room with the beautiful wallpaper, might just be my favorite. The pillows are perfect and that wood + gold art piece on the wall is absolutely genius. 

The Art of to create a glamourous bathroom

After falling for the Dita Von Teese shoot, I am feeling the feminine vibe. Nothing is more fun than luxuriating in the art of getting dolled up. So you must have a fabulous bathroom to make you feel glamorous. This bathroom styled by Eva Lindh is incredibly posh, don't you think?

Redesigning your home and want to 
Get this look:
There are key essentials when redesigning your bathroom to look like this. First of all you need to re-grout with some gorgeous sheen tile. I love the gold trim on the shower enclosure, a beautiful one is essential after all. In the corner, you must add a fabulous shower tray to store all of your essential items, too. Notice also the gold bathroom tap, it just pops.